Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Throwback Thursday! Setsubun...

Yesterday was Setsubun for us in Japan! So a perfect subject for today's TBT! Here are a few pics for this weeks blast from the past! This pic was from February 2008! Our yochien would have the kids all decorate a mask every year. And all of the kids would cast out the oni at school every year too! Here is Branden and the mask he decorated that year! And by the way, I loved that long sleeved shirt that was half green and half gray. Such a neat shirt and BrannyB loved that shirt that year *so* much! That was hands down his favorite shirt from that year. What a great oni mask you made that year Bran! : ) 
Aww and look who we have here! Noah and the oni mask he decorated and colored. And goodness were those colors, all over the place or what?! But that is absolutely fine, totally age appropriate coloring there. He was just a little fella. Hahaha. : ) This pic is from Setsubun, February 2009!

You did such a fantastic job coloring your mask Noah! Love you both to the moon and back! : )