Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Saipan, February 2007...

This weeks TBT, comes from February 2007. Our family of 4 went to spend a couple nights in Saipan. Noah was a wee 2 years old, at the time and Bran was 5, he turned 5 at the end of October 2006. So a new-ish 5. : ) We just walked into the room, the kiddos were looking around. And we had survived the 3 and a half hour flight with 2 toddlers. So we were ready to unwind. Oh and by the way, this was our first time ever being in Saipan. Although we have been back to Saipan one other time. Just a couple years ago. I forget the year, but the boys were much older and Noah had no memory of being in Saipan this trip in 2007, at all... when he was 2. : ) 

Noboru was looking out the window and going..."come here you gotta see this" "It's so gorgeous"

We got free bottles of water every day and the complimentary bath salts we brought home and used in Japan. 

When you look out the window and you see this and you know you are just about to begin your stay. We were like 2 happy nerds, looking at the view, that day. : ) 

Would you believe, I took absolutely zero pictures that first evening. Sure we had dinner and stuff. But, perhaps I was just in the moment. I did however, start taking pictures the next morning. Here we were about to hit the breakfast buffet. Oh and we stayed at the PIC (Pacific Islands Club) This hotel is in Guam and Saipan. They have plans where you can eat outside of the hotel and be in charge of your own meals. Or they have plans where you can eat "just" dinner at the hotel. The plans are bronze, silver and gold. Since we were first time visitors to Saipan, we chose the gold package that way meals would be paid for and set. Meaning we could eat at any of the restaurants inside the PIC including the buffet. See that thing around Noah's neck? That was Noah's gold card and we each had a card and every meal they made adjustments on the card at the restaurant we went to. 

Clearly mister invisible blond eyebrows was ready for some breakfast! : ) We all were. : )

When you love crunchy bacon and it's impossible to find in Japan. And then you go to a buffet and they have this 5 pound platter or area... of crispy bacon. I was thinking to myself. Oh bacon platter. You have *no* idea what I am going to do to you! : ) Of course, I didn't take the entire bacon platter. But, I did go back and get extra bacon and I had bacon every morning at the buffet. I had a veggie and cheese omelet pictured here, hash brown, english muffin, bacon. I also had a coffee. Breakfasts there were amazing and they had fresh fruit and everything too. They also had a huge Japanese station for Japanese guests/customers. So, Noboru was happy, I was happy. Heck, we all were happy with the morning breakfast buffet. : ) We also went to dinner there on one of our nights.

First thing Bran wanted was bacon and eggs and toast, you can see his leftover toast on that napkin, I think. His second serving was cereal. It was just a very relaxing time spent at the PIC. 

After breakfast, we all went upstairs and got changed into our swimming suits. 

You can have lunch at the pool side bar. Or the pizza parlor/restaurant inside the PIC or at the buffet. The steakhouse you can visit for dinner. I picked the pizza for lunch. Even now...all these years later, I still remember how good that pizza was. Noah had the kids meal... chicken nuggets and fries, Bran had the mini cheeseburgers and fries also a kids meal.... and Noboru a buffalo chicken sandwich and fries. What was our plan that day? Absolutely nothing... but swimming and having lunch or dinner. : )

Branden eating his burger. 

LOL, if you remember how I mentioned on one of my last TBT's how Noah is the most patient kid in the world... but after snapping his picture about a billion times he would "pretend" to be asleep. Well, I think is this picture...his little mind was churning away...should he pretend to be asleep or.... What should he do. Hahaha. Poor kid, it is hard to have lunch when your mom keeps taking your picture, all the time. : ) I am sorry Noah. He's giving me a worried side eye. : ) 

Well, you will surely recognize this picture because it's on my blog header. : ) So anyways...if you ever wondered. Now you know all about this picture. It was taken in 2007. We were in Saipan on a family vacation. Noah was age 2. We were at the poolside bar, though neither Noboru nor myself drinks. But the atmosphere there was fun and the music, so a perfect place to have lunch in between swims. you know absolutely everything about this very picture. : ) Noah was eating lunch at the time. Chicken nuggets and fries. : ) 
This hotel I would best describe it is like a boat cruise on a huge ship. You know what I mean? And I say that because...they try so hard to make the guests of their hotel feel super special. Like just walking to we were on our walk to eat... everyone who worked there would greet us. And not just us, everyone was treated really special. Kids had the option of a "kids club" which I felt the kids were too young this trip, I let them, try the next time. This night, they had a dance and they got everyone up and dancing. There's Bran in the aloha shirt dancing away. 

The kids had lemonades and I had a nonalcoholic tropical drink. A smoothie basically...hahaha. And so did Noboru. All guests were given freshly popped popcorn for free, you can see Bran's hand in this pic grabbing some... and we watched the band perform. This band killed it! They were amazing. They sang so good and we watched them every night of our stay. We never felt bored being there... we always felt...excitement and like something fun..was always happening staying at that hotel. 

And yet another day of our stay... swimming and pool play. They had this huge lazy river. And I must tell you, I officially lazy river-ed myself for at least 3 hours every day. One hour every morning, 1 hour every lunch time and honestly probably another hour, right before dinner. We were so lazy river-ed that trip! LOL. We loved it.

They also had this great big sunken ship. And all the kids could play on it. 

Just having fun, that was the main focus of our trip.

That is right... they had so many slides. We also slid down the slides so many times. Hi Noboru!

The ship. Aye matey! : )

We went back to Japan, feeling refreshed and ready to get back to our regular life. Anyway...that was this weeks Throwback Thursday. : )