Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday, or should I say Snowback Thursday...

We haven't gotten any snow this year at all. Unless you count the 7 minutes it snowed last week and melted before even hitting the concrete, so I personally don't think that really counts.: )  These pics are from February 2012. We had got hit with a good amount of snowfall for our area/part of Japan. Granted not Colorado type snow or Alaska type beautiful snow. But eh...a good amount for our mild climate and area. We did however enjoy it while we could. We made this snowman. We used bark for the eyes, nose and mouth. And we used an old planter as his hat. : ) He looked pretty good for a few days and then he slowly melted away. : ) 
The boys really don't take the snow for granted, since it is a rare treat where we live, so they played themselves silly, out in our backyard. Howdy Noah!

It sadly didn't last too long, but it sure made our rural part of Japan look even prettier, with all that glorious winter white while it lasted. : )

Update: my 2 besties who I go to movies with and lunches with. We have been real good friends since our kids were in yochien together. Anyway both of their 9th grader daughters just found out yesterday that they both got into the high school they had wanted to. A really good high school! Their #1 choice for high school. And I am so proud of my friends and their super smart, genius daughters! : ) I found out last night and I have already congratulated them. So that is such wonderful and good news. : ) Very happy news. And we will be going to the movies together us 3 mom's, next Friday during the day while our kids are at school. We will go and see The Martian with Matt Damon and we'll go and have lunch afterwards. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and hitting the movies next week. : )