Monday, February 08, 2016

How we spent our Sunday Funday...

Sunday, February 7th our family went to the Ami premium outlet, because we wanted to get Noah 2 more sweatshirts from the Gap outlet. 

Gap outlet
So many sales!

Noah got a really pretty orange zip up sweatshirt and a navy blue pull over sweatshirt with bright happy yellow Gap wording/letters. And this Mr. Mustacho tee shirt was hilarious and out of all the tee shirts at Gap, this was the only stack almost sold out. They only had 1 of these in Noah's size. We picked everything you see here in size 150cm. The sweatshirts are a pinch big. However to be fair the 140cm fit him *exactly* as is...meaning not 1 dot of extra room. If it shrunk in the dryer even by 1mm, it would be out grown. If Noah grew 1cm between now and the end of possible... if you know kids...yes definitely possible. So...that is why we decided to err on the safe side and get everything in size 150cm. The tee shirt though...the Mister Mustacho one...was freakishly tiny in size 140cm and Noah is as skinny as a twig. Height wise, he's average...but for it... to look skin tight on him and almost like a half way! So yep...everything needed to be in size 150cm this trip. Also, Gap was having amazing sales and everything was 50% off. The Mr. Mustacho tee was 50% off plus my online 15% off coupon, it was 800 yen or so, for the mustach tee. And the sweatshirts were super reasonable too. Plus...I went to Pasceos (sp?)...a few weeks back to buy both the boys school socks and underwear...remember? And I did have a look at their sweatshirts at Pasceos. And I was shocked to see....their prices were like 2400 yen for a cheap looking sweatshirt there and they weren't nearly as cute and stylish as the Gap ones. And the quality was horrible...very cheap quality on the sweatshirts for Noah at Pasceos, which is why we didn't buy any...and super paper thin sweatshirts at Pasceos for 2400 yen. No thanks. So, even Noboru said...for that price and quality we better stick with Gap. And I agree. So...that's just why... we prefer shop at Gap for the kids clothes in Japan. If we were in the states, Target and Gap outlet would both be options, but here...Gap outlet considering the cost is not really any different then the prices at Paseos. Yet the quality is *way* higher at Gap. 
After shopping at Gap, we went to get a pretzel each. And we sat in the crowded food court and enjoyed our pretzels. People watching and munching, then we left. 

Noboru wanted to go to a few shops in Narita before we went to dinner. Again...Noboru is a good dad in that... he wants to make sure both the kids have everything they need while he is away. So, he bought Bran 2 extra mechanical pencils, some pencil lead, an eraser, for grading...he bought him a blue pen and 2 red pens. They correct their own school/home work at school. 

Noah has an orange watch from Gap. However he very badly wanted this watch on Sunday. When he goes to play... he uses a watch to know when to come home. : ) And a black pen, because now the 4th graders may use pens in class. At times for projects. Before now... it was pencils only. And it still is 98% of the time, but he got a new one just in case. Bran made sure to tell Noah..."get this brand it's the only brand my friends and I use at JHS, also get the 0.7 width of the pen" Noah was like..."okay, thank you." : ) Aww, he's a very good older brother. Making sure his little brother is doing things right. : ) 
The good thing...the cool thing of living close-ish to Narita is that Narita caters to tourists from all over the world. And they have so many souvenirs available right in Narita. People from all over the world (just said twice, lol)...are in love with all of Japan's special flavor Kit Kats. Many of these are region specific, meaning you have to visit that specific area, part of Japan... to be able to find or buy that specific Kit Kat. While others are not region specific, some are. So they vary. Some are available all Japan wide and some you need to visit that area of Japan. However...with living close-ish to Narita. I can get my hands on any of these special edition Kit Kats, any time I want to. Also, same with Starbucks tumblers. A few years back, people overseas but visiting Japan... were collecting region specific Starbucks coffee tumblers. Then someone said, as they were flying out of Narita airport they realized that Starbucks at the airport in Narita...they had all the regions at Narita airport. And everyone was going...okay who lives closest to Narita airport. And I suddenly got really quiet. @_@ Hahaha. : ) I was just a fly on the wall and not actually commenting on that thread. Just reading/listening to that I didn't feel I needed to say it was me. I live near there. But is true. I have access to lots of the cool things, with living so close to Narita. : ) 

Strawberry cheesecake

Houji-cha. A roasted tea flavor.

This one is apple flavored and from Shinshu or the Nagano area. Famous for their delicious apples.

Beni imo.

Rum raisin.

Kumamoto tea. This is that areas mascot.

Anyway after going to a few shops on Sunday...just enjoying a nice family Sunday. We went to dinner. Yakiniku!

Noah and his brother talking away. Noah also munching on a fry. We always have free coupons for fries and a free drink bar. : )  Noboru meanwhile frying up some meat.

Goodness is that a lot of rosu (lean beef) on the boys grill. It's really important to me that the boys always remember these times. The going out to eat as a family. Or making sure everyone had everything they needed. Socks, underwear, dress shirts for JHS or sweatshirts for elementary school. The movie nights at home. The going to an actual movie... every once in a while. Even the regular nightly dinners at home...are super important. You know what I mean...I hope. They need to know...that family is the most important thing, we have in this life. It may sound corny but that's okay. But I want them to know, the important things in life.  In this life...there are no do-overs. : ) So enjoy it with the ones you love. And to just be a good person. : )

Little hands reaching into the communal fries at our table. I love that! Sunday was pretty awesome around here! : )