Sunday, February 28, 2016

His first week and my first week. What we both did. Walmart (Pop Tarts, etc) Target (Easter goodies), Sephora and Ulta. Plus a few interesting stories here and there for good measure...

We are now officially on week #2. How did we all do for week 1, last week? We all did pretty good. Let's catch up real quick. I wash Bran and also Noah's bedding weekly at home, in our washer and dryer at home. However, our bedding for our bed, is too big to fit. A few years ago, different comforter, I tried and my washer actually tore a small hole in our comforter. So ever since then, better to be safe than sorry. I just take our bedding for our bed, to the 1 and only laundry mat in town. It's always dead on non rainy days and full as heck of rainy days. So, I just go on non rainy days to wash our bedding. Bye bedding! Get nice and clean! I meanwhile went and sat in my car and read online news while they washed. 

Then I threw them in the dryer. Popped in 2 one hundred yen coins and went back to my car and sat some more. When the time was up, I ran inside the building, and brought the clean and fresh hot blankets into the trunk of my car and went home and made the bed. Yep, that's one of the things I did last week. I do keep super busy around here and get things done!
Once a month in winter. And once every 2 weeks in Summer, I will disinfect our trash cans. The spray bottle is bleach. It's spray bleach for like 98 yen. Super cheap and I love bleach, it kills so many bad things. On trash day after the kiddos dumped the trash. And after I drove them to school. I came home and I first bleached the daylights out of my trash cans. Then I... Mr. Cleaned the daylights out of my trash cans. Then I wiped the lids with those Kirkland antibacterial wipes. And put the 3 cans, on the back patio to dry. Since it's winter time around here. Almost spring yes... but it still feels wintry. It took ages for my trash cans to dry. But after a whole day sitting outside they were finally dry. And I brought them into the house. All nice and clean. 

Take THAT trash cans! Hahaha. : ) My neighbors already know...I am always doing something. Wiping the windows. Bleaching my trash cans. They can surely hear my vacuum. Or see me, zipping here and there. : ) So, these are some of the things I did last week. 

I also baked a homemade lasagna, last week. We had salad and garlic bread. This was so filling, we had this for 2 nights. The kids loved it! Me too. : ) 

A pic of the turkey sammys. Fresh roasted turkey sandwiches, with bakery bread and lettuce, tomato and provolone or swiss. So good! 

Noah mentioned, "mama, I'm almost going to need new pencils" I told him, not to worry, I would go and get him some, while he is at school. and sure enough, the next day, during my errands, I ran into the local drugstore and picked Noah 5 pencils. Qoo is a popular orange drink here. Koala's March (love these chocolate filled cookies). Those 5 or 10 yen snacks. And another pencil is of... like a chicken ramen type thing and a Gari Gari-kun corn potage pencil. : ) I name sticker-ed every pencil and a thin piece of tape around each name sticker. That way Noah's pencils, stay Noah's pencils and no mix ups happen.

I also baked the boys some homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies. They loved these! : ) 
Noah and I gather all the trash from various little trash cans, in the bathrooms, living room etc. I also, gather any trash from the fridge anything needing to be trashed and Bran runs it out. Every Tuesday and Friday. Branden is such a good helpful boy. Noah is such a good helpful boy too. Bran is wearing his school uniform minus the blazer in this pic 
The new school year starts in April. And so this weekend, I went and bought the boys each a new pencil case. It's interesting that, they both picked the same exact one. Even though there were many different sports brands, character brands, etc etc. They both seemed to zero in on the same exact pencil case, at the exact same time. Neither of them copied the other...they both just literally grabbed for the same pencil case at the same exact time. How interesting. No worries though because there were plenty. So, they both picked the same one. I went and paid. And on the way home, I picked up some McD's for the boys for lunch. We eat at home every single day. Not because we have to, but we just do. Bran asked...and Noah chimed in and said...yes please. So, I said why not. 

Two very cute pencil cases. So, as you can see, my week was pretty basic and normal. Monday -Thursday, I cleaned house like a crazy person. Cooked, cleaned, did laundry. Took the boys to and from school. Friday was my movie date with friends. It was supposed to be 3 of us. But one of my friends daughter had a fever. And I totally "get that" If your kid is sick. It's a no-go, for sure. No questions asked. We're all mama's, so we totally understand. So, us 2 went to see the Martian and then we went and had lunch afterwards. I was really happy to have an afternoon to catch up with my good friend. I missed my other friend. But, hey...a sick kid is priority #1, end of story. : ) And I get that and hope her daughter is back to feeling better. : ) So that was my last week in a nutshell. Now here's Noboru's week in a nutshell below...
They went and had Thai. That blue plate (fish shape) is amazing, a gorgeous dish! There seems to be every seafood known to man on this plate. So, I know this is my husbands meal! He's an extreme seafood lover to the 100th power. As for me, I hate seafood. No fish. No squid or anything. No dashi. However, I do like lobster and shrimp, go figure. Yes, I'm weird, I know. : )

Chili's Spring menu 2016...


You know your husband is Japanese...when. Fill in the blank. Hahaha. You know your husband is Japanese, when he goes to Joe's Crab Shack and he whips out, some crab sauce and ponzu, he literally brought it from Japan, so he could eat his all you can eat crab, "Japanese style." Was he even a dot embarrassed? Absolutely not! Hahaha. : ) 

Yep forget dipping it into melted butter and sprinkling with salt and pepper, you know...the way Americans would do. He's team ponzu and crab sauce all the way! Hahaha. Oh and I think the waitresses write their name down on all tables so they know who is looking after which table. 

He also brought some disposable chopsticks. Because he swears the American way of cracking your crab takes way too much time. However he says...doing it the Japanese way....shoving your chopstick through the shell pushes the meat out in 1 fell swoop. Again, was he even the slightest bit embarrassed? Again, nope...not by a long shot! : ) Are you dying of laughter? I hope so. When he told me, I laughed so hard too! : ) Oh and...they first bring everyone a pound and a half of crab and each time you ask, they bring you a half pound more. He said, he and his friends/coworkers ate...5lbs worth easy, each of them! @_@ Hahaha. 

Panda Express. 

Caesar salad, his favorite salad in the world. Noboru loves caesar salads. Followed by ribs. 

Burp. Is he having himself a blast over there or what? Hahaha. : ) 
So, he said one day for lunch he was really missing Japanese food. Really badly. And so he went to a food court and had picked up some sushi. And older white gentleman, late 50's maybe early 60's. With his daughter, Noboru said the daughter was 30-ish and with her husband. So 3 of them eating at another table but right across from Noboru's table. Noboru was eating alone that particular day. Anyway, the older gentleman was staring at Noboru's sushi. And then he shook his head side to side, like no....and like...yuck! And Noboru said, he knew what that older man thought. He knew that older man thought it was gross. Noboru knew that. And...the 30-ish daughter turned around and said..."forgive my father. I love sushi but my father and my husband hate it." Noboru chuckled and said. That's okay. : ) Noboru called me that night on... Line (Line is sorta like Skype but better). And he said. "That man thought my sushi was gross honey!" Hahaha. Noboru thought it was funny and wasn't offended at all. I just chimed in and said. That there are some very adventurous Americans who like eating Japanese foods. However though...there are also Americans who just have very American tastebuds (like me) and they can't really help it. But, I did add..he shouldn't have gave...Noboru's sushi...a stink face though. That was a tad rude. But...yeah interesting, thing to have happen, that would NEVER happen in Honolulu by the way. 

Noboru's lunch, Arby's. Beef and cheddar sandwich. Jalapeno poppers, mozzarella cheese sticks and curly fries. Clearly he's not on a diet. Hahaha. He said it was too much food though and he threw half his jalapeno poppers and mozzarella cheese sticks and half his curly fries in the trash. @_@ Geeze Louise. He is clearly indulging in anything and every food items, his little heart desires. Hahaha. : ) Again though...good for him. : ) And yes, I do have his permission to use his pictures, I asked him and he said...not a problem, he doesn't mind. He did ask me though to not give his location, until after he is gone and I have honored that. 
Color/shade 140=Y305 (the Y means yellow toned), shade 20 and the color/shade Fiji.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD. It used to be just regular HD, but this was reformulated last year and now it's Ultra HD. Make Up For Ever Face and Body, in the shade 20. And Nars Sheer Glow in the color Fiji. I'm Mac NC20-25. In the studio fix powder foundation, I'm in the shade NC25.

What a wonderful husband. He snapped this pic while at Sephora last week. These 3 foundations will be part of my birthday gift from Noboru. 

Pop Tart section inside Walmart. 

Brownie and cake aisle. Baking aisle.

Between Line and Skype and emails. He tells me each week. If you need anything from Walmart. Target. Tell me by Tuesday for example. Because like in this picture he had planned to go and buy water for his hotel room. And so he said, if you need something tell me by such and such day. He bought, 32 Chocolate Chip cookie dough Pop Tarts for the kids. Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts but, Walmart brand ones, these have really high reviews on Walmart online. Pop-Secret Homestyle popcorn, pack of 10. And 2 boxes of brownies. 

One of my favorite people I watch on YouTube, EmilyNoel83. Uses the Equate brand of daily face cloths to wash her face. They're the kind you add water and they're like disposable wash cloths. She swears by these. And the reviews for these was really high. So, I wanted to try a box. Miracle Whip for sandwiches, since the kids take a packed lunch daily. Again not tons, but it will be nice for us to get these goodies when he gets back. : )

And then last Wednesday, Noboru emailed me and said, he was going to go to Target with his friend/coworker on Friday and if we needed anything to email pics of what was needed before Friday. Easter is coming up. And those Strawberry Shortcake M&M's are a Target exclusive. Boy oh boy are Branny McB and Noah going to enjoy when Easter rolls around. : ) And yes we have only 2 boys and yet you are seeing 3 Reester Bunnies. That 3rd one is for me. : )

Noah messaged daddy (Noboru) and asked..."can you bring me back some Tic Tacs." Why Tic Tacs? You sure got me. But, one morning Noah woke up and this picture was sent to me and said...please show this to Noah. Needless to say, he is thrilled. : ) 

I double cleanse, my face. I have for eons. A mild first cleanser to get rid of my makeup. And a 2nd cleanse to wash my face. I first started with cleansing oils and this past year, I switched to cleansing balms. I was happily surprised when I heard that... Yes To Coconut came out with a melting cleanser. It says on the tube, melts away makeup. Usually, I use Korean brand cleansing balms or Japanese brand cleaning oils. I'm currently using Clean It Zero by Banila Co. And Shu Uemura brightening cleansing oil in the purplish/lavender bottle, (that smells so good) The chance to try an American make up remover/oil based cleanser. Sure, I'm willing to give it a shot. EmilyNoel reviewed it on YouTube and loved this as a first cleanser. Hot and Flashy has already mentioned this too. This is an Ulta exclusive. Meaning you can't buy this at Target, even though Yes to Carrots and Coconuts etc are available there. You can't buy this anywhere but Ulta. And given Noboru is in the mainland USA. And he was going to be right in the same shopping complex as Ulta anyways. I think he said it took him a grand total of 5-7 minutes to get the items and check out and leave. The other 2 things are brow mascaras. Both in medium brown. Ulta brand and Rimmel. So again...nice knowing these are sitting with Noboru and waiting to go back to Japan with him. : ) I'm most excited to try out the Ulta exclusive coconut melting cleanser. And I'm a brow mascara type a girl and I am excited to try these 2, because I have never tried either of these before.

Anyway, that's enough for now. We are now starting week 2. The kids are at school. And I cubed up my beef stew meat and skillet fried it at 10am this morning. And had it boiling away on the stove since 10:30am, this morning. It's fall apart tender right now and as soon as I post this, I will run in the kitchen and chop up the onion, add the mushrooms, potatoes etc. And also make the rice and set the timer for the rice. It will be a nice hearty and healthy beef stew tonight for the kids and I. Noboru is doing good over there. And we're doing good over here. How's the weather for us here? It's cold today, windy and the sky is a very light gray, almost white. It was raining this morning. But it isn't anymore. Bran wanted to ride his bike this morning. I didn't want him to because being a mom, I worry about him riding in the rain. But, he wants to ride with his bunch of friends on Mondays, so I let him. Noah got a ride. Noah gets out of school at 3:45pm today. And Bran gets off at 3pm today. Alrighty ya'll, I better get! I have some veggies to chop chop. : )