Sunday, February 07, 2016

Bits from last week, miso chicken, lunch date with the hubster and a few other good bits mixed in there for good measure. Plus, we just won the Super Bowl just now, you guys! The Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50!

Good morning! 10:07am here and Super Bowl 50 is happening live for us right now! It's Monday morning for us in Japan. But, I know it's always Super Bowl Sunday for those of you in the US. Hope you all, are enjoying the game. I know, I am. I have a quick little post to get up right now and I am doing it on commercials only so how long will this short post take me? We'll see. All of these pics happened last week. Noboru and I did go on our once a week, lunch date while the boys were both at school. We went to Saizeriya. Saizeriya is just a super cheap Italian chain here in Japan. I had the rigatoni and a side of petite foccacia.
570 calories. I am just always extremely conscious of my calories of my breakfasts daily and my lunches. I love those Knorr pasta soups in the cup also, that are like 180 or so calories too. But on this day we went out. And dinner, I don't really count my calories, but it's usually something really sensible. And on weekends we usually will have something fun like maybe... I'll make some cheeseburgers or taco night for the fam. Something fun. Anyways...moving along...
I made miso chicken for dinner last week. I also made an extra chicken breast and sliced it in half width the boys could take that for lunch the next day. In fact, every chicken breast was sliced in half width wise. Why? So that it could soak up all the flavor all the way. Also not sure if you could tell in this picture, but I also made slices on each piece, not all the way through cuts... but enough so sauce could marinate all the way. Just wanted it to be very flavorful. And by the way...I have *the* best recipe for miso chicken or pork. Tastes better then the ones you can buy at the store that are already pre-sauced/already marinated. Like bomb dot com recipe. 

Put plastic wrap on this that morning and put in the fridge. This soaked in flavor all day long. And the ones the kids had the next day, were even more so. They soaked for almost 24 hours, so really flavorful miso chicken. 

A super simple meal, but we had some... made from scratch miso chicken, rice and veggies we also had a simple salad on the side. Noah was so happy, all through dinner he said..."I made this miso, you guys" Awww...Bran was so kind and said.."it is very good Noah!" He was thrilled. : ) 

This was even more marinated, the next day. On a bed of rice, they took miso chicken some veggies and both had some sliced apple. And yes, Noah mentioned...that he told his teacher..."this was from the miso our class made." Aww, he was just very proud you guys. So yes, even the American mama of the class is finding ways and delicious uses for the miso we got too and now the teacher knows, we are using ours! How much miso is left you guys? A ton. We will be eating miso chicken at the end of this week, as well. Hahaha. : ) I imagine we will be eating it once a week until we use it up. : ) It's very delicious though, so we really don't mind a bit. : ) 

Bran needed 2 extra school dress shirts. The price is perfect. Very affordable. Bought at Sanki. He has 4 new ones total now, in his new size. Again...we're just getting ready and making sure the kids will be okay and won't be running out of anything when Noboru leaves for training. Don't laugh but....preparation is key! It really is. : ) 

The tins are very thin. Like paper thin, way thinner then one you'd buy in America... so we bought 3 of them. Because I will be roasting that turkey after Noboru leaves, and the disposable roasters come in handy. Also bought some Valentine-y napkins for Bran and Noah's lunches Monday-Friday. And also some liners for their lunches as well. 

Last Friday, I made tostadas. We ate meat every day last week. And frankly I was a bit meat-ed out. So I thought last Friday would be a perfect time to make some tostadas. The lettuce was like 98 yen, the cheese is what was leftover. The salsa is from Besia for like 117 yen and the beans cost what...$1 in Guam but beans are also available at too. So, a pretty cheap dinner and we all loved it, here. The corn tortillas came from Kaldi.

Friday was awesome because we had just gotten Branden's Eiken pre1 results. It was the weekend. We could just relax and unwind and recharge. Dinner was made super early. I boiled the beans Friday morning. Mashed the beans right before I went to get the boys after school. And also fried up the corn tortillas in the day time too, in the morning while the beans were boiling. So dinner was done and in the bag so to speak, by the time the boys came home. We ate. We talked. And just enjoyed. Also a good Big Bang Theory was coming on that night too. Comes on Thursdays in the mainland US. But for me, it comes on Friday evening. I had already read the little blurb online what was going to happen. And I didn't mind the spoiler at all, in fact I saw it more as a positive and it got me excited to watch it myself. So we got dinner dishes and the kitchen cleaned up super quickly and we went and watched the Big Bang Theory on the couch in the living room. Pics and spoilers down below. So, if you haven't seen it. Perhaps stop reading this post right here. But as.... it is my blog and I am sure most of you in the US have already seen it...even before I did. I'm not going to stop talking about it. Just because somebody is more behind, than I am. Besides all this information is already/readily available online and it's not like... I am saying something that isn't already available on the internet already. So...I'm just saying. It's something I greatly enjoyed and therefore I am going to talk about it. 

Sheldon has been speaking highly about his meemaw (grandmother) for years, since the show/series first began. However we have never seen her before. Well last Friday for me, last Thursday for you in the US. Meemaw was going to make her first appearance. This is Sheldon and Leonard waiting at the airport for meemaw! 

Yay, finally we get to see Shelly's meemaw! 

Notice Sheldon gave meemaw his favorite spot on the couch! Given he won't let *anyone* sit there. This was adorable to see! 

Last season Sheldon and his longtime girlfriend Amy broke up (she broke up with him) when Sheldon was about to propose. This season has been eye opening for instance Sheldon finally lost his virginity to her. Anyway...back to last weeks episode...Meemaw hated Amy. And she had certainly no qualms in hiding it. Everyone left the apartment but Amy and Meemaw. They all hid at Penny's. Anyway...Meemaw said... she doesn't like Amy because....when she broke up with Sheldon she broke his heart... so badly and anyone who would hurt him like that. She is not going to support that. Before they went to hide at Penny's, she also told Sheldon, she will never get my wedding ring! They finally had a break through, when Meemaw said her late husband Pop-pop was very similar to Sheldon in that, he was stubborn and set in his ways too. So they sort of bonded and she forgave Amy. Sheldon came in the apartment. So did Penny and Leonard. And everything was all better. But was this a fantastic episode? Yes! Was it so cool to finally see Shelly's meemaw? Yes! : ) This Thursday...well Friday for me. The previews say...The Big Bang Theory will tell the *biggest* secret ever! I keep seeing the commercials for it.... and I can't wait! : ) 

Saturday morning, I made use of the leftover refried beans from scratch. And I rolled and froze 7 bean and cheese burritos. Considering you can buy 6 frozen bean and cheese burritos at Costco in Japan for what...2700 yen? $26 US, super expensive. And I just used whatever was left of our leftover 99cent pack of beans. And I got 7 burritos out of them. I wrapped them up... each in some plastic wrap individually and then put them all in a big freezer bag. That way...if anyone gets hungry after school and dinners not yet ready...although I am usually right on time, if not early dinner wise. Or for a Saturday afternoon lunch or snack. These will be in the freezer, anyone can just take one out and nuke it. They are so good and so cheesy and delicious and homemade. A perfect little snack. And btw, we are loving these new tortillas that Costco sells. So fluffy and good. Soft and the flavor is on point. 
Branden took and passed the Eiken pre1 last Friday. And I had it up and posted the very next day. And while that is good that I do that. And believe me..yes I should. Considering my son has never gone to an American or English speaking school and has always went to Japanese school and so for him to have done that...amazing! So yes, should be totally proud. However...I am also angry with myself because... Noah doesn't get highlighted nearly as much as he should on my blog! I feel a lot of times, I will spotlight Branden's achievements and often...won't Noah's as much. And for that...I am so super sorry Noah! And I will try to do better! Case in point? Noah had that amazing swim meet over a year ago. He was actually asked by the swimming school he swims for... to compete against other swimming schools. This was a Chiba wide swimming event. And Noah swam amazing in it! I did blog and post pics from that day. However the following week when Noah's medals came in for winning the events he swam in. I failed at putting his medals on here or sharing his great...fantastic success. And again for that...I was wrong! And seeing that Eiken pre1 thing on my blog...I kept thinking about Noah's medals that never went up. And I can NOT do that! So delayed in posting these pics? Yes. But the important thing is...I put them up! The paper is Noah's award but it has the name of the swim school and his last name I just flipped that paper over. And Noah won 2 Mizuno (Japanese sports brand) pens with 4 or 5 different colors. These are quite cool and the fact he earned those pens. Just really cool. Two Mizuno file folders, kids in Japan use these quite a bit. The bear thing is a drink holder, almost looks like 1 lone sock, right? But, it goes around a 500ml drink. And the stitch thing is a cup holder. And then Noah's 2 medals. A silver and a bronze. 

Yes, you are a good swimmer Noah! And we are proud of you my gorgeous *gorgeous* boy! Gee, you have so many medals kid! Medals from swimming...medals from running. : ) I am saving these all for you...for when you grow up! : ) 

And finally this morning...for me it started at 8:30am, Guam time 9:30am. Lady Gaga sang the American National Anthem just beautifully! And with a huge American flag behind her. Loved it!

A sincere thank you for your service...

Yay Broncos! Hope you win! But will be proud either way!

As of right now...I have taken ages to write this post..again because I am watching the Superbowl and only typing this on the commercials. The Super Bowl is now almost over. We are in the last quarter...the 4th quarter and we have 6 minutes left. We are winning as of now. But not by much. It was Broncos 16...Panthers 10. This is too close to tell. I may post this after the game. Now...  3 minutes left. Same score, the Panthers just took a time out. And this game is so close. I'm about to have myself a heart attack! Crap! Go Broncos! Now only 2 minutes left. And we are still ahead. I am so full of excitement and anticipation! OMG...we won you guys 24-10 was the score! Amazing and am so proud. The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50, just now! : )