Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Today's TBT takes us back to January 7, 2010. The boys and I made chocolate covered bananas together! A fun way to spend some quality time with one another. The little packet just came from the grocery store for a couple hundred yen. It was a lot of fun!

Peace sign of course! : ) Put the camera away real quick and.... let's dig in kids! : )
The last 2 DVDs came yesterday. These were ordered gee, in October? November? I think end of October. I knew I had to wait until they were released and that was fine, it saves shipping if I can order a bunch together, even if they're not released yet. I'll watch both this weekend, I can't wait. But, I want to wait until it's the weekend and I can stay up late and relax and not have to wake up early, like I do during the weekday. So, it will be tough to wait until Friday/tomorrow and Saturday evening but worth it. I better go and buy some movie snacks today. And pop some popcorn tomorrow afternoon. I'll watch one Friday and 1 Saturday. Straight Outta Compton and Sinister 2. Yay. : ) Anyway.... not really part of the TBT but...didn't feel like making a whole other post just for these 2 pics and little blurbs. Sorry about that. : )

The Dove Moisture+Oil came yesterday via Took less then 24 hours to get to my door. Wrapped really well and saved me about 500 yen versus buying locally. I ordered the evening before... around 7pm and the next day in the morning it was at my house. Like truly super fast shipping and it was free shipping too. : )  Anyway just finished cleaning out my shower and bath area. And now the treadmill is calling my name. I watch beauty videos via YouTube while walking on my treadmill, lol...hey whatever works, right lol. Stay warm and stay safe ya'll. : )  Oh dinner tonight? Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), veggies and some rice and a side salad. I'll chop the chicken and marinate it as soon as I am done with the treadmill.  I did start my period this morning (sorry TMI) and I am feeling yuck. But I know if I don't get at least the bare minimum done early, it'll drive me crazy. As soon as I get the chicken prepped, I'll rest and call it a day though....well until I go and pick up the boys after school and then start cooking supper. Noah today gets out at 3pm and Bran today gets out at 3:45pm. Bran has another big test next week and is back to studying his ever lovin' brains out, poor kid! Man he studies too hard! Too much! Japanese JHS never lets up. : (  Anyway, I better go. Later. : )