Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

We moved to Japan when Bran was almost 1 year old from Hawaii. However, since age 1. Every so often. 2-3 times a year thanks to the flight benefits. I would bring Branden and myself to go and stay at my dad's house in Denver, Colorado, for about a good 4 weeks at a time. I had timed... this particular visit so that we would spend Branden's 3rd birthday in Denver and also be able to do some trick or treating in Denver too. And Noboru didn't mind. He knew, me getting adjusted living in Japan was sometimes difficult and since Bran wasn't in yochien yet, it was a great chance to go. Branden's first favorite character, who he loved so dearly was Thomas the Tank Engine. Anyway, what good luck that during our visit to Colorado, there were commercials and in the newspaper that said.... the actual Thomas real moving train, that carried passengers and everything happened to be in Golden Colorado at the train museum (there's like 5 or so of these in the world, so hopefully easy for kids to see one). As soon as we knew about it, we made a plan to take BrannyB there to see Thomas with his very own eyes! His little toddler mind was *most* definitely blown! Poof! : )  He kept saying..."grandpa look...Thomas!" Oh he was over the moon! The whole set up/design of the Thomas stuff was so cool! They had a whole bunch of different areas with train sets all moving. All the kids there... were super into it. We spent a good 2 and a half hours-3 hours walking from Thomas play area to train exhibit, they even had a woman reading a Thomas book aloud... and all the kids were totally in awe. She was a very good story teller. Even my dad and I were at full attention as she flipped each and every page and we're adults... all other adults enjoyed that too. hahaha. It was a fun and wonderful day. Before we left, we bought Branden a boxed DVD set of the Thomas movies. A Thomas shirt. The most amazing wooden Thomas whistle that he still keeps as a keepsake to this very day.... and a Thomas toothbrush. : ) Now days our Bran's a teenager... but yep, I remember back on that time fondly. The day we 3 met Thomas the Tank Engine. : )  
Noah's throwback shows... what a true card this kid is! : ) When he was younger and if he wasn't feeling into taking a picture at the time, when my camera came out of my bag/purse. Keep in mind I constantly took pictures of my kids because I adore them so...but yes sometimes it wore on even the most patient baby we knew...this kid right here. : ) He would close his eyes right away. Maybe in his little kid reasoning, he thought you believed he fell asleep? And therefore could not take his picture, anymore? Hahaha. But yep, he would do this often, when he saw my camera being taken out for the 100th time of the day. He'd immediately close his eyes and try to fake you out... that he was zonked out. So this was his..."I'm sleeping mama, so you shouldn't take my picture" face. @_@ Hahaha. Oh and btw...Noah where are your eyebrows kid?! He had the blondest eyebrows as a baby and toddler. Like...nonexistent invisible eyebrows. Like...we should buy him some eyebrow mascara and color them in. : ) Hahaha. : ) 

I said, "bye bye camera" and guess what he did...Noah miraculously opened his eyeballs! And I quickly snapped this picture. : ) And I do apologize for fibbing to you Noah! However the bright side is...he did open his eyes, right? Hahaha.

And then he got distracted by miscellaneous people walking by. : ) Awww, what 2 fantastic memories remembered thanks to today's TBT. The day when Branden met Thomas the Tank Engine in the flesh, so to speak! And when Noah was at the age where he'd "fake" sleep when I'd pull my camera out! Hahaha. What good times. : ) Good memories. : )