Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Noah and Branden laying on the couch watching some good TV shows. After their nightly shower and bath time. Bath time in the winter, is so SUPER hot, such a nice deep soak with super hot water. That they needed to cool off some first before getting snuggly buggly under their warm and fuzzy blankets. Noah in his Target long johns and Branden in his Spongebob PJs from Target. Hmm, they sure were totally loving whatever it was that they were watching. Hahaha. : ) Which is fine...after a long and busy day...our family likes to enjoy our evenings together while watching some good TV shows.

Aha, Noah noticed me! Hi sweetheart! And I see Branden is not going to take his eyes off that show. After a day of yochien for Bran at the time or swimming at swim club or Kumon. I think some good relaxing wind down most definitely in order. 

Good grief, what were we watching, Nanny McPhee? The Spongebob movie? The Wizard of Oz perhaps? Willy Wonka? Were the Oompa Loompas about to do their....ommpity doompity dance? Or what? : ) It must have been a kid-tastic movie whatever we were the looks on their faces, it sure was. : )

And a pic from another night a week later. Both in their jammies. This time they were all 100% all cozied up in their super thick fleece blankets. And I was about to jump over there and join them! We still in 2016....still like to cozy up on the couch... even now..til this very day. And every night after all...homework's been done, and my daily house cleaning and laundry doing has been tackled for the day and dishes put into the dishwasher and kitchen all wiped down and cleaned up. We *still* go to the couch, same couch : )....and relax on the couch under some thick winter fleece blankets and watch TV together. It's just our little night time relaxing thing that we like to do. : )