Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Good morning, first TBT of the new year! The boys are both at school today. Their first day back but... just a half day, they both get out at 11am today. Today's Throwback Thursday was taken from my January 2008 file. However when I verified the date stamp on this picture, this picture was actually taken December 30th, 2007. So doesn't really matter really, I just think I more then likely didn't transfer these pictures until January that year. Which is how and why they ended up in the January file versus the December file. But, either way, doesn't matter really. Let's get on with it. : ) Both Branden and Noah were playing Operation! You know the game where you operate and if you hit the sides... the nose lights up. : )  Gosh, Bran and Noah absolutely *loved* this game. We 3 used to play this one all the time. Noah, age 2 at the time was taking his time, trying really hard to be careful. 

Look at the nose! It lit up! They're laughing! I was laughing! 

Our patient. Our should I say...our victim? Dundundun! : ) Sorry about that Operation man! : )

That noise is so loud! Branden is wincing hard in this pic! Nobody wants to hear that sound! Oh the hear that sound. 

Now Branden's turn! And our sweet, but really scared of the sound... 2 year old covering his ears! I agree Noah! : ) I had to cover my ears too! : ) It's not you B, it's that loud noisy nose! Which is half the fun anyway, but... : )  Good luck BrannyB. What a wonderful way to spend some quality time with my boys that day! : ) Sure do love you guys! : )