Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday...Some Gingerbread House Fun...

December 2013, the boys and I had just been in Guam and we brought back some Gingerbread houses to build and decorate! Info share for those of you living in Japan, although, I am quite sure everyone and their mama knows already. But Ikea in Japan sells the ready to decorate gingerbread houses here too. Meaning, the Gingerbread house kits! So, no need to have your family overseas pay expensive shipping for shipping the heavy kits to you in Japan, you can buy them here at Ikea. So, just wanted to throw that info share... out here. : )  We could have built 1 big standard size gingerbread house, but they also had a small house set of 4. And since I have 2 kids and not just 1, I figured buying the 4 smaller houses would give them, a chance to decorate 2 houses each. : ) So that's why we opted to pick that kit, versus the other kit with just 1 house, though they were the exact same price. : )

Am, digging your hair Bran! And you are making a perfectly straight and well constructed house bravo. I was in the kitchen keeping them company, we had music playing and we had a blast.... but I really wanted my kids to actually build them... their selves, versus...helicopter parent them and me really make them. That's just not me, at all. I would prefer they decorate it themselves...that way years from now/then, we can look back fondly and see what *they* think of the houses *they* created. Know what, I mean? Really important, I think. : ) 

Noah tried *so* hard! He did a fantastic job too!

And we let them dry over night. And ready to decorate the next day! Good night tiny gingerbread house village! : ) 

I loved seeing what *they* came up with. Their own designs. : )
Okay you can now eat your house if you'd like to! Noah had a few bites. And if you know anything about people in Japan, they really dislike overly sweet things. Noah had a few bites and afterwards, he was done. He just didn't want to eat anymore. : ) Hahaha. 

Branden had a few bites too. He gave it the old college try! But after a few bites he was done too. We'll definitely build them again in the future. But not sure if we'll actually be able to eat them though. Hahaha. Definitely a fun thing to do for the holidays! : )

Update for today: This morning at 10am, we 4 were at Costco to pick up a great big fresh mixed salad, we left the house by 9am today. That's all we needed there. The ham is currently defrosting in our fridge. OMG, you guys Costco was so packed today. Like...not a parking space left in the parking lot...type packed. As in all.... rotisserie chickens were long GONE, but they had a whole bunch of roasted chicken leg quarters. Folks were waiting in a line for the rotisserie chickens, not even baked yet... the line for that was long. Carts were like sardines and people slowly moved around.... because it was so packed. We went in without a cart. Grabbed our salad, walked near the insane line for rotisserie chickens (okay we were nosy, sorry) and went to the check out counter. Thanking our lucky stars.... we didn't need one (a rotisserie chicken). Holy goodness was it crazy in Costco and it was barely 10am. We imagine there is holiday store hours type time..going on right now... so perhaps they were open an hour earlier, or I don't know what. But, I sorta think so. @_@ What else...ohhh our favorite amazing lady at the homemade ice cream shop in Nagano delivered/mailed our Christmas ice cream cake to us here yesterday. Yay, it's now in our freezer! We are so excited for Christmas dinner tomorrow. We will be having a baked honey spiral ham, cheesy gratin potatoes, green beans, black olives, salad, and hot buttered cornbread. And an ice cream cake for dessert. I also made the Christmas cookie dough from scratch yesterday. And we will be rolling those out and baking them as soon as I post this sucker up. : )  I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays!!! : )