Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

This is a Christmas-y throwback from 2008! The night before Christmas and all through the house...

Presents all around the tree for the boys and a few here and there for Noboru and myself. : )
We actually have 3 Christmas trees inside our home (all from the mainland US) starting from the first week of December, every year we put them up, it's just a tradition we like. The 3rd and final tree is upstairs, it's small as well, sort of like the tree in our entrance way, not the 6 foot tree in our living room! : ) And like the door hangar in this pic, we have Christmas-y touches all throughout the house. Even as I type this to you now. : ) I smile and enjoy that the outside lights... on our house gives such joy to the neighbors and of course to us too. : ) But...most people don't know... that we most certainly decorate the inside of our home as well. : ) 
2008 Christmas morning! About 95% of the time...while I do always take pics of our Christmas mornings every year, of all of us. 95% of the time (I just said that), I won't share the pics of the boys on here from that morning. But this particular year, I did. And yes...we keep things totally real around here. As you can see the boys honestly... just came down in their PJs and they have bedhead and everything! : ) Hahaha, I love it! : )

That's right...that's the year the movie Wall-E was so in. Bran got the Wall-E robot, he was so cool! Our 3 year old Noah... meanwhile received an Anpanman cash register. He also received the People brand cash register that year too. And he had all the toy food and a toy shopping cart in his bedroom too. Hahaha. 

Noah unwrapping another present that year! I see DVDs for the kids behind Noah, in this pic! And yes, we try to make every Christmas special for the kids. I always make a very special breakfast every Christmas morning. And we always have a special dinner for Christmas dinner as well. Ahh it was such a wonderful Christmas that year. I can barely wait for Christmas this year too! I've been collecting stuff for the kids for a month. Granted not thousands of presents, but a good/fair amount. : ) Anyway that's this weeks TBT. And PS, the Esty lady handmade the thing for Noah and the thing for Bran. I paid her and everything yesterday. I now just hope she ships it quickly. : )