Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Since it's December already and Christmas is almost upon us! Only 22 more days, you guys! I thought it would be cute to share one of our family's trips during the Christmas season to Tokyo Disneyland! See all the lovely Christmas-y decorations behind Noboru and the boys? : ) Anyway, this is a TBT from November 12th, 2007. 

Noah-chan about to eat some lunch! : ) 

Noboru and Bran enjoying a ride in Toon Town. Noah and I were meanwhile enjoying this ride together too.

Our flavored popcorn's. Honey, caramel or strawberry or coconut, most likely. : ) We always go with 3 buckets (though we have many, 7 maybe?). The seasonal buckets aren't really worth it..unless you will be surely going for Christmas for example, every year. Which is why the Stitch ones have been used a ton of times (the non seasonal ones on the right of the pic) and the Mr Potato Head regular ones, we have used twice so far and will use again for sures. And the Buzz regular one we have too. We would never buy a seasonal only one we did with the Christmas boot on the left. Live and they say worries. : ) 

Dancing reindeer...

Hi Mickey, Hi Minnie...

Our 2 year old (at the time) taking a nap...hahaha.

Noah woke up and had some nachos for a snack, Bran had some nachos too. We will be going to one of the Disney's in January here in Japan, next month. We have had our hotel reservation for 2 nights since October. So we have been quietly and patiently waiting. But yes...this January, we're going to go to one of them for 1 full day and then go back to the hotel room to snooze and we'll go the day before to the hotel too...the day before we hit the amusement park too. That way no long commute from the edge of Chiba. 

Hi family! : )

Tokyo Disneyland sure decorates like...nobodies business, am I right? : ) 

Two festive gingerbread cookies (vanilla and chocolate)

Noah munching a leg in this picture and holy cow...Bran munching on an arm, in another picture!

OMG....Gingy, what have they done to you?!!! : ) This was some hot apple cider, btw.

After a complete and thorough Gingy massacre... by 2 little boys : ), they shared a nice hot apple cider. And we went to ride a few more rides.

My gorgeous little angel face...
All those spectacular lights! And Bran sitting in Noah's seat, just goofing around, he didn't use a stroller at that age, haha.

Ugh huh...we all know what you 2 did to Gingy! Hahaha. You guys ate them! Ha! I'm kidding, I'm kidding, but yes they did eat them. : )

Stay warm kiddo. Man, that cold winter air... was sure cold!

 We were on our way to the Country Bear Jamboree. 

By this picture, Noah had long crashed dead asleep in his stroller, and I covered him with a nice thick fleece kids blanket. And I watched as Noboru and Bran rode around on the last ride of the night...the tea cups!

On our way the car, wow...what a gorgeous Christmas tree Tokyo Disneyland has! : )