Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday, from 2009 all the Christmas-y things we did that year...

Today's Throwback Thursday takes us to the year 2009. Last weeks was from 2008. So we're getting closer. Hahaha. At a snails pace....but at least we are moving forward. : )  Every December, means... lots of cookie baking with the kids! Just a fun family tradition that we have done always, since they were wee itty bitty babes. : ) Here, Noah is all set and ready with apron and everything...ready to get started with some Christmas cookie baking fun! I make the butter cookies from scratch every year. And we have Christmas tree cookie cutters and stars and the whole shebang! Sprinkles and everything. : ) Let's get started kiddo!

Branny McB, you are sprinkling those Christmas cookies like a pro!

Goodness, look what me and my wonderful helpers made! : )

All December long means...we watch tons of Christmas DVDs. And we do the same every single year too. Even this year in 2015! : ) It's just something the boys look forward to. : )

And the day after, we baked the Christmas star and tree cookies, we baked some colorful M&M pecan cookies. Christmas time means...cookie time, big time... for Americans! : ) 

That year, the boys only had a small handful of presents. What you see on the kitchen table. And that's only because...some years we decide to stay home in Japan. And on years we stay in Japan, we set up our 3 Christmas trees (1 big one, 2 small). And bake a great big Christmas dinner and everyone gets... a really good amount of presents. But on other years...we decided to give the boys the gift of travel... as their *main* Christmas gift. And same for us too, our main gift was the gift of travel too. However...the boys still being kids...did get a get handful of gifts anyways. : ) However first...before we headed to our tropical getaway...we needed to let the boys finish up with school and go on Christmas break first...before we could hit the road...or air. : ) 

Noah, had a Christmas play to perform in, before he went on Christmas break.

Yep, my 4 year old was a sheep! Hahaha. 

Noah you were a magnificent sheep! : ) All of the parents and grandparents went...awww! LOL. : )

My angel face with great big round eyes...such a gorgeous boy!

By now, both kids were on Christmas break. And, I packed my dad the biggest amount of cookies to take to Guam for him to munch, since we would be seeing him soon. I also packed up my amazing sister in law, who lives in Narita City some Christmas cookies too. A little combo bag of the colorful M&M pecan cookies and the butter Christmas cookies. I like to make other people happy... by giving them some Christmas cookies. : )  
And we arrived to Guam December 23rd, I think we got back to Japan, December 26th. We stayed at the Hilton Resort in Guam. It was so nice to just arrive... get our rental car and unwind. Change from winter clothes to summer clothes. And just kick back and recharge our batteries, as a family for a good couple of nights.  

One of our nights we went to Tony Romas, for some ribs! I see, my dad shared a shrimp with me, by looking at my plate. Hahaha. : ) That bread with garlic butter, is amazing!

The way the Hilton Hotel in Guam decorates for the holidays is gorgeous! Makes the kids so happy walking through the lobby.

A day of swimming at the hotel's many pools. They also have an amazing water slide.

We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Because well..we have kids and they were the age...where they wanted to see it. : ) They sure loved it. : ) 

Coldstone Creamery. Yumm, yes please! : ) It just...was amazing... to spend our Christmas there as a family and just...basically...just kick it there... for a while. 

And yet more decorations at the Hilton Hotel. Seriously...what a humongous nutcracker. 

And another Christmas tree and that skiing Santa. And don't even get me started on the Santa's from all around the that glass case back there. There's a train towards the ceiling in the lobby and it's honestly... just a kids Christmas paradise. Guests come in and ohhh and awww all over their amazing Christmas decor.

And yet another day spent swimming at the hotel pool. My dad has his own pool at his condo, but he came over to swim with the boys and with us. Just...some family time, during the Christmas holidays. How be blessed with such an amazing family. And to live semi-near each other, so we have the ability to see each other often. 

After another fun filled day of swimming, it was time to go and have Christmas dinner. We always had Italian growing up. The ladies always in our family did it...old school. Stacks upon stacks of pizzelle's. Homemade from scratch stuffed shells and manicotti. Whole trays of sausages and meatballs. Salads galore. 3 different types of cakes and pies. I mean our family went...all out! For Christmas. So, it only makes sense for us, even now to have we naturally gravitate to Vitale's restaurant. Our favorite Italian restaurant on Guam. 

They seriously make the BEST pizza. And the kids had this pizza, my dad and I had the lasagna and Noboru had a meatball sandwich.

After dinner we walked to the place near the restaurant that has a whole lit up area. Where tourists or locals can take pics. I took this one of the boys!

Yep, Christmas on Guam 2009. My dad, Noboru, Bran and Noah. They also took a few with me in there too. 

This picture is my most favorite though! A tropical happy surfing Santa! And 2 cute little boys! : ) Anyway that was this weeks... look what our family did for the Christmas holidays from 2009. : )