Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Sithmas!!! Taking the family to go and see, Star Wars: The Force Awakens...

This Tuesday, December 22nd, was the boys last day of school! They both got out at 11am, Tuesday. We had lunch here at home. And they then totally helped me get dinner ready early. Why? Because we had a family movie date that evening! Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The family plan? We 4 would be having dinner at home at 4:30pm. As soon as Noboru got off work, Noboru got off at 4pm and would be home at 4:30pm and dinner was ready by the time, he walked through the door. After dinner, we all cleaned up the kitchen, everyone pitching in, means it just gets done way faster. Our movie started at 8pm. 8:25pm to be exact. If you go to the 8pm movies in Narita they're a whole bunch cheaper then going to an earlier showing. So we got there with oodles of time to spare... about an hour of free time. We printed out our tickets from the prepaid machine at the movies, we bought our tickets online at home days before. And after getting our tickets we walked and crossed the street to the Aeon mall (my car was in the movie theater parking lot). And picked up some drinks for the movie at the Aeon. We would be buying popcorn at the movies, but drinks there are pricey, so we bought our drinks at the Aeon mall. We also bought the boys each a pack of pink lemonade Mentos for the movie too, it's just what they picked. : )   

Seeing the movie on Tuesday was the best idea ever! Every one's mood was so good, so relaxed. With the kids being on winter break. We were all just ready to enjoy this movie, we all so badly wanted to see! 

We had our movie tickets! 

We had 2 large popcorns! We all went to the bathroom, right before! 

In our family, everyone has seen all the Star Wars movies. But this free magazine, at the movies, had all key points of the movie. So my family was brushing up! Info share...there is a YouTube video, called something like...everything you ever wanted to know about Star Wars in 9 minutes! Not 7 minutes or 20 minutes, they have those too, you want the 9 minute one. This guy that made one mentioning 9 minutes. He explained things *really* super well. It refreshed my memory and I really appreciated that guy making that video. So many men and women were leaving comments saying...on his YouTube video, thank you for making this...I had forgotten many key parts/points and you reminded me. I thought the same thing. His 9 minute run down, was amazing! I am so glad I saw that a few days before we saw the movie! I was so ready! One middle aged Japanese man waiting for the movie to start who was standing in the lobby had on a Darth Maul shirt! I had to give him *the* head nod...the...hey you're wearing..a cool shirt head nod! He smiled back! There were 2 western guys and 1 western woman (me) in the English speaking Star Wars movie (the 2 western guys were with their own wives) and I was with my own family). And holy cow, was the movie PACKED. Like...I have never in my life *ever* seen a Japanese movie theater, as packed as it was this Tuesday!

Oh, while we were at the Aeon mall buying drinks, we saw they had the new Star Wars school folders. Elementary kids use these in Japan, to hold homework etc. And we offered to buy both the kids one each, Bran said he didn't need it. So, we just bought Noah one. We put this in my car's trunk, before going to the movie. It's got BB8 on it. BB8 is so cool! : )

What did we think about Star Wars: The Force Awakens? It is an amazing movie! Like amazing! Definitely worth the wait! You can tell there will be another to follow. And I can't wait for them to start making it! Definitely a DVD our family needs in our collection. Like...if movies were not so costly here in Japan, I'd frankly go and see it again! That's how good this is! It's *that* good, you guys, if you've seen it, you know I'm right! Merry Christmas everyone...oh that's right...Merry Sithmas! : ) By the way...I made this post on Wednesday along with the TBT in advance. I just reread quickly and added anything at the bottom needing to be added. : ) Such as the Costco tidbit on the last post.  And this here...just now. Happy holidays! : )