Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Just time for a quick little blurb this morning...

My hope was to get my Thanksgiving post up. And then of course followed by my TBT. However, I haven’t done either of those yet and with today’s schedule, it more then likely isn’t going to happen today, I don’t think. I mean it could...but if it did, even I’d be surprised, lol.

I have a hair appointment this morning at 9:30am. At my original hair salon. The pricey good place. Last month, I got the works, meaning a Japanese ionic thermal hair straightening (geeze what a long name) and a hair cut and a hair color. So, this time, for this month, I only really need the bare minimum and need a color only. So that’s what I am getting today, just a hair color. The following/next month (January) will be a cut and color both. But this time, I just need a color. Also, I am thinking of going darker. Why, do people always darken their hair in winter and lighten it in summer, hahaha funny...ever notice that? Perhaps people just want a more sun kissed look in summer or, I don’t know. Anyways. My hair is naturally chocolaty brown. However it’s been a coppery medium brown since May, maybe. Could even have been since March. Anyway, I am sort of feeling going 1 shade darker to what I have right now for sure....and I will let her know, I am going towards a chocolaty brown. Or perhaps, instead of gradual, I will just say this morning...chocolaty brown onegaishimasu! Meaning chocolaty brown please! : ) Either way....it will be a bunch browner and a step or two darker when I leave the salon today.

Also, since this semester is winding down and almost over....  every parent must attend a parent teacher conference at the local JHS. Choice is...you and teacher alone or you and the teacher and your child. I really hate the...he said...she said stuff. And I figure... if we are talking *about* Branden...he might as well hear it right exactly... as it’s said. Ne~ So, Noboru, myself and they will pull Bran from class when we get there. Our appointment is at 3pm today/this afternoon. Noah meanwhile gets out of elementary school at 3:45pm, so I already have told him, since their schools are a 2 minute walk from one another and the parking for both is at the same place...meaning the plaza parking lot. So, I told Noah, I will more then likely, be out by the time he gets out of school...HOWEVER, just in case...better to be safe then sorry....I will be leaving my car doors unlocked, so that way he can get inside, in case the meeting runs a little over. That way, he can just hop into mom’s car and no worries. Bran also gets out at 3:45pm today, so more then likely we will all be leaving the JHS at the same time.

Time in between? I am hoping my hair stylist can hurry and get me done and over with by 11am. That is the hope. That way I can run errands in between like...cruising myself to the cheap meat store and regular grocery store and whatnot. I’d also like to prep dinner... in the “in between time too” meaning after the hair appointment but before my parent teacher meeting. So...I hope, my hair appointment can just get done with.... as soon as possible. The bright side is...my hair seriously need a refresh of color anyways....and so at least I will look good at the meeting this afternoon. Noah’s marathon is on December 15th, most elementary schools here have running marathons in the winter. And it will be an observation day after that on Dec 15th too, so again...just nice to get the ol’ hair color knocked out of the way or scratched off the list...right now. : )

Those are the only things we have going this month. Today’s meeting at the JHS and Noah’s marathon on Dec 15th.

Oh and the lights are on our house, and they look gorgeous. : )

Also, one more thing...we are really having trouble deciding...should we go to see the new Star Wars, like the day after it opens...or should we wait a week? Because...I know Star Wars is being hyped in the US, I have American TV and see the commercials. And it’s equally being hyped here in Japan. I can’t imagine there will be a seat open on opening day. The only advantage we have is... we want to see it in English...and so will see it in 2D, so maybe less people will be in that particular theater, most people will catch it in 3D and dubbed into Japanese. However...I imagine it will still be super crowded. So we’re kind of debating...should we wait 1 day and see it the day after opening day or wait a whole week. That way...most people can get to see it and hopefully by that time...we can see it in a fairly uncrowded movie theater. Hmm. Decisions decisions. 

Anyway...I better motor....catch up with you all, hopefully tomorrow. : )