Friday, December 04, 2015

Gobble Gobble Gobble, Thanksgiving 2015!!!

Thanksgiving 2015! Probably my most favorite holiday of the whole year. I love Thanksgiving, because it's not about presents or this or that. It's just about family and being thankful. It's a very family orientated holiday. A day centered around family and good food and good times! Who wouldn't love and look forward to a holiday like that! Hahaha. : ) Noboru was home by 2:30pm that day. The boys were off from school, Noah at 3pm and Bran by 3:30pm. So we had dinner ready and were eating around 4pm. Time management is my strong point. And I like to eat usually every night, as soon as everyone comes home and Thanksgiving was no exception. Hello Pilgrim boy and girl and turkey decoration nearest the Pilgrim boy. : )

This side of the table we had hot buttered dinner rolls, gravy, mashed potatoes, a delicious fresh mixed salad, a huge 24 pound turkey (11 point something kg, for you non Americans : )

Stuffing, cranberries, black olives are a must at Thanksgiving. Just very traditional American foods seen on a Thanksgiving table. We also had the American traditional pumpkin pies. We had 2 of them that I, freshly baked from scratch, with flaky butter crust and the whole shebang.

Everyone getting served some turkey first and then we passed our plates around, since stuffing was near my dad, he would fill it up for you and since mashed potatoes were on my side, I'd fill you up. Just tell me when I put enough on your plate though. : ) Noah filled every one's salads. Etc, we all had something near our side of the table. 

Both of the boys had told me, they were thinking deeply...all day long... while at school what to mention/pick when it was their turn to announce to the rest of us...what they were thankful for this year. That is an American tradition. You have to go around the table and say...what you are thankful for. 

This year, Branden said he was thankful his big tests were taken on Wednesday, the day before. And now he could rest and enjoy December and relax a bit during Christmas break. I thought Mr. Dimples had a very good...reason to be thankful. We all listened and shook our heads in agreement and chimed in a bit about that. Next went Noboru. Followed by my dad and then Noah and it ended with me. I love this tradition and it's something both Branden and Noah look forward to every year. After that, we said grace. And started dinner! Time to eat! Feast and enjoy!

My Thanksgiving 2015 plate...and you will never guess what I did this year! I forgot to make green beans! I had them and everything! @_@ Hahaha. Didn't even realize it until later that night. Oh well...I am happens to the best of us. On my plate was, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing, black olives, cranberries, a fresh salad and a hot dinner roll (just throw the Costco dinner rolls into the toaster oven until warm and slightly golden on top and butter the tops!)

We ate and ate and talk and laughed. We are a pretty lively bunch!
Yep the placemat is right...that is the sound a turkey makes...gobble gobble gobble. : ) We all finished our supper with some homemade pumpkin pie with whip cream. The kids had theirs with a hot cocoa with a massive amount of whipped cream on top, us adults had ours with coffee. 

I will share 3 different pics of 3 different turkey sandwiches this year! Miracle Whip on 1 side and mustard on the other... for a bit of a bite. Lettuce, provolone and tomatoes with a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Turkey with a light sprinkling of salt and pepper. Everything must have flavor on our sandwiches. 

First turkey sandwich 2015 with some Lay's potato chips.

Branden going for pumpkin pie slice #2 of night. He's about to OD on some "Cool HWhip!" If you watch Family Guy, I am sure you caught the Stewie reference and are laughing. If not...nevermind! And lol, it's not even Cool Whip it's a ginormous can of whipped cream from Costco! : )

Turkey sandwich from Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Mustard on one side and Miracle Whip on the other side. Same insides as the last pic, but this time, I double cheese-d this sandwich. 

Provolone on the bottom and swiss on top!  The boys also took amazeballs sandwiches to school on Friday too! And sides. 

Saturdays turkey sandwich! Our last dinner and eating of the turkey finished Monday. By that time we were totally... turkey-ed out, by then. But on Saturday, We were still going strong! This time...I was thinking about...that fantastic turkey sandwich we all had while in Hawaii this summer, from Safeway and they had little packets of something they called "sub sauce" or something like that. But it was basically just Italian dressing, if you ask me. But, for whatever reason I remembered that on Saturday and I said...omg! I have some fantastic Italian dressing in the fridge right now. Let's use that! And so, I made a regular sandwich. Then I grabbed a small bowl and poured about a tsp, of this dressing in the bowl and then I just spooned it over my meat! 

Oh dear lord! This dressing on top of my meat! And just a tad of this for flavor! This was so good, I swear angels were singing! That's how good this sandwich was! 

This is not an overly sour dressing it's very balanced and the cheese in here is what makes this... the bomb. Like the bottle says...Where Others Skimp We Splurge! It's totally the best dressing ever. 

And yes, I did double cheese that sandwich. provolone and swiss. OMG! This sandwich was so good, my 2 boys saw mine and went right into the kitchen and made their own exactly like mine, that Saturday. Needless to say Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with good food and family. And all the leftovers! The one fantastic thing about Thanksgiving is....we don't have to cook for the entire weekend after that! Hahaha. : )  Anyway, that was how we spent Thanksgiving 2015 this year!

What's up right now? Well, we did decide when we are going to the movies to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you know it opens worldwide, December 18th. This is probably the most anticipated movie of the decade at least! Anyway...we will go and see this movie...not on opening day. We figure it will be insanely crowded. The boys last day of school is December 22nd. And so we will be going to the movies on December 22nd, Tuesday. The boys get out of school more then likely by 11am or 12 noon. But we'll wait for Noboru to get out from work and go to the movie in the evening. Our nearest movie theater will be showing this movie, so we will be going to our nearest movie theater. However know they make the world's worst popcorn. And world's most expensive popcorn. So, I will be popping salt and butter popcorn here at home. We will also be sneaking in candy or chocolate to the movie as well. But we will buy a caramel popcorn for the boys and drinks for us all... at the movies. That way we're not totally avoiding the concession stand there. LOL. Wish they had better prices or at least decent regular popcorn, but oh well. So, the date is set. We'll probably go and get our tickets and seats soon. I'm glad we're purposely delaying seeing it by a few days. That way, it will hopefully be way less crowded. Plus we'll be seeing it in English, so hopefully that cuts down on the crowd too.

Christmas presents have been arriving in the mail. I have them all hidden in my closet in my bedroom. Until I get the chance to wrap them up. How exciting.

Today's plan? Dinner tonight will be ginger pork, veggies, salad and rice. And today's plan, we will be baking peanut butter cookies from scratch. This coming week it will be Christmas cookies, but for now...peanut butter cookies. Have a lovely weekend! : )