Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas cookie making and baking fun...

December 23rd, I made the Christmas cookie dough from scratch. And I wrapped it into fourths and into plastic wrap and stuck in the fridge to harden over night. December 24th, the boys and I, had our cookie dough ready and waiting! Christmas cookie cutters given to me by my mom, a very long time ago except for the huge star one. We have Christmas trees, 3 of those, bells, a snowman, a Santa and a few others. 

We had Christmas music on the radio. And the boys were set to bake some Christmas cookies 2015! We have done this since they were toddlers! A family tradition, for sure! : ) 

Branden goofing around and giving me a cheeky grin! I'm so glad my kids are so playful. Noah concentrating, trying so hard! My sweet Noah. : )

Branden giving his brother some side eye! Hahaha. : )

We baked a bunch of Christmas cookies!
I see lots of stars and lots of trees. The Santa and snowman ones were hiding under these ones.

We don't frost them, because it's just too much for those of us in Japan. Frosting would be way too sweet. So these are perfect and the way we love them most... just like this! : )

We had a lot of fun making and baking these this year! : )