Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015...

Merry Christmas everyone! I certainly hope you all had a very lovely holiday with family and good food! As for us here, we had ourselves a very lovely Christmas here at home with our family. Christmas morning, I woke up first. I turned the hot water pot on downstairs, so we could have some coffee for Noboru and I or some Swiss Miss hot cocoa for the kids. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth and washed my face and came downstairs waiting for the family to wake up. Being that it was Christmas everyone woke up quicker then usual. : ) We all sat near the Christmas tree and Branden opened one and then Noah opened one and then Branden opened one and so on, Noboru and I opened ours last. I took many pictures from that morning. Some very funny ones, I might add. : ) While everyone was enjoying their gifts in the living room, I went into the kitchen and got started in on breakfast. I made up a whole pack of crispy American bacon. Eggs any way you want, over easy, omelet or scrambled. And we had toast. Christmas day was spent relaxing and enjoying our quiet family time here at home. And of course they were enjoying their presents. 

After lunch, Noboru peeled a huge amount of potatoes and while he peeled, I sliced every potato he peeled. We talked and joked while doing the potatoes. Then I made the homemade roux from scratch. And put the potatoes in the oven around 2pm. They take an hour and a half to bake. So early preparation is key. After 30 minutes of the potatoes baking alone, I put the ham, I had just glazed in the oven, while the potatoes were baking already. 

25 minutes before the ham and potatoes were ready, I also whacked the cornbread into the oven with the potatoes and ham. Thank goodness for a big/normal sized American oven.

Nothing smells better than hot buttered freshly baked cornbread. : )

In our comfy clothes, we were ready to enjoy our Christmas dinner! Noboru chit chatting with Bran.

Noboru chit chatting with Noah.: )

We had, hot fresh buttered cornbread, black olives, gratin potatoes, a honey baked ham, green beans hiding behind the potatoes in this picture. And a big fresh mixed salad.

Cheese and garlic croutons and salad dressing. And another plate of hot buttered cornbread at the back. 

Ready to eat ya'll? I know, I sure am! : )

My Christmas dinner plate from 2015!

And my Christmas dinner plate 2015 with the food setting on, on my camera. lol. : )

Christmas cake, our first, I usually bake pies. : ) 

From our favorite shop in Nagano. 

This was so good!

And just one of our many leftover ham sandwiches. Honey ham and swiss cheese, lettuce and Miracle Whip. We ate the last of our ham Sunday night. : ) Anyway, just wanted to say, I sure hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, from our family to yours! Happy holidays! : )