Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, that's A-okay, hope you are doing well too! We are a day ahead here, so it's Thanksgiving here! It's still morning 11am-ish. And both Bran and Noah are at their school today since it's not a "holiday" here in Japan. The pumpkin pies, I baked from scratch, last night are in the fridge as we speak (or type) The turkey is in the oven. I went to Costco yesterday with my dad to get last minute Thanksgiving things (like a big fresh mixed salad and Costco amount of potatoes, etc) It's cold and rainy and gray outside. But it's toasty warm in the house. Umm, what dad's here, you already know that part. : ) We will be setting the dinner table soon, since we like to set it early. Not with food down, just with holiday place mats and pilgrims and stuff, you know what I mean, I hope. : )  Noboru is at work and should be home by 3pm. Noah gets out at 3pm. And Branden gets out at 3:30pm. So we should be having dinner around 4pm-ish tonight. We will be putting our Christmas lights on the house this weekend, so by this Sunday our house will be looking like this pic. This was a picture of our house here in Japan, taken in 2008. 

Happy holidays everyone! : )