Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving! I thought it would be nice to share a few Thanksgiving pictures, from years ago... for this weeks Throwback Thursday. This pic was taken from November 2007. This is old school Thanksgiving in Japan right here. For the past solid...gee, I don't even long... but for... so many years, Costco has been selling Butterball brand turkeys however this was before, even that! And we used to make the hours upon hours, round trip drive all the way to Makuraki the time... closest Costco. Now of course, we have one way closer! And wow, I remember when Costco Japan used to sell real bacon! I sure wish they'd start doing that again too. Hint hint, Costco Japan! Also, loved looking at the price for lean ground beef...way back in the day, it's twice that price now days! Hahaha. 

Our Thanksgiving 2007 right here! We used our regular plates. That's how we rolled back in the day and that's okay! And that was more than fine! Because well... Thanksgiving isn't about your's about being with family and being thankful! Right?! So Thanksgiving 2007 right here! : ) 

Homemade pumpkin pie from scratch 2007! And my oh my.... my trusty hot cup of coffee that I seem to have with it...every single year! Hahaha. For real guys! Always be a person... that can laugh at yourself...and don't ever lose that! It's what keeps your feet firmly on the ground! : ) 

The best part of gobble gobble day? The leftover turkey sandwiches of course! : ) 

And the turkey sandwich complete and ready to eat! : )
And another Thanksgiving right here! Thanksgiving 2010! Okay, my Thanksgiving spread is ever so slightly maturing a tad. The kids are using Spiderman cups though! And that's alright, we don't aim to impress anyone around here, but ourselves! Oh and we dress for comfort around here too! Thanksgiving dinner and same for Christmas dinner. Sweatpants or dressing for comfort is a total must! I's a day of munching and being merry, right?! But we're using glass plates...or ceramic plates, that year. Breakable plates...let's put it that way. : ) And we do have an actual Thanksgiving table runner though on this particular year. What were my thoughts on this year? It was great but wow...we had *so* many extra dishes...with using breakable plates. Hmm. I mean...granted I have a big American dishwasher, but still...a pain in the you know what. 

Thanksgiving sides...well the ones on that side of the table at least.

My meal for Thanksgiving 2010!

Noah *and* grandpa mid chew! Thanksgiving 2010!

Bran with a mouthful of mashed potatoes or a dinner roll. Looks like... he definitely has something in his cheeks. Very...squirrel... storing a handful of nuts... type a look! : )

And here I am...yet again. With my slice of pie and coffee. But the year is 2010 now. Hmm #1, the coffee from 2007 looks much frothier, am I right? This one has zero froth-age, lol! and #2...I should get like...bonus points for like...continually using the same exact plate for my pie! Too bad, I have disposable Thanksgiving plates for the pie this year...otherwise I woulda totally used this pie plate again! 
Thanksgiving 2012! We have celebrated Thanksgiving, every year that the boys have ever been alive. And my entire life too, of course, well duh, hahaha. : ) When you live overseas, you get to decide which holidays you will keep and which ones you don't want to. Or even adopt new holidays, like Japanese New Year etc. : ) Thanksgiving is something I feel really strongly about. And to have 1 family holiday about family and being thankful and giving thanks. Noboru looks forward to this holiday too. And the kids absolutely love it! I really appreciate and look forward when my dad comes to spend Thanksgiving with us! Because after all...Thanksgiving really is a family holiday after all. Table is starting to look a bit more Thanksgiving-y. I now have Thanksgiving dinner mats. I'm getting there ya'll....a work in progress. I am, I am. Aren't we all though! : ) 

My plate from Thanksgiving 2012!

Hello you two nerds! : )
Thanksgiving 2013! Gee, by now we even have pilgrims on the table! And leafs for decoration, LOL! And did, I do away with plastic cups for Thanksgiving dinner? I think, I might have! I think, I see actual sodas in glasses, alert the press! : ) Get! Hahaha. However...I make it easy on myself by using paper plates. That way, it's just less dish clean up. And that's something I have been doing now for years. But wow...interesting to see how the years slowly...I am slowly getting my A game on. This particular year, I think my dad was visiting family in Denver or vacationing in Saipan. I forget where we was, but he was somewhere having a ball. And some years... he just wanted to have Thanksgiving with his real good close friends at a fancy shmancy Hilton Hotel Resort buffet for Thanksgiving dinner in Guam, and that sure is nice too! : ) Most years though... my dad is here with us, but not always. 

My dinner plate from Thanksgiving 2013! What a weird way, I put my gravy on this particular year! Hahaha. Hmm. It looks normal on the mashed potatoes... but a bit weird on the turkey, like I used a squeeze bottle or something weird right. and of course I didn't... I have a gravy boat/dish. 

Hi Noah and Happy Thanksgiving, you always look pretty much the same! And hi pilgrims... sitting at the table..are you guys our guests of honor? : ) 

Holy goodness Batman. Branden! Your hair little dude! I remember this particular year. We *wanted* Bran to cut that hair! But...he wanted to grow it longer like his friends were doing! It was THE style he said! @_@ We REALLY really super badly wanted him to cut it! He swore up and down it looked cool! I think a week after this....I just could not take it anymore and we took him to the barber ASAP! I hope BrannyB you won't mind me sharing this pic...but to be did think you looked cool! : ) Oh well...on the bright is sorta neat to Bran has changed throughout the years. Love you kid! Oh and fwiw, Bran saw this pic just now and he laughed and said... his exact words were..."mom, I'm just constantly evolving!" And he said he doesn't mind if I share this pic. : ) 

A pumpkin pie pic without my coffee? How could I! How dare I! Hahaha. : )  Pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving 2013!

Leftover turkey sandwich from 2013! Hope you all enjoyed these Thanksgiving pics from the past!

What, I wanted to say regarding Thanksgiving. It doesn't matter if you just moved to Japan and don't have an oven yet. Maybe you are a freshly hired ALT. And are buying KFC and going home and making some homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and delicious side dishes. Or if you can get to a Costco and buy a delicious rotisserie chicken and again...make the yummy side dishes. Or if you have a convection oven and can bake your own amazing bird. Whether... you're using plastic plates, paper plates or ceramic plates or fancy shmancy china. It's not about any of that stuff. It so isn't! Thanksgiving is about family. And heck...just doing the best ya can. I remember when we first moved to Japan and lived in an old house rental and we had a convection oven and I would take my tape measure out and measure the height of my convection oven. For those of you in the states..think along the lines of an easy bake oven... for adults but a tad bigger. And hey...I used mine for years and still have it, but use it as a microwave now. And it pulled me through, so would never knock it...much respect for my convection oven. Some years the top of my turkey would get too toasty! And would have black marks. Believe you me....I know. I so...get you! I so totally understand. And yes...I would be going to Costco with my tape measure and measuring the turkeys they had there... to make sure the turkey wasn't too big and could fit in my tiny convection oven. I did that for years ya'll. I can relate. Until we built this house then...that's when things changed. but...I never forget where we started from and that keeps me grounded. Shoot...look at my top pics of this post. We started our Thanksgivings in this very house, just using our regular everyday plates. My point is. It doesn't matter. It truly does NOT matter. It's a holiday about family. So just do you! And forget what everybody else is doing or not doing! : ) I read this amazing little blurb/quote from a dear friend on instagram the other day and I dug it so much (she did not write it, it came from Zen Shin)....and I will share it with you right now. "A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms" Do you get what I mean? Do ya feel me? What I mean though is...just be happy! Just do YOU. Anyway...all my best to you all! If you all are going to celebrate Thanksgiving this coming week. Enjoy it! I am positive it will be amazing! : )

A few bits of info, for good measure...My dad is flying to Japan for Thanksgiving, next week/this coming week. What else. Noboru and I ran to Costco this week and we bought our turkey already. 11 point something kg/ 24 pounds. Which is needed because I am cooking for a family of 5. Plus the boys will be taking turkey sandwiches and sides for obento next Friday. And plus I always pack Noboru's coworker a turkey sandwich every year, but now 2 other of his coworkers have asked/requested a sandwich from me too this year. Hahaha. So, I will be packing Noboru 3 sandwiches for his coworkers. Plus Noboru too. So, I really need a fairly big bird. : )

Also...we already purchased our movie tickets online to see the final Hunger Games. We will be going this Saturday. In 2 days. Even though it starts for us tomorrow. We already picked out our seats and everything. So the Hunger Games is happening for the 4 of us, this Saturday. I can't wait! I am so excited, you guys! : ) Anyway, that's enough for now, hope you all enjoyed this weeks TBT! : )