Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

This Throwback Thursday is from the year 2007! Noah was 1 years old, at the time. And we had dropped Branden off at the yochien bus stop that morning! We both waved as the bus took, the only 2 kids from our town to the yochien in the small city, nearest us. Every morning the yochien bus would come and pick up Bran and Genki. : ) And every afternoon, Noah and I would leave a good 10 minutes early. Because I wanted Noah walking, versus using the stroller (good practice and exercise for a toddling toddler). And leaving early, just meant it gave Noah plenty of time to walk there and since he had little itty bitty, 1 year old legs hahaha at the time... it took him a lot longer to walk to the school bus pick up spot, then it would take me alone. So every afternoon, we would leave a good 10 minutes early and that way Noah and I could walk along together enjoying our walk. And if he wanted to stop and pick up random leaves or anything,  or point at a random doggy or kitty...we had the extra time to allow for it. It was getting chilly, definitely Fall weather! Not flat out winter...needs a winter coat type weather but...getting there. : ) Come on love...let's go and get your brother! I'm sure he's ready to come home!

Hey, there were no people playing tennis at our housing community's tennis courts that day! Hmm. They usually were there. : ) 

Alrighty, no more dawdling! Let's go get a seat and wait for the yochien bus, to bring us back our Branden! : ) 

It's funny because we used to have a game. Noah and I. Every time we heard a vehicle coming down the road, I would say..."is that Branden's bus???" And Noah would say..."noooo!" and shake his head and giggle up a storm. And then we would hear another car driving into our housing community. We live in a very quiet housing community... so we can hear a car coming and so again I would say...."well is *that* Branden's bus?" And we would do this for a few minutes back and forth. And sometimes Noah would want to ask me....and he'd say..."is that Bamben's bus?" And I would say..."no, no it isn't!" And of the end of each day...the bus would finally come with very deep bus/engine like sound. And I would say..."well is that Branden's bus?" And Noah would squeal and be running all around the sidewalk area and clapping and waving and looking like a beyond excited little brother! As they were driving up! "Bamben's bus...Bamben's bus!!!" And yes after a while... it did change to, "Branden's bus!" And fwiw, sorry was also your bus too sweetheart, but...when you teach a child any language... it is best to start easiest and work our way up! : )  But yep...funny...I still remember that, fun game we used to play. I bet Noah doesn't remember that anymore. : ( So, I am putting that story here. So we both will have the story now. 

Noah....were you waiting for your brother's bus? : )

Where is Branden! You know for a 1 year old..your brother being gone until like being gone forever! Noah could barely wait... until his most favorite *favorite* person on the planet, would return home!

OMG! At last! Tada.....he returned! Noah meanwhile staring at Branden, the brother he adores to absolute bits and pieces! Bliss! Pure 1 year old joy...having your brother returning from kindergarten! : ) Alrighty kids, thanks for letting me, snap this pic! Now let's go home! Oh...that box Branden was holding. Both my kids went to a private Catholic yochien. And on every other Wednesday, they would collect money to donate to charity. So, Tuesday afternoons, the yochien kids would bring the boxes home...which they decorated themselves and the next day...the kids would bring back their donation box with change inside. So every other Wednesday the kids would jingle jangle to school, because of the coins in their decorated Lipton tea box! Noah did the same when he got older too (meaning he jingle jangled with a similar donation box)! : ) 
Not sure if you can see it or not, but Branden had 2 charms on his backpack. 1 was Thomas the Tank Engine and the other was Spongebob. : )