Saturday, November 21, 2015

Taking the family to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2...

Saturday, November 21st! We went to see the final Hunger Games movie. The Hunger Games Mockingjay- Part 2. It was only released the day before! November 20th! But we knew with the kids having a full day of school, they'd be exhausted and wouldn't really enjoy it, if we went to see it on opening day! So, we are glad we got to see it, the day after it opened, that way the kids were fully rested! We had bought our tickets a few days before, online so all we had to do on Saturday is go and pick up the tickets at the little automated machine at the movies.... after we punched in our security code and received our tickets. With our nearest movie theater to our house *not* showing the final Hunger Games movie at all. We finally decided, it would be best for us to go and see it at the Humax movie theater in Narita City. It's a pretty big movie theater and they even have an IMAX. They also have really really good popcorn. Their website online says popped fresh daily and that they use real coconut oil to pop their popcorn! Also their popcorn prices are super cheap! A medium popcorn is like 430 yen. Their large popcorn is like 500 yen or around that. And their popcorn is FRESH and so yum. Which is a nice change... because our nearest movie theater nearest our house... has the worst popcorn in all of Japan and it's super expensive and so tiny in size and doesn't taste fresh at all. Everyone was buying popcorn and drinks at the concession stand in Narita at the movies....and no's so cheap/affordable so why not! We did too : ) 

We bought 2 small caramel popcorn's, 1 for each of the boys. And Noboru and I shared this regular salt and butter popcorn. We each had a soda, but Noboru was holding his at the time, I snapped this pic. I also brought in a small ziplock of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for our family to enjoy too!

A bit blurry, but it gives you an idea at least, of what we did yesterday! A slightly blurry pic of Noah, BrannyMcB and Noboru. Yes we still bookend our kids...just in case a creeper sits near one of us. However nobody did. There were about 25 people watching the movie, while we watched it. So, not a full or crowded movie theater, but there were definitely other people in there too. How was the movie? Well, we loved it! It was nice to get some closure and sort of wrap up the series this way! Since we do like and own... all of the other Hunger Games on DVD. We were so glad we got to go and enjoy this movie as a family this weekend! : )

Hope you all are having a nice weekend too. Ours is going good here! We went to see the final Hunger Games movie obviously, I just posted that up above haha. Um, what else. For supper tonight... we're having pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top and some side dishes. Yumm! And I am contemplating making a batch of rice krispy treats this afternoon (I think I will). Umm, anything else? I have a load of laundry in the dryer as we speak. Ohh, also tomorrow is a holiday in Japan, so the boys do NOT have school tomorrow/Monday! Woohoo, a chance to sleep in until 7am! I am such a rebel! : ) I am going to be putting the turkey in the fridge soon... so he has time to defrost...because he's ginormous and he needs time to defrost. Bye for now. : )

PS, and yes we are so... going to see the new Star Wars! Comes out for us in Japan, December 18th? But yep, that is the next movie, we plan to see as a family next! Two of my close girl friends in Japan, have already bought their tickets for it for their family's! So, I know many are getting excited for it already. We can't wait either, very exciting stuff! : )