Monday, November 09, 2015

Taking Branden and Noah to the movies, to go and see Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials...

The first of every month is "cheap movie day" around where we live in Japan. The kids tickets are always 1000 yen any day (so kids even JHS students movie tickets aren't the problem, the adult tickets are the costly suckers lol). So, for me, an adult ticket runs around 1800 yen ($18US, omg, pricey) so, if there is a good movie out, that we want to see. I try to take us on the 1st of every month, if there is something we want to see. Or, I could take the kids on ladies day and since their tickets are cheap anyways, that day would make my ticket cheap too. However, Noboru couldn't go on ladies day... unless he paid full price for his ticket. So, in Japan, unless you want to pay full price. And while... we most certainly could pay full price, I just think being penny wise and smart with the days, it does save money. : ) So anyways, The Maze Runner part 2 came out really recently and I knew the boys absolutely *loved* the first one. So, I did ask them the week before, "would you guys be interested in seeing that at the movies?" November 1st is coming and it's a Sunday, so it would totally work schedule wise. They said YES!!! Noboru's schedule was so, that he could not come with us. : (  So, we knew we needed 3 tickets then for November 1st, not 4 tickets. Also, because the 1st of the month landed on a weekend, would that mean the movies would be packed to the gills with people? Probably so. So, #1 we thought we should go to the first showing of the day. Also #2 we thought we should buy our tickets in advance and pick our seats in advance too. So, Friday October 30th we quickly ate supper, as soon as the kids got out of school and we immediately drove to the little city nearest us and purchased 3 tickets for November 1st. On the screen we could see 2 seats in the row behind us... had already been purchased too. Anyway, we had tickets in hand, I threw the tickets inside my wallet and we went home ready to carve our Halloween pumpkin! Saturday in the day time, I purchased movie snacks, when I purchased treats for my trick or treaters. I made a ziplock for Noah and a ziplock of snacks for Bran to take to the movies with us on Sunday, November 1st! Our movie start time, was at 8:30am. Sunday, November 1st, I woke up at 6:30am, washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on some foundation, concealer, brow mascara and that's it really. Just wanted to be evened out. I woke up the boys and they got up and ready and dressed as well. We arrived at the movies around 8:10am. I wanted to get there early, so we all could use the restroom and also buy our drinks and stuff. 
There were only 2 movies showing at 8:30am so the movies at that time were thankfully pretty dead. I think there were maybe 5 or 6 other people, at the most seeing the same movie as us. Our movie had Japanese subtitles... but it was in it's original...English language. Meaning not Japanese dubbed. We picked up a combo, 2 medium size drinks and a large (for Japan) caramel popcorn. I usually bring in popcorn from home, but we were all regular popcorn-ed out. So I just bought the boys this, they picked caramel corn. : ) 

This movie was fantastic! You know, usually for the most part...sequels just don't measure up to the original. But this Maze Runner 2 was actually even better than the first one. I really liked this one a lot! The first Maze Runner, I was like meh...a B- maybe. But my kids loved it. This one though...was fantastic. Would I buy the DVD for myself? No. Well, maybe if the kids felt they really needed it, I would. But it was a really good movie. And a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning with my 2 boys! The movie let out around 11am, it is sorta a long movie. But, as we left the movie and were walking still inside the movie where the ticket area and concession stand area of the movies are, the movies at 11am were by now... super packed with people and all movies were showing and about to start! Tons of people where there! We were glad we went in the morning and got our movie out of the way. : ) We came home, via McD's. Hey, not bad for a once in a while treat. Bran picked a Big mac combo and Noah picked 2 cheese burgers and a small french fry. I had a salad at home. We enjoyed the rest of our Sunday. And around 3:30pm, I got dinner started. : )

The final Hunger Games is coming out world wide November 20th. Before all Hunger games were delayed for us in Japan, by a few months. Which has been such a huge bummer! But, I am so happy it will be released the same day all over this time. Cheapest would be us going to see it December 1st. However, I *really* want to see this movie. I could go November 20th in the day and see it by myself, but no....I would not do that... because my kids love the Hunger Games movies...all of them. And so, I think we will go November 21st on a Saturday. I'm already checking calendars and stuff. nearest closest to me movie theater...isn't carrying the Hunger Games movies at all... this time! What in the heck?!!! So, we'll either be going to Narita or Tsukuba. Not really sure which theater or what. Or possibly even Inzai? Again...I don't know. And the fact, my nearest most convenient movie theater isn't going to show it. Means...I'll have to think...where is the closest location to us, considering weekend traffic. Best place for us to go and on a Saturday too. I also, worry about an overcrowded movie theater with a bazillion folks. So...just definitely thinking about it already. : ) Oh and I think, Noboru is going with us, to see the final Hunger Games. So, he is already thinking about which place we should go and see it. : )