Monday, November 30, 2015

My Dad's visit to Japan, November 2015...

My dad was here with us in Japan last week for 3 short nights and 4 days. He was here from last Tuesday, November 24th and he left Japan, the evening on Friday, November 27th. He brought us a bakers dozen of freshly baked Winchell's donuts.

Strawberry filled, blueberry filled, chocolate coconut (2 of those) and 1 regular coconut crunch and 2 lemon filled donuts. They were delicious and we all enjoyed and had those, the next morning for breakfast! Wednesday November 25th! Thank you for bringing these delicious donuts dad, it was a nice surprise! : )

3 more packs of the seasonal flavor of Twix, the gingerbread ones! Yumm!

A large Cost u less size of garlic salt. He knows how often I use this, haha. : ) 

And 2 packs of Kraft mac and cheese. We didn't really need my dad to bring anything with him this time, because Noah and I were just recently there. was awesome that he did. Always appreciated though... especially since we really don't have access to this type a thing with living in Japan. 

This past July, I went to Jack in the Box in Guam, to look for a Jack head, these are quite popular in states like California or Hawaii, people put them on their car antennas. However they were all gone in July. Noboru had asked me to bring him back 1 in July, to no avail. Anyway, I had long forgotten about these. And so did Noboru. However, my dad's memory is razor sharp! A memory like an elephant! And he came bearing 3 Jack heads. We were really surprised. Noboru was so happy. So a really nice surprise. : ) 
The first night my dad was here, I had made chicken cutlet/katsu. And veggie and rice and whatnot. And the 5 of us enjoyed that Tuesday evening for dinner. Wednesday morning would be a busy morning. I woke up at 5:30am and came downstairs and started in on making the boys lunch. Filling Noah's thermos. Going upstairs, washing my face and getting the kids up and ready. After the boys left to school. My dad and I waited until 9am and then we headed to Costco. They open at 10am. Not sure if you can read this or not, it's a tad far away. Anyway, it is Reese's Peanut Butter cups (yum) a big huge bag regular price is 2,058 yen (about $20 US, holy crap that's expensive) but because they will be expiring November 30th. They are marked down to 598 yen. Oh heck yes! I mean...if it were bread or milk or meat...yikes especially meat! I would not buy nearly expired products to save money. Because...I don't want to drink sour milk or rotten meat, you know what I mean?'s *just* chocolate! And that price...and that savings. The chances of ever getting a deal this good again? Few and far between. I bought only 1 bag. But, I saw quite a few Japanese ladies with 2 and 3 of these big bags of Reese's in their carts. And you can't blame them...that was one heck of a deal. And's not like we're talking about milk or meat. I'm fine with it! Best purchase that day! : ) 

I am sure they are long long gone now. 

This is that Australian margarine, it was on sale. 428 yen for 1kg of margarine. That is seriously...a shockingly great deal! What worries me though is...I hope they don't discontinue this...

They first started selling this in huge quantities, and now all they sell is this small amount. I worry that maybe nobody else is buying this, but me.... and so Costco Japan will phase this out? Gee, I hope I am wrong. It is healthier than the average margarine. And the price is like...holy crap cheap! @_@ If they take this off the market at Costco Japan, I will be truly disappointed. But...I did buy 1 of these just in case. 
I forgot to take my usual cart pic. I'm sorry about that. Pictured is, margarine, 4 kinds of sliced cheese, whipped cream for the pumpkin pies and potatoes, I was very disappointed in these potatoes in the box...I usually buy the huge Costco bag of potatoes and love those. But, I switched and bought the other type they carry, the ones in the box and out of all the potatoes in this box...4-5 of my potatoes had huge dead bugs inside them. Where as the bag of Costco potatoes maybe has 1 bug in the whole bag, sometimes not even 1. I will never buy this box of fresh potatoes again...I almost forgot, I also purchased a huge salad from Costco and dinner rolls. Oh and tortillas. 

These were purchased at Cainz/Besia near Costco Inzai, last Wednesday. I am only sharing these pics because of the adorable characters on the bottles. The Natchan has Yokai Watch characters on them. And the Lemon tea ones... one was Nemo characters and the other was Monsters Inc. characters. Here is Dory and Sully on this side...

Nemo and Mike on the other side of the same bottle...

Yep and C is for Crush and B is for Boo. : ) Again same bottle, just different side... So cute right. : )  Bran and Noah enjoyed these last week. While doing their homework 2 days last week. 

Huge honkin' bag of Reese's for super cheap! Yes, please. : ) Fantastic deal honestly. 

This pic was taken Thanksgiving day. Last Thursday! We have 3 packs of fresh baked bread from the bakery (so fresh they didn't even twist close the tops of the bag yet, at purchase). In Japan, bread comes in very small amounts of slices... compared to the US. So, that's why we needed 3 packs from the bakery. And there is a place in the small city nearest me that carries Lay's. And so every Thanksgiving we buy 2 bags of them. 

Wednesday, immediately after coming back from Costco, my dad and I baked homemade pumpkin pies from scratch. We made the butter crust and we talked and we talked. He cracked the eggs, whisked the Libby's easy pumpkin pie filling with the eggs, I added the pumpkin pie spice and I added the evaporated milk and he kept on whisking! We talked and laughed and it was probably one of my best memories from this trip... this time with my dad being here. 

Wednesday evening, we family of 5 went to Saizeriya. It's just... super basic Italian, it's a chain restaurant in Japan. We all ate, we all had unlimited drinks, from the drink bar. Sodas, coffee, iced teas, you name it. We really enjoyed dinner Wednesday. We all went home, took turns showering and watching TV. My dad loves the ID channel, and so do I. So we watched Investigation TV. Murder mysteries, forensic type shows. Thursday we had dinner ready and rarin' to go! Noboru got home just before the kids were to get off school... so he went and picked up the boys. And when they got home we all sat down to Thanksgiving dinner. Dinner was amazing. And will be... it's all short and sweet post, coming up next. And then Friday. The kids were at school, with leftover turkey sandwiches and sides. And Noboru was at work. And my dad and I went to the small city nearest my town, last Friday. And he bought a few things he wanted to take back to Guam with him. Noboru was home by 2:30pm. And the kids were both out of school by 3:45pm. And my dad's flight was at 8:10pm. Last Friday. 
It's always best to get to the airport a little earlier then later. That way, you're not in a mad rush. All 5 of us hopped in my car and we headed to the airport. We were there by 4:45pm. And in this picture, is a very blurry picture of my dad. My cell phone camera doesn't usually take such bad pictures, I was touching the wrong button and then when I clicked the right button it came out all blurry. And was... what it was. : ) He checked in and he flew back to Guam, in first class. Flight benefits are something we appreciate so much as a family. And it keeps us...with many visits back and forth. Just something we never take for granted. : ) Anyway that was my dad's trip in a nut shell. It was short and sweet and really nice. : )