Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Happy 14th Birthday Branden...

Branden turned 14, you guys! Holy cow, can you believe it? 14 years old, gee the years have really flown by! For many of you, especially if you are family or real life friends, you guys have known B for his entire life! And even for you, online friends/readers, you all have been watching Bran grow via this blog for years. So...if you have been, quietly watching our family throughout the years...thank you!!! Can you believe it? 14, holy cow, gee whiz! : ) Bran received a lovely birthday card from grandpa (my dad) and my dad called Bran on his actual birthday and they spoke and stuff. And Bran said at the end of their call..."I love you grandpa!" He received US $200 dollars. Which, I think translates into 24,000 yen at the time we exchanged it. So a very generous gift from grandpa. Grandpa only has 2 grandchildren, Bran and Noah. : ) 
I know some folks get like 20 birthday gifts each year. And when Bran was a toddler, he did get like a handful of Thomas the Tank Engine toys for his birthday for example. (Thomas toothbrush and a Thomas DVD and a Thomas sweatshirt, ykwim, that type of stuff and maybe a few new trains) Same for Noah, when he was little too. But now that they're older, if they'd like to get a "big" thing, within reason. That's okay. Branden and Noah both had a Nexus 7 and have had one each for, the past 4 years? Was it 4 years, I forget when exactly. Anyway. As with technology, their old tablets got laggy (slow) like when they'd watch a YouTube video etc. Trying to download a new game on their older tablet, it would get even more laggy. Or the new game software would say...their tablets were not capable to handle the newer faster game. That type a stuff. So we knew...they would have to replaced eventually. So, Noah's birthday this past July, Noah went first and he picked a new tablet, he picked a Samsung 9 inch one? It's larger then Bran's. So, I am unsure of Noah's tablet size. But it is a *sweet* tablet. And his tablet is lightning speeds and he's been enjoying it ever since. Bran meanwhile had to bide his time and wait until October. Well of course...it's a birthday gift. As soon as, October rolled around, he started researching. #1 Noah's tablet is not available anymore. Why? Because Samsung released something newer. @_@ So buying the exact same thing Noah had was out. So, Bran did all the research and he found a tablet he liked, within our price range. He wanted the new Asus tablet that just barely got released last week of September 2015 or first week of October 2015, for us in Japan. So a brand *brand* new tablet 2015. However, since it was so new... it was out of stock everywhere. OMG! Seriously it was a real nail biter, if we could even find it in time. But we checked every morning and every night for the model he wanted and when they came in. We ordered it right away. 

This model # here is the highest grade one you can buy. I do not own a tablet myself. However, if I ever do, I will get a less fancier/slower model then Bran, but that's only because I'm not a gamer. And, I totally understand why Bran needed this one specifically...because he plays games on his tablet, so he needs the speed. And so that's why he needed this specific model. So for his case....buying the cheaper one... would have been a bad/horrible idea. But for me it would be fine. Since I don't play online games at all. The boys play, Agario, Minecraft and games like that. 

And grandma Mitsuko sent Bran a birthday card and some money and with some of it, he purchased this Google play card with it. So Bran had a very happy birthday...gift wise. He got something he had been really needing and wanting. And we were happy we could make sure he got the tablet he wanted. When we purchased his tablet, it was 42,000 yen. But now that everyplace has them in stock, they're like 39,000 yen. The price has come down some. 
We asked Branden, would you like to go to Capricciosa (in Narita or Inzai) or Mama Pasta in Narita. Or yakiniku at our fave place or where, would you like to go. It's your day, you pick! Bran from a week away said...I want to go to Jolly Pasta. So, Jolly Pasta it was! : )  We had jalapeno pizza, pizza margarita...

A spicy garlic and mozzarella pasta, Bran, Noah and I picked the same pasta dish (3 of them though obviously: ), meanwhile Noboru picked a sausage and jalapeno pasta. We were all so stuffed when we left the restaurant. 
We have been ordering homemade from scratch ice cream cakes from Nagano the past few years. And this time we received these candles from her. The note basically just says, "thank you for doing business with us/ordering from us, these are candles, please use them."

The candles say...omedeto...congratulations.: )

Cake on the bottom bottom and the 2 flavors of ice cream. The bottom layer is Nutella and the top flavor is Banana. So basically choco banana, except the chocolate is chocolate hazelnut flavor, yum. Seriously you guys...if you can, you should try these birthday cakes out sometime. You'll love them. And the price is no different, then what you pay for a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, except these... you can customize the flavors to your liking and pick any flavor combination YOU want. Where as Baskin Robbins, you get the flavor combo, they set/pick. 

My smiling happy family, enjoying our quiet little family birthday! Happy 14th birthday Branden, I love you to the moon and back kid! I truly do! : )