Sunday, November 08, 2015

Halloween 2015...

October 30th! The day before Halloween, my family and I, were all set to carve our Halloween pumpkin! Jack the Pumpkinhead, as we like to call him/them every year! : ) Also, because Branden is 14 years old now and Noah is our little ten-ager! The boys helped out a lot with the carving. In fact the actual face/character carving on the pumpkin, Branden did that entirely himself this year for the first time! However Noboru, always was near, helping them. Coaching them. So that way, when they're adults, they'll know how to do it!

In real life, Noboru is so silly! Always trying to make the kids or myself laugh or have a good time. It doesn't usually come across in pictures. In pictures he mostly always looks serious, but I think that's just because in Japan most guys over 40 won't smile so much in pictures, why? I don't really know why. I am noticing some of Branden's classmates start to do that too. Get a stern/serious look, when a camera comes around them now. Interesting.  But this evening, I managed to capture a few pics of Noboru is his usual silly state. 

Noboru being a complete dork as usual and the kids laughing about it!

Somebody said something really really funny. Of course me being me...I had to add something equally hilarious to add to the conversation! Of course that made absolutely everyone turn around and look at me and laugh hysterically! We are all pretty quick witted and can think of come backs or replies or add ons... instantaneously! We do have the liveliest conversations. Things that would have you all in stitches! You can just tell by these much fun we have when we're all together doing something! We are a very supportive family, but we are most definitely a very fun family to be in. We like to laugh and we do so...all the time!

Noboru showing Noah how he wants him to cut around the top. 

Go Noah go! And Noboru looking on. Helping him, talking him through it. Hold here, and be careful for this....that sort of thing.

Right here, Branden added, "Noah, I hope you don't have a, slip on the knife...and accidentally stab my arm!" I say immediately..."then honey... move your arm!"...I mean duh. : ) 

So Bran moved his arm a bit down and out of the way. And Noah repositioned himself as well. But again you can see Bran laughing about it. And Noah was too. Again it's all very light but really funny.

Here's the next conversation. Jack The Pumpkinheads insides, the kids and I always called them "pumpkin guts" I started calling it that and the kids always followed suit, back when the kids were babies. But here...Noboru smartly chimes in with a question. Apparently a very good question and you can see he's slightly smiling/cheeky facial expression. But he asked..."if this is Jack's head. Then would they really be guts. Wouldn't they be his brains?"...Again, I admire we are all have thinking caps here. My quick and honest reply. "I never really thought about it...but actually yes you're right, they would be technically Jack's brains, I suppose" But then he is polite and he says..."but I think either way is fine." And then I am also polite and I say..."yes but technically you are right and I am wrong, they wouldn't be his guts technically at all." So, I ask the's right, so should we change and start calling them pumpkin brains...or keep calling them pumpkin guts? We wondered and pondered. But then switched talking about it completely because...a new song came on the radio... that we all love! Drake's Hotline Bling. And then we started singing, the kids and I. OMG, Noah is becoming *such* a great dancer!

More chatter from all of us!

Branden making faces at me!

I'm glad that we're all close enough to play around with each other like this! And fwiw, I stuck my tongue out, right back! Ha! Noah meanwhile giving me side eye! 

Noah singing now and Branden giving me the cheesiest smile, I have ever seen! That's right are such a ham for the camera! Love you though!

Noah cleaning out the pumpkin guts...or should I say... pumpkin brains? Dundundun! Oh, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter either way. Meanwhile the rest of the family just chilling being complete nerd-o-ramas! Or Dork-o-rolas!

Cleaning out the pumpkin, cleaning out the pumpkin!
Go Noah, you can do it!

Noah being silly!

This pumpkin had the most seeds, we have had in years! We were all sort of very surprised, by the sheer amount of seeds we had this year.

Branden said, just let me go... sit at the kitchen table this year and I want to carve the face all by myself. We were at first all like...what??? @_@ But Noboru said...he's 14 and if he actually is asking to...we should let him. I agree. So, I said okay, "have at it then!" Bran first decided what he wanted to carve. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And he found a picture he liked, he then drew the face free hand on paper, then he taped it on the pumpkin and carved what he drew free hand. 

Noah and I meanwhile cleaned the pumpkin seeds very well and then we sprinkled the wet (with water) pumpkin seeds with salt and popped into the oven at 350 degrees F until done. 

These were so delicious!

Branden did such an amazing job! We were quite proud of the job he did!

Branden also gave Jack a scar under one of his eyes, because he said it makes him look way cooler! 
Branden you did such a fantastic job!

My family for Halloween 2015! 

Simply put...I love you guys!

Oh, before I forget, all month long we had these cool pumpkin lights on the front windows. Jack o lantern lights! Very cool! : )

We even switched our normal porch light bulbs, to creepy Halloween ones. They are switched back now, to normal porch light bulbs. But all October our house looked like this! : ) Actual Halloween this year fell on a Saturday. We always have something really good for dinner. We had tacos for supper, Halloween night. We also had a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that I baked in the day time. Also, around 3pm, 3 of Noah's best buds from the neighborhood, came knocking and said let's go trick or treating! I had heard the day before from Noah that...that was the plan. So, I pulled out Branden's old elf costumes and made sure Noah could fit it. And so when his friends swung by Saturday, Noah just popped that on and they went to all their 4th grade classmates houses in our housing community and they received treats from them all, I also handed treats out to all the 4 graders who came to my door. Everybody who saw Noah on Halloween, thought he was Peter Pan! Yep, all the mom's were chattering at the plaza about it..."Noah-kun was Peter Pan for Halloween this year!" And his costume was so cool, they all kindly said! @_@ Hahaha. Elf...he was an elf. But no worries. I guess, if they want to think he was Peter Pan, that's okay too. Peter Pan, it is then! : ) In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter elf or Pan? Eh..not really. Either is fine. Just you and I reading... will know though! : )   Also I noticed the 3rd graders are also trick or treating every year here... but they only stop at fellow 3rd graders houses. So no 3rd graders stopped at my house. Which I would have been happy, if they came but, that's okay. I was happy the 4th graders came. So anyways, that is what our family did, for Halloween 2015 this year! : )