Thursday, October 08, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

 This weeks TBT, takes us back to October 30th, 2008! It was passed Bran's birthday, so he was 7 years old at the time, of this picture and Noah was a wee 3 year old at the time. Noboru and the boys were excited to get the pumpkin carving underway!

Branden thinks his dad "hangs the moon"... he thinks he can do anything, both the boys think that about their dad. Aww. So, he looks on and watches, his dad work his magic!

Okay boys, time to pull out those pumpkin guts! Hahaha. And then I'll clean the seeds and then we'll roast the pumpkin seeds afterwards, yum. : )

It's a dirty job! But one, I know you two look forward to each and every year! Even though we live in Japan, this is a tradition we have always had, just always! : )

Does this look like that mask from Scream or what? Hahaha. : ) 

I love you guys very much! And I can't wait for our great pumpkin carve later this month too!

Hi kiddo, are you ready to enjoy some freshly roasted pumpkin seeds with your brother and get ready to watch the Charlie Brown Halloween DVD? I'm ready for that too! Anyway, that was this weeks, TBT, from October 30th, 2008. : )