Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Today's Halloween-y Throwback Thursday, is a huge nod to the year 2012! We had asked Branden, if he would like to spend his birthday at home in Japan. Or get to go to Guam for a mini couple night getaway PLUS he'd get to go "trick or treating" for the 2nd time of his life! The only catch would be, his birthday is October 26th. And we wouldn't be able to leave to Guam until October 30th! So, a slight delay. Since we had said... trick or treating, as well and that's on the 31st. So, Bran said he wouldn't mind a delay, if it meant "trick or treating"! So that's what we did. On October 30th our family of 4 caught the very first flight of the morning. We had arrived in time for breakfast in Guam still. Around 11am-ish. We had breakfast, went and bought the boys their Halloween costumes and checked into the Hilton Hotel. Here is a pic of the boys from October 30th, 2012! 

Our beautiful view from out hotel room!
Noah's costume! And we researched it and originally angels were depicted as boys, not girls. So Noah was an angel that year. Bran was an elf. My thoughts on a costume? I really don't mind whatever my kid wants to be that year... within reason. However, Noboru while at the costume shop, was absolutely adamant about not wanting the boys to paint their faces. And he didn't want the boys to wear masks over their faces either. I wore tons of masks as a kid myself...Wonder Woman anyone? hahaha. But ya know...if the hub feels the way, he does. I can respect that. Noah wanted to be Spiderman that year. But Noboru was like..."Noah do you have any idea, just how many Spidermen we will see tomorrow night?" Hahaha. So anyway...there ya have it. I really don't mind...mask or no mask... paint or no paint. It's just 1 day, not for the rest of your life. But you know again...Noboru felt really strongly about it. And the kids really didn't care too much about it one way or the other either. They were...way more excited about all the potential candy! : )

October 31st morning we went and picked up Branden's birthday cake! It was delicious! And you can tell afterwards we had planned to spend the entire morning and half afternoon poolside (well until our movie started). Halloween day! A perfect way to spend Bran's birthday!

Love you kid! May all your wishes come true!

OMG you guys...Noah had lost his 2 front teeth, that year! Gorgeous, are you missing something? Two front teeth perhaps?! Ha! This kid is such a happy boy! We swam so much, but we did have a movie after our swim though! 

I love you guys so much, I just always want to see you all smile! That's truly all I want! Okay and maybe... if you could pass me the popcorn next! Hahaha. : ) I'm kidding, I'm kidding. : )

We had asked around at the costume shop the day before and found the spot where *everyone* on island goes trick or treating! This was Noah's first time trick or treating for real! And Branden's 2nd time. Bran's first time was in Denver!

The first couple of houses, they seemed a bit nervous! But by the 4th house, they were getting really comfortable with it. : )

We have a toothless smiling angel! Noah's clearly getting the hang of it!

This beautiful family was having a BBQ, and I thought to myself, I hear you guys! Heck, if I lived on a tropical island, I'd probably be cranking out my grill too! : ) 

One of the many Spiderman to the left of the boys! And yes Noboru whispered to Noah...see I told you! Hahaha. And Noah agreed, he would have been 1 of the many! : ) Everyone seemed to love the kid's costumes because they were unique! I think we saw only 1 angel that night and no elves! Hahaha. : ) 

Jack Skellington! We are used to seeing you at Tokyo Disneyland, but it was awesome seeing him here too! : )

This house went all out, on the decorations! I think houses that do this...rock! 

A blurry picture of Noah, as he enjoyed looking at all the wonderful decorations!

BrannyMcB needed his bell refixed on his shoe cover! : ) Bran jingle jangled, wherever he walked!

Glowing spiders and a headless figure on the roof! Below is a super short movie and you can see the boys getting a treat from a house and also you can hear my boys saying, thank you and Noboru and also I too, said thank you. : ) So many houses played music! It was just a wonderful experience for the kids!
This house was very nice!

Nicely decorated!

This house was cool, because they had a Chucky figure! We were like..."hey there's Chucky!" 

This house was straight up gorgeous! The ladies handing out candy, were so nice to the boys too!

Crime scene tape! Loved it! Great sense of humor! This experience... of getting to trick or treat, was such an amazing thing for the boys! 

The sweetest couple, the husband was Princess Peach and the wife was Mario! They were funny and joked with all the kids! 

Time to call it a night with all this trick or treating stuff! Let's go and have dinner, family!

That's my dad's arm in the orange shirt. That's Bran and Noah's pizza. The rest of us ordered lasagna dinners. A family making memories, good conversation and delicious food! What more could anyone want, really! We couldn't ask for more! : )

My little guy was tuckered right out! Noboru carried him all the way to the car and we took him "home" was a wonderful day! A day that starts with birthday cake, followed by a swim, then a movie with a big bucket of popcorn and then an evening of "trick or treating" and ends with the best Italian food on Guam, at Vitales, while chatting with their lovely grandpa and parents and brother! One of our best days ever! : ) 

One of the kids treats. 

Both of their treats!

We flew back to Japan, November 1st! All in all, it was an amazing experience for our boys! Getting the opportunity to go trick or treating in a part of America (US territory) Amazing! Anyway, that was how our family spent Halloween 2012!