Thursday, October 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Since Halloween is getting closer and I think, I will only have, 1 more week of TBT, the Halloween edition, after this one. I thought it would be fun do a blend/compilation of a few different years, but at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Just during a few different years. This one was taken October 27th, 2006! Branden's birthday was just the day before this, so Noboru asked for the birthday sticker for Bran. : ) Branden was 5 years old and Noah was a wee 1 year old. Look at all those cool Halloween decorations. 

So nicely decorated! A perfect way to celebrate the Halloween season, if you have kids. : )

Juice box and coconut flavored popcorn.

I remember, as clear as a bell. I bought these cool pumpkin/jack o lantern headbands that glowed and lit up at night at Kaldi, they were only a couple hundred yen each. I thought they would be so cool and fun to wear at Tokyo Disneyland. The boys *loved* wearing these. I only pulled them out and showed them, after it got dark. Anyway, that was the super short condensed version of Tokyo Disneyland 2006 for the Halloween season. : ) 
October 12th, 2011! You can see the Jack o lantern decorations in the background hopefully. 

Tokyo Disneyland 2011, celebrating some Halloween fun with the family!

Monsters Inc float at night!
That is the super duper condensed version of Halloween celebrating... at Tokyo Disneyland 2011! 
This particular year, and the year was 2012, we decided to hit Tokyo Disney Sea for a change of pace! For some more.... Halloween fun and celebrating. Aha, you 2, are growing older now...I can see that! 

Every time a child, sees a Disney staff member they can say...Trick or Treat! And she'll give them a treat! 

Ready for another fun year of Halloween celebrating, Tokyo Disney style? : ) I know, I am. : )

This was the first year, we went during Halloween that it was unseasonably hot/warm outside. Every other year, we ever went in October, there was a definite chill to the air. A definite Fall weather type feel. But this particular year, it was so very warm/hot that day. Which is why, we all went for a popsicle snack, pictured here. A little Mickey shaped orange flavored popsicle. 

You guys about ready to go and have some dinner, it was about 5:30pm according to my date/time stamp on this pic? : ) 

Shorts, see told ya, it was hot, that year. We left Disney, but we got our hands stamped, so we could get back into the park. We took the train... 1 stop away to Ikpiari to have some Kua 'Aina for dinner. Why? It's just heaps cheaper then eating at Disney and the quality is higher and you get more food. You get more bang for your buck, if you know what I mean. Don't ask me why, but this is probably one of my most *favorite* pictures of the boys together....even now. Love this picture! : )

Eat, eat eat... kids! Fill up! And let's go back to Tokyo Disney Sea, thank goodness for my billions of pic taking... because I saw we had  "fast pass" tickets for Toy Story Mania. So we rode that, as soon as we got back to Tokyo Disney Sea, after we ate our dinner. 

Tired, but happy! What a very long, but fun day! One of our free hotel night stays. 

Grape popsicle balls. Horrible description, sorry. But we all went to the conbini on the first floor of our hotel for hotel snacks. And again...we were all so hot/warm. The weather was just unusual that day/year. So we picked some popsicles. 

Time to relax, my sweets. 

Ice, grape circular popsicle "balls" like popsicle rounds... in grape shape. Grape shape...sorry didn't mean to rhyme. Hahaha. So there ya have it...Halloween-y celebrations and shenanigans October 5th 2012.
The last set of pics from today's post! These pics were taken, October 15th, 2014! Just last year! Wow, if I compare these pics, with the very first... when B was 5 and Noah was 1. Wow!!! Aha, the weather was typically a Fall weather day. Cool, slightly chilly and raining off and on. They were selling the Potato Head popcorn holders/containers. So we purchased 2 of those, 1 for each of the boys! : )  

Curry for lunch, perfect for a chilly rainy Fall day! : ) 

Am, I right or what...Potato Heads? : ) They said yes, perfect weather for curry! Hahaha. : ) 

Branden and Noah enjoying the afternoon parade. You know, it's funny but it's totally boys sort of grew up going to Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland for as long as they can remember... whether it be for Halloween or any other time of year! As a parent, it's sort of cool to get to pick the traditions, we want to hold near and dear for our family. : )

Pumpkin heads! Jack o lanterns! While waiting to ride the Haunted Mansion ride. 

The sun is starting to set. But the kids are still... bright eyed and bushy tailed! : )

Love you nerds! : ) 

We ate dinner at Disneyland. At the Alice and Wonderland place. 

And another few more times on the Haunted Mansion ride before closing. : ) That's Madame Leota, the lady in the crystal ball. Anyway that was our Halloween Tokyo Disneyland experience last year October 2014. : )  

Jack Skellington, from the Nightmare Before Christmas.