Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

I am still keeping with the Halloween theme for this month's Throwback Thursday. Hopefully you all, might enjoy these Halloween-y blasts from the pasts for this month. : ) Today's TBT is from, October 31st, 2006! Noah was a little itty bitty precious 1 year old! Look at how light Noah's hair was and yep, he has zero eyebrows/very fine... almost nonexistent eyebrows. Mr. Big Round Eyes... didn't get eyebrows for the LONGEST time hahaha, his eyebrows were very blond-ish in color, so very hard to see, his eyebrows. And Bran/Mr. Dimples was a wee 5 year old at the time. 
I spy a 1 year old toddling around the kitchen. A high chair that came from America with us, when we moved to Japan. It first belonged to Bran, but I saved it and luckily, I did, because Noah used it as well. Noboru was at work, so mama (I) carved the pumpkin that year! If we were to be critical, The smile on Jack the pumpkinhead is slightly lopsided, 1 of the triangle eyes was different in size... then the other one was. But...honestly, I did the very best I could. It's hard wielding a knife and carving a pumpkin when you got 2 little ones, running around the kitchen. So, for that...I think, I did a pretty okay job! And what matters is...I have always done the pumpkin carving with my boys literally...every...single year...that they have ever been alive! Even the first year Noah was alive, in 2005. He sat in his high chair and watched the pumpkin carving. : ) But he was there. And while...I don't know what he made of the whole thing. Both the kids have forever and always taken part in the great pumpkin carve every year. It's just a tradition our family has always done and always will. : ) 

Okay Bran...your turn to clean out the pumpkin. Scoop out the insides. Or as we like to say, to be silly...scoop out his pumpkin guts! Hahaha. : ) Branden was like..."this feels slimy!" Noah laughed and laughed! Because of course he thinks everything his big brother does is A-1 awesome and perfect! Don't laugh but...I got such joy watching these 2, that year! Honestly though...I actually get such joy watching them do this, every year! Because well...childhood is so fleeting. Enjoy it while you can! And I am and I do! : )  

Here, Branden was pulling on the pumpkin insides and because well..Noah was only 1 year old...he got this worried face! "is my brother in trouble?" "Is Branden okay?" I have to remind my worry wart 1 year old..."He's okay Noah! Not to worry!" : )

Yatta! Job well done! The 3 of us did it! Love you guys! Now let's go outside and get our annual family photo with our jack o lantern! 

Flash is going off on my camera a bunch of times. Sorry not mind us. Just a mama and her 2 young kiddos trying to snap some Halloween pictures. We're not maniacs, I promise! : ) Okay, pic 1. Whoops, I forgot to put the lid/top of Jack's head back on! And whoops, where's the baby? He's toddling round and round our front yard! Hahaha.  

A 5 year old will gladly sit for you to take a picture. Frankly, Noah...did really well the year after this.... the year after, Noah smiled and sat quietly at age 2, because he is a good boy. But at age 1, will he sit and take a picture? Forget it! It just wasn't happening at age 1! And aww, Bran, you were trying so hard! Meanwhile my toddling 1 year old tornado, pictured here. Hahaha. 

You get crazy mad points... for still looking at the camera and still trying to, peace sign it up! Flash is still going off. Neighbors don't mind. Cool!

Yes, my 1 year old, finally sat down 1 for millisecond. However he is now very interested in the jack o lantern. However, knowing something like this could happen, I did not use a candle, I used a Halloween light with batteries. Safe! And are such a sweetheart and you have patience for days kid! You were never upset or anything. You smiled your little heart out, the entire time. While our 1 year old... with his 1 year old burst of energy... toddled outside our rural street, for the 5 minutes, that we were out there. Hmm, at this point....we could smell the freshly roasted pumpkins seeds from outside. Yum! Alrighty let's wrap this up, picture or no picture, let's go inside! 

Yep the next year, Noah was sitting and doing things A-okay. But at year 1. Ehh, he was frankly too excited to get his chance to cruise the front yard after dark. Something he rarely got to do. So, he enjoyed it. : ) 

Alright kids, let's call it a wrap! And we did! We went inside and thank goodness, I took many pics from that night. Because it reminds me... we did have our pumpkin seeds and we watched that movie with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. It's a Halloween movie, such a great movie and figures, I forget the name of the movie right now. Holy goodness. Let me think. Yes! I remembered and I didn't even have to google it, I promise. Hocus Pocus! Yep, the boys and I went inside munched some pumpkin seeds (we obviously had supper already.) And we then watched Hocus Pocus! : )