Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

An October Throwback Thursday! Since today is October 1st. This TBT, is from, October 23rd, 2008! Noah was age 3. Branden was 3 days shy from turning 7! Since his birthday is October 26th! So at this time, BrannyB was age 6! 3 days left of age 6, oh my! : ) We brought the boys here for Halloween! And Branden happily told the lady, as we were entering the park, that his birthday was in a couple of days and she gave him this birthday sticker, with his name on it. And all day long, all Disney employees who would see him, would say "Happy birthday Branden-kun!" Hahaha. : ) Very nice of them for doing that for kids! : ) 

Yes, Halloween 2008! It's going to be a great day, you can just tell! : )

My 3 year old and my 6 year old, on the tea cups! Hi Noah and hi Mr. Dimples!

Two boys and many many Jack o lantern faces!

On many of these, if you can lift the lid, they make fun and silly noises!

My smiley happy Noah! You have found, the perfect sized door, just for you! : )

Lunch time! Yes, that was Bran's Mickey balloon and Noah's Buzz balloon. : ) We were in Toon Town having some lunch. Rain was expected later in the day and we were getting ready with the kids already in their rain gear, just in case. Noboru and I also brought along, our own raincoats as well. 3 popcorn buckets in Noah's stroller. And Noah walked all day long, but around closing time, he zonked out and the stroller came in handy. But the stroller also helped, because it schlepped around, all our stuff without having to actually carry it ourselves. : ) 

The rain had arrived, but we didn't let that dampen our spirits one bit! We had come prepared with our raincoats and so we were ready! Disney around Halloween time rocks! It's so much fun for adults and kids! 

I love you both, to the moon and back! Happy Halloween, you two! And Happy Birthday Branden! : )

Update: I have went through Noah's undokai pictures. I picked out the pictures, I'd like to post. And another good thing is, I have whited out over about 90% of the pics that show the name of the school or kiddos actual names on their shirts. So, I am really come along with that, really well actually. I would say...that post will probably go up, somewhere between Friday through Sunday. I sort of seriously doubt, that I can get it up by tomorrow though. But, just to give you all, a general idea, somewhere between tomorrow and Sunday, expect Noah's sports day post. : ) What else...

Things have been quiet around here. Life is good. I have been enjoying Fresh Off The Boat (the new season started), Blask-ish started again too and it's one of my favorite shows. Also, a new one that I watched twice so far and it's a brand new show, Scream Queens. I am still undecided if I like this show or not. I know it is superly popular in America right now. But, I'm still undecided, as of right now. : ) The Blacklist's new season is about to start soon, but not yet. But the previews for it look really good.  Anything else to add? It's sort of random, but I am *loving* the new Target commercials, with the cover of that old Nu Shoes, song, "I Can't Wait" remember that old song, they don't actually sing it, it's just a cover made by someone else, but they're such catchy commercials, Targets airing 3 or so different commercials right now, but all with that same cover song. Every time those commercials come on, I love it! : )  I have also been enjoying Little Women LA. There is so much drama and arguing on that show. Boy, that cast loves to argue! Poor me, I love the show, but I'm always just silent like @_@...holy goodness!

Last week, I went to Costco to buy ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese to make homemade lasagna and guess what? I bought enough for 2 lasagnas. No worries though, I made one lasagna last week and this coming week, I'll make a second one. Hahaha. I went and bought my weekly meat at the cheap meat store, yesterday while the boys were at school. And my weekly groceries. I can tell you, what I'm making for supper. In random order. Teriyaki chicken, lasagna, pork green chili, American style fried chicken and mashed potatoes, stuffed bell pepper, taquitos and chili concarne (American style chili, usually eaten with cornbread), but the funny thing is, I do not have any cornbread hahaha) Last night, I made chili concarne. Tonight, I am making stuffed bell peppers! Yumm. Alrighty, wonderful to catch up with you all, like this. : )