Saturday, October 03, 2015

Noah's 4th grade Undokai! Sports Day 2015...

Sunday, September 20th was Noah's Undokai (Sports Day) at the local elementary school. This picture here, is a group shot, of all the kids who attend our elementary school, all 6 grades (1st-6th grade) And as you can see, by the flag colors waving in front of the kids, it was of course, Team Red versus Team White! With us living in a truly rural/country town with a population, just under 5,000 people. I think our elementary school has 190 kids or so. The other elementary school in our town, has a population of like 40 kids all 6 grades. Hahaha. : ) Meanwhile my girl friends, who live in the city nearest our town. Their elementary school is super huge population wise and they have, all sorts of different teams, not just red vs. white. So, I guess it just depends how big a population of a town or city you live in. Ours is, super puny teeny tiny and we really *love* it though! Which is why we picked this town. So Team Red versus Team White, is more than plenty for us! : ) 

Hi Noah!

Noah about to run this race! In this particular picture, he is far right, however in the pic down below, there is one kid to the right of Noah.

Good luck kids!

There they go!

Go Noah go! Far right in this picture.

Noah came in 3rd place! You did real good kiddo! You tried your very best and that's all we could ever ask for! Proud of you!

How's about a little fire...scarecrow! Wizard of Oz reference, hope ya'll caught that! : ) I have shown scarecrows on my blog before and even used the same cheesy Wizard of Oz reference too. Hahaha. Anyway at our local elementary school, the Father's Club dad's and the 6th graders get together in the school gymnasium and they make these scarecrows every single year! I look forward to seeing the new ones, the kids make every Fall! These are our school 6th graders scarecrows for 2015! I think they did a fantastic job! Also, I want to point out, I love that these scarecrows are just hanging in such lush greenery! Not next to some big city landscape or buildings or houses! Truly lovely scarecrows with *the best* and most greenest truly inaka countryside surroundings!

So imaginative, so truly creative! Kids are so cool!

Branden catching up with his most favorite teacher! D-sensei was BrannyB's 5th grade teacher. And he was such an amazing teacher! He was newly married back when B was a 5th grader and D-sensei also became a father for the first time that year. He thought every kid in his class was special and had their own unique good points. He bought the class... a class pet, some fish, the fish were the breed "ooper loopers" or something like that. I saw how the kids all flourished when he was their teacher. He used to tell Branden how amazing he was, that he was bilingual. Before teacher had ever told Branden that before. As a young 5th grader... hearing that...meant the world to my son! All the kids at our school adored this teacher. He sadly last March, was transferred from our elementary school. We all miss this teacher because he was awesome! But, he came by, for undokai and he has always enjoyed catching up with Branden (since Bran is at every undokai for Noah). He told Branden, that he hears he's doing very good in JHS and he's very proud of him. Again, hearing that from such a great teacher like that...made Bran very happy hearing that. This will more than likely... be the last time, we ever see him again, so I was glad Branden got the opportunity to speak with him and glad I could snap this picture, that way, 10-15 years from now, if the memory fades, and we all forget what he looked like, we can have this picture to remind us/remind Bran. You were such an amazing teacher!!! : )  

And another event! 

And another event!

On your mark, get set...


Go Noah!
Bounce the ball, dribble the ball...go Noah-chan!

Lunch time! Karaage, yakitori, rice balls, fresh salad, meatballs and omelet for Noboru, he enjoys these Japanese style meatballs and Japanese omelet every undokai. And some fresh fruit, of course, some big super sweet grapes. Also because it is an undokai obento and yes...people do take peeks of what other peoples lunches look like. It's true, they do, they do. : ) Presentation is pretty important. Make sure it's colorful and pretty. Pack it nicely, if you know, what I mean. We also had some killer.... store bought chocolate cake, omg it's so good that cake. I also packed us 2 two liters of lemonade and 1 two liter of Kirin straight tea and 1 big two liter of mugicha. Clearly, I didn't want anyone to be thirsty. Hahaha. My 2 boys Bran and Noah, knew what was in our obento and all morning, I'm not kidding, they kept mentioning, "I can't wait until lunch!" I can't wait to eat. Noah told us as he passed by our tent once, "I want to eat yakitori." And Branden mentioned a few times...I can't wait to eat the karaage. And yes everyone ate breakfast lol.  And Noboru mentioned once around 10am, that he couldn't wait to eat our packed lunch. @_@ Hahaha.  So, yeah I try to pick delicious food, I know my family will *love* and look forward to all morning long! And to be fair, all families seem to pack very nice lunches, not just us. For what it's worth, a family near us packed ebi fry/furai, and another family brought sushi. Simply put, most families go all out, when it comes to the Sports Day obento. Ours is more on the simple side, but it's all homemade, except the Japanese omelet and Japanese meatballs. But, I do try to pay attention to how I pack it up. Placing a lettuce leaf under the omelet for added color. Placing some cherry tomatoes near the karaage or yakitori, again adding some extra pop of color. So besides being delicious, you also want it to look really *really* good too. 

All white meat karaage and all white meat yakitori. And again lettuce and tomatoes for some added color.

I had salad and karaage and 1 yakitori stick and 1 rice ball, not two, I wrapped the spare rice ball. Hahaha. : ) 

See, that karaage next to the yakitori is totally gone? Yes! Hahaha, this makes me happy though! The boys finished that off immediately and they started right in on the yakitori. Noah had been apparently thinking about yakitori all morning long. He's even eating one, right in this picture. He had a handful of karaage, 3 yakitori sticks, 1 rice ball. He then had salad, then a few grapes, then 1 slice of cake. And a cup of lemonade with ice. The whole family ate *really* well. And it made me so happy, that they enjoyed the lunch! I make it especially for all of  them, anyways! : ) At this point, Noboru left! But, I made sure he ate and was stuffed before he left. Noboru did not want to leave but again the sports day was postponed by 1 day and so, it just was, what it was. I'm happy he could come and enjoy half of the day with all of us though. : )   

After lunch, everyone is just really relaxed and mellow. Every one's all nicely full from lunch. And we all know undokai is now, half over with. And we're all just enjoying what's left! The school kids all did marching band, they played a few songs. 

Hi gorgeous!

All of the kids did so well. 

The family "tug of war!" If your child was a red, you went to team red. Noah was Team Red, so Bran was on Team Red. A lot of these kids are JHS kids, siblings (brothers or sisters of an elementary school kid).

Go BrannyB! Go Team Red! : )

The kids were wildly cheering for their dad's or older siblings! Noboru could not be there, but Branden went in support of Noah...I could see Noah cheering, after he saw his brother pulling the rope for team red! My dad and I were cheering loudly!
And then one last "tug of war" before the last event of the day, the relay. This is 1st grade to 4th grade. And these kids pulled and pulled with all their might! Team red won! In fact Team Red won at the end of the day! All in all, it was a wonderful Sports Day! The weather was perfect! Noboru could be there for half of it. My dad was there to enjoy and cheer on his grandson and the entire red team! Meanwhile, so my dad, Bran and I dismantled the tent right away after undokai was finished, we managed to pack up all of our stuff, really quickly. And we even brought all of it down to the mini mini van (Noboru and I had to switch cars that day) we loaded all of our stuff, tent, cooler, leisure sheet everything into the minivan. And we walked back up the hill and waited for Noah to come out. Meanwhile, all the kids carried their chairs back into the school building and had a class meeting. All of us parents meanwhile stayed outside and waited for the kids to come out. Noah and the rest of the kids, finally came out around 4:15pm. My dad was to be catching the train around 5pm. Granted the train station is less than a 5 minute drive away from the school. My dad's suitcase was already in the mini minivan already. We smartly put them in the car that morning. As we were leaving the school, My dad offered to buy the boys a choco banana or a shaved ice. Bran picked a shaved ice and Noah picked a choco banana. I dropped my dad off early at the train station, because he prefers be early, then late. By now it was about 4:30pm because we also walked down the hill from the school to the plaza to where my car was parked. The kids jumped out and hugged my dad tightly! They told him, "I love you grandpa" "And I wish you didn't have to go"...aww, that is always nice to hear. : ) He hugged them back tightly and said, he loves them too and he'll be seeing them soon. And he waved and he rolled his suitcase right up and went and bought his train ticket and got himself all nicely settled. He arrived at Narita Airport in no time. And I could see online that he had indeed checked in and stuff, so I knew all was fine. : ) Noboru had mentioned to me that morning, that it was okay to leave everything in the mini minivan, after undokai, because he knows it's all pretty heavy for me and stuff. So he just said, as long as you bring the cooler into the house he'd take care of the rest the next day. : ) So, the boys brought and carried the cooler into the house for me, after we drained any water or melted ice from it. And we brought it inside. Noah immediately took a shower. I laid on the couch for like 30 minutes, like a zombie. A tired but happy zombie. Happy that we got both the boys undokais scratched off the list! Bran showered after. And I meanwhile started in on supper. I made curry. A very simple easy meal totally. We also had about 5 yakitori left and about 10 karaage left too. And 3 slices of cake and half of the grapes. So we had curry and rice and sort of munched or grazed on.... the leftover stuff from our packed lunch from Field Day. After dinner, I threw the dishes into the dishwasher, Bran wiped off the stove, gosh he's a good kid. And I hit the shower. A nice hot soapy sudsy shower. I came downstairs in my jammies. And I closed the blinds to the front of the house. And we just stood in for the rest of the night. Just relaxing and watching TV.  Anyway, there ya have it, that's Noah's 4th grade, Sports Day, in a nutshell.