Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Halloween pumpkin has been bought, the wreath on the front door has been switched for Fall. Costco huge pumpkin pies are for sale now at Costco, Japan. We have officially been Fall-ified and Pumpkin-fied...

Fall is here! And it's my most favorite season! Summer is amazing too. But, by the time summer is done, we are all *so* ready for the cooler weather. The cozy foods. The baking. The sounds of stepping on Fall leaves (crunch crunch crunch). The fresh crisp air in the mornings and evenings. Halloween, Thanksgiving! I love this time of the year! Love it! Anyways, last Friday, October 2nd I went to Inzai/Chiba New Town to pick up our pumpkin for Halloween this year! This one looks amazing! 

I went and paid and loaded up "Jack the Pumpkin Head" right in my car and before I left Inzai, I zipped to Costco and guess what they had! I'll share a pic down below!

I also switched my wreath from the regular one, to the Fall wreath!

Hi lovely Fall wreath! This is your time to shine, you two!!! 

Hello scarecrow. 
I went there to pick up a rotisserie chicken for a simple roasted chicken dinner for October 2nd, Friday nights supper and mashed potatoes and gravy meal and the other chicken went for taquito night the next day (yes, I know I seem to be on a taquito kick lately, bare with me, friends). Meanwhile...hello Costco enormous sized pumpkin pie! While I resist 99% of all things at Costco...I look, I think I want to buy whatever it is... but I don't. My resisting skills are pretty good, however the second I saw this...I said...let me find the best date on the pies and let's go home pie! : ) I grabbed a 60yen soda on the way out, for the drive home! With 1 Halloween pumpkin in the trunk already and this jack o lantern looking pumpkin pie...I headed back to my town last Friday...very Fall-ified! Very pumpkin-fied! Am, I inventing words left and right here? Geeze! : ) Anyway. Hahaha! : ) I arrived home at 1:30pm and the boys both got out of school at 3:45pm, so I had just enough time to peel some potatoes boil them right up, mash the daylights out of said potatoes, grab my gravy mix and made some gravy, turn off the pans. And go and get the boys at the plaza. And of course, I was just bursting with smiles as I picked up the boys. All I said was..."wait til you see what I bought today"...they both were in the car like..."what what?"..."Mums the word", I said! I can't say anything more! I can't, I won't! I put a button on it and we drove home! : ) I drove with big cheesy grin all the way home. The kids were like @_@. They loved the pumpkin and every day since... they ask when they can carve it. I tell will rot, as soon as we cut it, so we have to delay the cut, until the last minute. Sorry. And then...the boys had a small sliver of a slice of pumpkin pie as soon, as they got changed and came down the stairs. Can't ruin their appetite, you know. I reheated the potatoes and gravy real quick and we sat down and Noboru came home while I was picking up the boys, so he was home and ready for supper too. The boys also had a slice of pie after supper too. Dinner that night was rotisserie chicken (store bought) and mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli. It was good, simple and easy. The delicious pumpkin pie did not survive to see Monday, but Jack the Pumpkin Head has been enjoying his first full week with us here at our house. He's in the kitchen. So he gets to see the crazy mornings.... obento and the breakfast rush, the quiet of the day and then the frenzy of getting dinner done and dishes and kitchen cleaned back up. All the music we play in the kitchen, that Jack gets to hear all month. I think Jack The Pumpkin Head will have a lovely October with us, in the kitchen. He's definitely a family owned pumpkin.  : )  Anyway hope you all enjoyed my lighthearted and silly pumpkin and Fall post today! : )