Saturday, October 24, 2015

Going to the movies, to see The Intern and lunch afterwards with good friends...

The very next day, after we got back from our overnight stay! October 14th. I had a movie and lunch date set with my very very good friends, I have been friends with forever! Since our kids were in yochien. The movie was to start at 9am. Goodness that's an early morning show! And my 2 girl friends and I, were set to meet at the movies at 8:30am. You know, enough time to meet up and buy our tickets together, because you actually select a seat here, when you buy your tickets. The original name of this movie, or perhaps I should say, the name of this movie in America is called, The Intern, however in Japan, as you can see in this picture is called, My Intern. I had been seeing the previews to this, for a long time and I wanted to see this, big time! And my friends did too. Not sure if you can see by the poster towards the bottom, but it says 10/10. It just came out for us in Japan, October 10th. And so it just opened 4 days earlier for us in Japan. We also went on Ladies Day, because it's just cheaper for us, if we go that day. How was the movie? It was SUCH a great movie. I thought it was going to be a good movie anyway. But it was even way better, then I thought it would be! Loved this movie! We 3 really enjoyed the movie.

After the movie let out, we went out to lunch. We picked Saizeriya. Our favorite spot to lunch. Because it's cheap and delicious and they have a drink bar. And when we meet up and get together we usually stay there for hours. We all had the potato gratin and petite foccacia (bread) set for lunch and the drink bar. Lunching with these 2, is always a blast! They are so very smart, so witty and wise. They do have 2 daughters each..each of their oldest daughter, is a 9th grader. And their younger daughters, one has a 6th grader this year and the other ones daughter is Noah's age, because they were classmates. So, they are, like I have mentioned on here before...they are my senpai's because they #1 have been through Japanese school themselves and also their daughters are 1 grade ahead of Bran and so they know *so much* and I learn a lot. They offer me words of wisdom. Advise. I know and learned that the 9th graders... will be taking the entrance exams in Jan/Feb 2016, to see if they get into high school. So now...I know a round about idea when Bran will take his next year. Also I learned...a lot but, not all Japanese mothers take their children on a graduation trip at the end of 9th grade. One of my girlfriends is taking her family to Kyoto and also Universal Studios Japan (fun!!!) and the other is still deciding. But again. It gives me an idea. A heads up. And hearing this with a 1 year head start... helps me tons....because I have never been to Japanese school. I was born and raised in the USA. So again it helps. I'm lucky to be able to call these 2, my very good friends. We didn't just talk about JHS. But we talked about, what we have been up to. I told them that I was changing hair salons. And going back to the salon 95% of my yochien mama friends go to and that they go to too. I had been going to a different salon for the past 3 years. But, the lady who cuts my hair. Sometimes she cuts my  hair awesome and sometimes it's not 100% like, I see a piece here or there that's not cut straight. And hair salons are pricey anyways and frankly if it's not 100% right and I am paying 100%, then I must switch. And so we talked about that. And they were like. "If your hair is off... in anyway and you're need to change the salon" And I was like...I know right? So again just confirmation of what I had already thought too. So we talked girl stuff. You know what I mean, I hope. We also talk about TV and movies, beauty or hair stuff, mom stuff too... like school or tests and stuff. It was just super nice to reconnect with 2 super good friends. I love when we meet up, we should do it more often! : ) Anyway, so that's what's up over here. I went to the movies and lunch, October 14th with 2 of my really good girl friends.

Anything else to add? I have Bran's observation day this Wednesday. I have a massive hair salon appointment this Thursday at 9:30am. @_@ That's early! I have a hair straightening (Japanese thermal hair straightening) a hair cut (a fresh bob, all one length hair cut for me) and a hair color. I imagine I will have a butt, as flat as a pancake, after sitting at the salon all day long this Thursday. But the bright side and positive is, I will have the most rockin' slammin hair ever! Why did I switch salons in the first place? I switched because the other place was tons cheaper. However the quality of the cut was so bad in July, right before Hawaii. It could no longer be ignored. My hair was 2 cm longer in parts on one side of my head. Looked like Edward Scissorhands cut my hair and not in a good way! I went back to the cheaper salon, hoping to get it fixed... I had been going to the past 3 or so years, to ask if she could fix.. my uneven hair... and they said... she was off work for the next 2 days, I asked if someone else... could cut my hair, they were hesitant because they said...the woman who cuts it, should fix it, plus they were booked solid that day, according to them, hmm. @_@ I said, I understand, but I can't walk around like THIS for 2 days either though. I just said, never mind I'll come back when my schedule fits it. And I went to a different place immediately afterwards and had them fix my hair, a place in my town and to fix the cut cost me just 500 yen, but still though (their cuts usually cost 4500 yen but considering it just needed to be fixed in spots plus I am from that town and they know me, they only charged me 500 yen, which was super kind.) Yes I had to pay for a hair cut twice that month. Which is absurd and why it made me not want to go back to the cheaper place anymore. Why? Because we were flying out to Hawaii that same week and time just didn't allow me to go and have her refix my hair, since she is the one who jacked it up... in the first darned place. And frankly I have not been back there since. I have been floating at other salons since the July right before Hawaii... nightmare cut from heck. And so Noboru said..."you know, your original place you loved...just please go back there." But I said, the price though. And he said forget about it. No worries.. And so, my husband suggested...just go back to the pricier place. Since he pays for my hair appointments anyways. So, I called yesterday and set up my appointment for this Thursday morning. For reference. The cheaper place was like 12,000 yen for a cut and hair straightening. However her prices were shady at times, because I had hair color coupons but at times, when I used a free coupon and had a hair cut, I was charged more then I should have been, One time for a hair cut, straightening and color it came to 15,000 yen. I remarked to Noboru this place is starting to be as pricey as the expensive place. The expensive place was hair straightening and cut for 18,000 yen. However to be hair at the time was hella long and you pay depending on length of hair and my hair is medium/short now, so should be cheaper. So in short, the price gap, seemed to shrink between the places. But the frustration of iffy cuts, just got too much. Also, sorry want to add, one more thing. At the cheaper place, they would book 2 clients at the same time, per stylist. I often felt, she was not fully concentrating on me fully 100%, her client. She left me once went and put a lady's hair up in summer to wear for her yukata. That was the July nightmare cut time. After my hair straightening... her face seemed, she wasn't in the mood to cut my hair, could the updo she gave the other lady... tired her out, or I don't know.... I could feel the vibes, you know what I mean. She said..."you don't need a cut right?" Duh! Granted my appointment said cut and straightening, She just snipped 3 times and it didn't even look any different. I asked her politely, could you please cut it shorter. And again she seemed...totally not into it. And again, I am paying money...I am a client, we're not friends and this wasn't a freebie. And that's when I left, and then when I washed it afterwards the next day... I realized, she totally jacked it up (she curled it under, so that's why, I could not see it the day of the cut). Dude, if cutting peoples hair, bores're not the stylist for me. I'm not paying you 15,000 yen to feel doki doki (a nervous wreck) and like I am bothering YOU. The pricier place, they only book 1 customer at a time. So she's only concentrating on one at a time. Honestly...I think that's just better. And for the 30 extra bucks. Maybe it's worth it. So sorry... such a long blab about hair salon stuff. But there ya go! Sometimes you have really good hair experiences and sometimes you have crap hair experiences...but all learning experiences nonetheless.

Oh and this Thursday evening? Bran and Noah have a dental exam, dental cleaning and check up. Their every 6 month check. I will be a mama on the go, all Thursday. This Thursday. : )  PS, tomorrow is BrannyB's 14th birthday!