Friday, October 09, 2015

Bits and pieces...

Hi you guys! : ) This is just going to be a hodge podge, bits and pieces, type a post, to catch up with you all. This is from, towards the end of September, up until now, early October. : )  Here's a quick pic of my cart from Costco. Let me go and check the date real quick. September 24th. This picture was taken September 24th. And it's sorta funny because Noboru just so happened to be off work that day and we had planned a trip to Costco in the morning while the kids were at school. So, Noboru and I were walking around and as we were walking up one of the freezer section aisles, guess who was also shopping there, that same very aisle, at the same time. My fabulous brother in law, Jun and my amazing SIL S and their baby boy. We were like ..."Hey hello!" And they were like "hey, hi!" You all remember how I said, my niece M is 1 year younger than Noah right? Well, Noboru says..."where's Mia, is she at yochien?"  My BIL and SIL look at Noboru like...@_@  Dude, he doesn't even know how old his niece is. But never fear auntie Gina says, "elementary school honey, she's a 3rd grader and her birthdays in February." They looked at me, like...well done auntie G! Hahaha. : )  They had a years supply of seaweed for onigiri in their cart and many Japanese sauces and lots and lots of seafood in their cart. And coffee, I do recall 1 big can of coffee for their coffee maker. I meanwhile look like, I am about to host a foreigner exchange student from Wisconsin. Geeze Louise, I have 3 types of cheese in my cart. 1KG of margarine from Australia (why did I have to put this into my cart, 1 minute before bumping into them, couldn't I have put this into my cart AFTER bumping into them?) Doesn't it just figure that would happen, haha...this is such a Bridget Jones thing to happen, you know!. Pasta sauce and tortillas and laundry detergent. Granted if, I would have known, I was bumping into them, I perhaps would have thrown something that looks a bit nicer maybe?  In my defense, you all know I was about to make lasagna and yes I already said I bought enough to make 2 lasagnas. The margarine was a new item at Costco Japan and I test tried it, that morning, from the free sample lady on a tiny piece of baguette bread and it tasted okay and seems healthier than Japanese margarine, so I am giving it a whirl/a try. I also was going to be making Texas style chili, chili concarne. But, I did make sure to push my cart way out of eye view.... as soon as I talked to them, we were all towards the end of the aisle anyway...I just pushed it past the aisle and near a stack of something else. : ) First time we have EVER bumped into them at Costco. 

I use butter for baking and margarine on toast or to butter vegetables. I use Japanese margarine because I am in Japan, duh, hahaha. And I do have a favorite. I miss American margarine. But, it's not something, I'd request from Costco or anything like that. I say miss...because you could buy the heart smart one. Anyway, while I was walking the aisles, there was a lovely woman passing out samples, of 2 types of this margarine. One was made with sunflower oil and one was made with coconut oil. She let me try both. I picked the sunflower oil one, only because I again..use it on veggies like broccoli and I don't want coconut flavored broccoli, eww can't you just imagine that, hahaha. I just wanted regular flavored broccoli. So, I picked the regular margarine. Although the other one, was good too. : ) The price was the huge selling point for me. This was CHEAP! So affordable for the amount you get. 

Apparently you can bake, cook and spread it? See the top pick, that's what it says. Right on, you guys! Again, I'll give it a shot!

Free from a bunch of stuff and says virtually free from Trans Fats. So folks wanting none or almost none of Trans Fats, maybe give this a try? Again, I'll give this a try. We still have to finish up the last of our Japanese margarine but this is in the fridge waiting to be tried. : ) 

That same day, we also went to Joyful Honda, in Inzai/Chiba New Town. A lot of their household stuff is cheap and I like cheap. Because it saves money and saving cash, is great! : ) With Fall and cooler weather just about here, it is about time to get the bath tub in use. We shower in summer, it's cheaper and uses less water. But in Fall and winter we use our tub a lot. So, the Scrubbing Bubbles bath cleaner is good stuff. It cleaned out the tub reheating system. Most newer Japanese tubs have features that reheat the water and this unit needs to be cleaned out. I usually give ours a big deep clean before bath season and mid bath season to clean up that reheating system. And the other 2 things are just regular shower/bath cleaner for the twice weekly shower and tub cleaning. That green spray stuff smells SO good. And the yellow bottle cleans hard! It doesn't scratch like Comet, but it gets deeply cleaned, definitely not gritty like Comet though. 

Yep, kills 99% of that crud that could be lingering in your reheating system. Hahaha. : ) 

I ran ours through, with this, last weekend. Fall cleaning has been strongly underway, here at our house since the last week of September. : ) 

The season premier of Black-ish. This show is so funny! It's written so well, this show! On this episode. Their son for the talent show, sang  Gold Digger by Kanye West. And he said the N-word. @_@ Yikes! And the bad part was, he was expelled from school! His parents pictured here, were very upset! But the funny thing is, the year before the mom pictured here. Made up a zero tolerance policy on any racist behavior at the school. Except it was her son who said the word. And the mom again pictured here who, is a brilliant doctor on the show. Was asking the school to reconsider and they said...YOU made the zero tolerance rule! And it can't be changed. It wasn't a heavy episode, it was actually hilarious and funny. Because this show is a comedy. And they never did say the N-word the whole show, every time someone said it, it was bleeped out. And I read online that the writer thought it was more powerful... if the actual word was never used and he was right. Anyway it then became a generational thing. Because the grandma thought it was never okay to say such a word and the grandpa on the show, thought it was okay and he said, they said it in the 70's. This being an African American grandpa on the show. And so everyone in this family was at odds and had opinions, regarding if they felt they could say it or not. Is it truly ever acceptable to say, was the whole issue of the episode? Keep in mind the teenage daughter said her white friends text it and use it all the time. And so that opened up a whole other can of worms. but all in all. At the end, they all agreed, you should never say it. Even if you are black. Anyway...that's how it was written on the show. It was brilliant this episode and funny and made you think. 

Homemade lasagna round one. : )  September 27th. About to mix my ricotta with spices and 1 egg. And start layering. 

Also, September 27th. Apparently there was a "Supermoon" Lunar Eclipse. And Noah being a wee 4th grader, his class was asked by the teacher, to draw a picture of it and check on the moon, 3 times during the night/evening and take notes. That was Noah's homework assignment. So, since we have such a great view out our back patio window, Noah didn't even need to leave the kitchen and he could see this from inside and just look through the big patio window/sliding door. But, he did do, what was asked and he took notes, drew what he saw. Meanwhile, Branden was studying his ever lovin' brains out, for his upcoming midterm tests (these have already been taken, he took them all this Thursday). And meanwhile, I was busy making lasagna. Noboru was in the kitchen with us too. Chatting with me and watching what the boys were both doing. : ) 

First lasagna of the season done. Noah finished his last drawings and notes on the Super Moon and then we sat down to dinner. : ) 
Yikes, that a mean message! Yep, I told ya, I have been enjoying the new show Scream Queens. I am still on the fence, if I like this show or not. Scream the series on MTV, I loved it from the very start though. 

The security guards on Scream Queens are so funny! 
The potato gratin is back at Saizeriya! I love this so much! It's just out for a limited time, but I enjoyed this like 2 times last year. And I was pretty happy to see it back again this Fall too. : ) Noboru and I went on a lunch date, one afternoon. 

It was time for a DVD order from I ordered a bunch of movies, but most of them are not out yet. Let me go and check Amazon and see what I ordered. Be right back.  Dope, Vacation (the new one that we loved), Terminator Genysis (yes we are Terminator and Star Wars nerds) Sinister 2 (I love scary movies, I can't wait to see this with Noboru)What else. The movie, No Escape and also the movie Straight Outta Compton, will also be coming to my house as soon as it's released. The final one is Dark Places. And these 2 pictured here. I had been dying to see The Age of Adaline. I adore Blake Lively and this movie was just as good, as I hoped. Meanwhile Noah watched The Sound of Music at school and he said he loved it, but he wished they could have seen it in English. So, I made sure to get this for the boys and Noah was so happy to see this! : ) 

One of the boys obento pics. Since they bring lunch 5 days a week. Yep, told ya, our school is super cool and different. : ) And again it's your choice if you want school lunch or to bring a lunch. Here we have handmade chicken cutlet, white rice and 1 fry, a potato wedge type a fry. Simple but filling.

I know/remember, I made this on a Monday. I was tired and we had ginger pork the night before and I bought extra pork and let it marinate over night. Really thick nice cuts of pork. Over a bed of rice. And a side of broccoli. I wish, I would have added a cheese omelet on the side, like I do 99% of the time, but was Monday, my brain was not 100% awake yet. 

Bran was off this Monday October 5th. Which is why just 1 obento. I made chicken teriyaki the night before, but I also made 3 yakitori skewers, for Noah on a bed of rice and 2 fries and 1 broccoli. 
Cecile order. Jeans and 1 pair of pants for Noah. Bought 4 pair, returned 2 of the pairs. So bought 2 pair. 

The days are quite warm still. But the mornings and nights are cooling down. 58 degrees type temps at night. Bran wears a JHS uniform 5 days a week. But Noah wears regular clothes to school. Plus the fact, he's skinny as a toothpick and so he's always cold anyways. So, I bought Noah 4 pair of pants from Cecile. All were bought in size 140cm. However, 2 pair fit Noah wonderfully, a tad long in length, but nothing a fold in the pants can't fix. However 2 pair were very baggy...super baggy. Like they were.... droopy and sliding off him. They had to go back ASAP. So 2 pair of jeans kept from Cecile. 

Also, last Friday October 2nd, evening after the boys got out of school. We went to Uniqlo and GU. You know how Gap and Old Navy are owned by the same company? Same with Banana Republic too. Gap is higher in price than Old Navy. Well, same for Uniqlo and GU. Uniqlo is a pinch higher in price then GU, but Uniqlo's quality is better. GU is their low cost sister, so to speak. : ) 

Our first time shopping in GU. We went to our closest Uniqlo and GU. Our closest are in Narita. The staff at Uniqlo in Narita all speak English, because Narita is a hub for the international airport. When, we were shopping in there last Friday. There was 1 white couple shopping. 1 lone white woman shopping, could have been a flight attendant for any of the airlines. There was a couple from Thailand maybe? And 1 lady who actually told me, she came from the Philippines and her baby daughter and I  actually chatted with them in the kids department for a minute, she smiled at me, I smiled back at her....we chit chatted about the cool clothes Uniqlo has....anyway our chit chat was lovely and I am a chatter box anyway, as you know. : )  After my nice little chit chat, my family and I went to the changing room with pants in hand for Noah, the man working there,  saw me....before I ever got the chance to open my mouth, he said in perfect English, "hi how many?" meaning items. I smiled and said, 3. He said here ya go! @_@ hahaha. It has to be because it's Narita, because it's never happened at any other Uniqlos. Hahaha. Anyway, according to the map...GU was right smack dab next to Uniqlo, I wondered how that could be, because from my memory a Dominoes Pizza opened up there 2 years ago, lol. Turns out. It was across the street, passed the traffic light and hiding behind a car dealership. Bad map...bad bad map! : ) The maps had Noboru go round and round the block twice, looking for GU. The good news is, we found it. There were no foreigners in GU and none of the employees spoke English there, which...either way is fine. But a noticeable difference. I think if the buildings were right, side by side, perhaps more travelers/foreigners would love the chance to shop at GU. is very hard to find, the one in Narita. Hahaha. : ) 

Sweatpants at Uniqlo were 1990 yen and these were 1490 yen from their sister store GU. For house or comfy clothes, heck...I'll pick GU. Picked in size 140cm. The quality was good, not paper thin.

The diamond quilting design, I liked these, they looked unique for sweatpants. But not crazy weird either, if you know what I mean. Subtle. We picked these for Noah and left GU. I loved their sweatpants, but their jeans at GU for Noah were paper thin and hard and scratchy. And only 400 yen cheaper, than Uniqlo. So, ehh...we went with GU for the sweatpants but not for the jeans or pants. 

Under the size L it says BOYS, in English. Boys jeans from Uniqlo for 1500 yen. About US $12 right now with the exchange rate. 

Uniqlo for pants for Noah, all the way! There's no buttons, they can easily go up or down, if he has to go to the restroom super fast, there's a waist band, it is so easy for kids. And the quality...the jeans and cords are thick and super soft. And Noah has this extra length (folded in the pic) worries and most certainly no need to alter them...they do offer free altering at Uniqlo that can actually be done/finished the same day while you continue shopping, but he'll grow into them, just like he grew right into his pairs last year. : ) 

Uniqlo boys cords, 1500 yen and so soft. 

4 pair of pants for Noah so far! He will get 1 last final pair, but rush, maybe in a few weeks. 4 is enough for now. My number, I am shooting for.. for Noah since he wears regular clothes to school, is 5 pair of pants. So 4, isn't a bad start really! : )  I washed all 4 pair and they now sit nicely in his bedroom drawers. : ) Noah's been wearing these, all this week. : ) He wore the Uniqlo jean pair yesterday. 

Room wear. It's just how we call.... your comfy clothes in Japan. Sweatpants set basically. A men's size large for Branden. Holy goodness, can you believe it. He is growing leaps and bounds. Branden is now the 6th tallest guy, in his grade out of the boys. That means 5 boys are taller than Bran, but most are shorter. Is he the tallest in the class? No. But he's definitely starting to lean towards the taller side. 

So in a nutshell both the boys got a pair of sweatpants. 

Both of the boys also got a new winter coat. This is Noah's. Noah's last year was an orange Uniqlo one. So this year we picked a different color. A very bright cheerful green one, for Noah this year. 

I like the details like the cuff/wrist area, I also like the bright blue lining on the inside of this coat. 

Water resistant, not flat out waterproof. But it helps. 

Size 150cm. One size larger. All of Noah's stuff this year will be bought in size 140cm. He's only 137cm or so. So 140 is plenty with room to grow for all his pants and tops. I assumed the coat would also be 140cm too. But we thankfully had Noah try it on. It seemed way too small, the Uniqlo size 140cm coat. Super small, in fact. Like it would be outgrown by December 2015, type too small. Like if Noah were to wear a thick sweatshirt underneath, and he's as skinny as a toothpick but.... he'd be bursting out like the HULK, if we bought him the 140cm coat. Absolutely no way in heck....were we going buy the 140cm sized Uniqlo coat. So, we purchased the 150cm size. It wasn't freakishly big, as I was expecting, but with room to grow and plus Noah will now be able to wear thick sweatshirts and stuff underneath. Best sized coat for Noah and he will be able to wear it all winter long. When you see the coat you won't believe it's a 150cm. It fits more like the 140cm should have. : ) And the price is so fair, for kids coats at Uniqlo. 3,990 yen. Like $36 US. Not bad for a superly warm, but with none of the bulk winter coats. That's what Uniqlo is famous for, warm winter coats without the big bulk of a traditional coat. They're really popular in Japan. When Bran was in 6th grade everyone including Branden had one and same with Noah's class last year, everyone had them in Noah's class. So anyway...just glad Noah has a bigger size now. : ) 

Also, the 2015 models of the kids Uniqlo coats have reflectors on them!

Not sure if you can see, but the reflectors are on the bottom row in this picture.

Branden on the other hand, got a size men's large. Again if you read the English on the left, they're ultra light down jackets. Says in red, extra warm! And they are actually very warm jackets, just very thin. No bulk. And goodness the price difference from the kids Uniqlo super warm winter coat to the adults, holy smokes! But eh...we love you BrannyB! 6,990 is a small price to pay, to see you smile...kid! : )

Again water resistant. So if you should be caught in a light sprinkle, you could run to your car and be fine. Granted could you stand outside in a downpour, for an hour? No, it's not a raincoat! Hahaha. It's not waterproof. Just water resistant, but again...every bit helps! I swear these Uniqlo coats are the smartest coats ever! : ) 

Bran's last coat was orange too, go figure. But this time, we picked this really pretty color. Uniqlo men's also, sold a straight up true navy blue. But this one is really's like flat yet sorta almost iridescent, which you'd think... would cancel out the flat part. But it's like a purple-ish blue. It's a color that caught all our eyes... right away. The 4 of us, were like..wait a minute what color is this? We 4 all looked at it. Noboru said, it's purple. Noah said purplish blue. Bran said... blue and I agreed with Noah..sorta both...definitely has a very interesting purplish blue vibe going on. So at that point, we scratched off winter coats... for the boys off the list, sweatpants for both the boys scratched off the list too and 4 pair of pants for Noah... was scratched off the list. It's a long list, haha, but we are getting there. : ) 

School shirts. JHS and high school shirts can be purchased cheaply at Sanki. A chain store in Japan for 900 yen? 999 yen? It's either one of those prices. Fair prices and the quality is good. 

We wanted to buy Branden 4, however they only had 2! Good grief Charlie Brown! is, what it is. We grabbed the only 2 boys school shirts, in his size, they had. And like Arnold says...I'll be back! I'll have to go back to Sanki in a week and see if they restocked some more. : ) 
This Monday, October 5th, Noah had school, but Branden had off, because of Cultural Day or something...he will go to school mid October on a Saturday, so the JHS gave all the kids Monday as an observed holiday. So anyways. Branden and I, had a mother and son date set for Old Navy to buy him 2 pair of pants and then go home. That was the plan. We left the house at 9am. And we went straight to our nearest Old Navy in Tsukuba. share...Old Navy is coming to Inzai/Chiba New Town this month. Opening day is Bran's birthday, October 26th!  So from October 26th Old Navy Inzai will now be my closest Old Navy! Yay! Japan is getting better and better all the time. 

Hi, Fashion! Okay Old Navy, time to change your bags for those of us in Japan! These same bags have been in usage since June, when we were buying the boys summer clothes! Time to switch up the bags! Hahaha! : ) 

I had my Old Navy Japan region 20% off coupon on my cell. I have been wanting a new "everyday" bag. Not a fancy going to entrance ceremony or graduation bag. Or a name brand bag. I just wanted 1 basic bag, I can cruise all over rural Japan with, without putting on airs. If you know what I mean. A basic bag. With the discount, this bag was like 1,685 yen or something like that! It was a fantastic price. 

Perfect for zipping around town with and running my daily errands. 

And besides the 20% off coupon on my keitei. There was a sign in front of Old Navy that said...if you try on any pair of jeans, we'll give you a 500 yen off coupon. did they know we were looking for pants and jeans for BrannyB. The lady saw the jeans and pants in our hands as we were on our way to the dressing room (and I was about to sit in the chair outside the dressing room) and she gave me the coupon. Another 500 yen savings. Heck yes!  Bran prefers the slim fit. And I agree, they fit his body better. 

We made sure, to get them with room in the waist to spare. Meaning not skin tight. 

Since Bran wears uniform 5 days a week. He only needs 2 pair of regular pants or jeans now. And so these 2 new pair are plenty. Besides when he's home he'll be living in his sweatpants anyway. : ) 
Meanwhile for me. I placed an order from Old Navy and Gap when it was 35% off. You know me, and trying to get the sales. 

One jean jacket. The last jean jacket I had a few years back, was a very dark rinse color and I disliked that. This one is very nice. I prefer this color. And jeans jackets are even bigger this year!

One jean jacket, 2 pair of jeans, 1 pair of red trousers and 2 fitted long sleeve tops. 

Seems holes in jeans, have made a comeback. These have a patch underneath so they're like a faux hole. Hahaha. Or a patched hole. 

This other pair is patch crazy! 
This is the color and fit of the jacket. 

These are the patch jeans. That I love. 

This is the faux hole or hole with under patch pair. I love these ones too. So 2 new pair of jeans, plus 1 jean jacket in a lighter finish. 

And I love these red pants, I think they are so smart. The pixis, I liked.... but they were skin tight. These are much better, because they're like normal trouser pants, except ankle length. Paired with the jean jacket and maybe a white fitted top underneath. 

And 2 fitted long sleeve black tees. Again, slowly and surely I too, am gearing up for the cooler weather. Yesterday, while I was out running errands, I was wearing one of these pictured of the fitted long sleeve black tees and the faux hole faded jeans pictured up above with the patch underneath and a black pair of ballet flats and of course my hairs all in a one length bob right now, above my shoulders and I also used my super affordable basic black... Old Navy bag pictured somewhere up above. Today, I am wearing yoga pants and a fitted tee-shirt.
Random picture. All summer long, I like to hang my laundry outside. And also do a load at night in my dryer, if I need it. But, now that the cooler weather is upon us, my hanging my clothes outside days are numbered. : ( Oh well, I am trying to hang them out, as much as I can, while the weather is still good. This day it was uniforms for both the boys. And the bath/shower mat, that we dry our footsies on, after we shower. I see 2 school uniform sweatshirts, in 140cm hanging for Noah, 1 is bought for Noah and 1 was his brothers, but is still like new, they both have Noah's name on them though. : )  The one that was bought for Noah says.... Noah blank (last name) but the one that was Bran's first... says simply...last name. Hahaha. When B was in the 4th grade after Noah switched from yochien to elementary... all Bran's winter shogakko stuff, we started just writing Bran's with his last name only.... with Noah's future usage in mind. The summer uniforms for Bran we kept Branden's... first and last name on them all the way until he graduated the 6th grade, but given the winter gym uniforms, are so super expensive...we made sure as soon as Bran was in the 4th grade to just write...last name, 2 kanji. That way they could go to either kid. : ) Hahaha.  We didn't think about Noah's future usage of the gym sweatshirts in the 1st grade through 3rd grade, so while we did let Noah use those as an extra set....of winter gym clothes (Bran's old pair) we did have to put a name patch over Bran's name and it was a bit more difficult. Which is why, from the 4th grade on, we just kept the winter gym set with a last name only.

I wash their school shoes, every weekend. But I definitely think Bran's JHS shoes are looking a bit grungy. Hmm. I have seen worse ...granted. But...yep, maybe next weekend, I'll throw his pair in alone with some bleach! hahaha. 
Chili beans, a great big ol pot of chili beans. 

Three cheers for McCormick chili mix and thanks Costco Japan for the new blends of cheese! 

Wish it was corn bread with some drizzling butter on top, but oh well. This will do! Chili beans, with onions and cheese and sour cream. Given the 58 degree temps at night, this chili sure hit the spot! : )

Stuffed bell pepper. And a loaf pan makes sure they stand straight up and don't fall! Awesome!
I have been enjoying the Unauthorized behind the scenes movies that Lifetime has been coming out with lately. I watched the Saved By the Bell one. I also caught the Full House one too. And last week, I tuned in with big bowl of homemade popcorn and watched the Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90212 movie. Pictured here.

Luke Perry (Dylan Mckay) and Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) were eating at a restaurant, when the man working at the restaurant asked them to leave, because their fans outside were bothering customers trying to go in and out of the restaurant.

Screaming adoring fans. 

The actress they picked to play, Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) actually looked a bit like the real actress in certain times of the movie. Like right here... she was an almost dead ringer for Jennie Garth right here. But at other times in other scenes she didn't look like her that much. 

I knew/read in tabloid magazines years ago that Brenda (Shannen Doherty) was quite the trouble maker on set. But at the same time, you wonder if it is true or just rumor. And wow after watching this unauthorized movie, she was a super nightmare! On a good day...Shannen would show up only 2 hours late to the set! That's on a good day. @_@ According to the movie...the entire cast would sit almost daily...for half the day, waiting for Shannen to finally get to work. And she had the biggest dressing room of them all and the #1 parking spot since she had the most acting experience at the time. And she did, try to beat up Jennie Garth, that rumor was true. @_@ I mean like..omg! Yes, I did read a month ago, in real life, Shannen Doherty has breast cancer and I am really sorry to hear that, from my heart and I hope she can beat it. But wow...seems like when she was younger, she was impossible to work with. Total diva. Great actress, just bad attitude and hard to deal with. : ( 
Lasagna round 2. This one looks much nicer and toasty on top. We had that, this week. Monday night, October 5th.

Also on October 5th, as soon as we came back from Old Navy, I put my 2 Prada bags into a lingerie bag/safety mesh from the Daiso, and washed those in the safety mesh/net) and also this striped travel bag tote, was also washed. The striped bag did not need to go inside a safety mesh, like the 2 nylon Prada bags do. But, I do like to wash my nylon bags every 6 months. Just keeps them fresh and clean. Told ya, I have been busy with the big Fall house clean up!

And you know, we keep things real around here, as always! And so this is what we had for supper this Tuesday night. We had leftovers! Leftover lasagna, a fresh bakery baguette with butter and salad. Just like when we have curry night...we almost always have curry spaghetti the next day, a nice way to have leftovers, if you ask me. : ) Anyway, these are some things, we have been up to lately.

What's happening here today? Well, I am making some comfort food for dinner tonight. I am making fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and some veggies for supper tonight. Today as soon as I post this, I am going to go in the kitchen with my kids and make some peanut butter cookies from scratch! Tomorrow is supposed to be the Town Undokai, however we all sort of think it will be canceled, because tomorrow there is a 90% chance of rain in our town. Anything else? I have a movie and lunch date with my girl friends, this coming week. October 14th! Alrighty, I guess that's enough blibber blabber from me, for one day. : ) Have a lovely weekend everyone.: )