Saturday, October 17, 2015

American Horror Story Hotel, Fall clothes shopping, a Costco run and homemade peanut butter cookies from scratch...

I love the TV show/series American Horror Story. I like how every new season it has new stories and a new theme. Last time for example, it was American Horror Story Freakshow. This time around it's American Horror Story (AHS, for short) Hotel. I remember a long time ago, I read when Lady Gaga signed on to do this season. I was like wow, it will be very cool! And so with great anticipation, I could barely wait for this season to start. It starts very late at night, Guam time 10pm, Japan time 9pm. Noah goes to sleep at 8:30pm school nights. And Bran heads upstairs at 8:30pm too, but has a wind down time in his room, with his tablet or books. For about an hour. 
Kathy Bates, walking two of the hotel guests, to their room. Kathy Bates is so amazing!

A tad blurry, because I used my camera phone. But it's okay, it says Lady Gaga! 

This is going to be an interesting season, I can just tell! : )
About a year ago, Besia started selling curry in their deli. It's cheap, like 250 yen or so, for as much as you can fill in the dish/container. It smells amazing! Seriously every time we shop there, it smells so good! So anyway, I was making curry that week and I saw the Besia brand of curry and thought. Gee, we always think how amazing it smells while we shop, perhaps I should buy a box and we can try it! I also purchased 1 box of beef stew. I bought 2 boxes of curry because we make double and like I have mentioned before, we have curry pasta the next day/leftover night. : ) How was the store brand Besia curry? Freaking amazing! #1 it's only like 98 yen a box. I admit, I was expecting to not like it. Maybe it would be no different than any other billions of brands or varieties out there. Boy was I wrong! Noboru summed it up in 1 word. He said as we were eating it. He said it tasted like "luxury curry" and it's a funny term, but if you live in Japan, you see regular curry roux's for like 150 yen or so. And then you see the luxury boxes of fancy shmancy curry for like 500-600 yen a box. I have never personally bought one of those. Or if you go to a restaurant not a chain...they will make fancy curry/luxury curry. Sounds silly, I know. But there ya go. : ) As for my description. Of the first glance Branden noticed it first, it's much darker then regular cheap curry. Not black, but yes definitely darker/deeper in color. But the taste for me...was like wow! This is the most amazing tasty curry ever! I love this curry roux! Can't believe it was like 98 yen. Would I repurchase this? Yes? Would I go out of my way to buy it? Honestly...yes. What I mean by that is. I have a closer-ish Besia to me and my 2nd closest Besia is right near Costco Inzai, and I am there every 2 weeks or so. So, while I am at either one, yes I can see myself stocking up and buying 4 boxes (just enough for 2 dinners/well 4 dinners worth, since we do leftover curry pasta too) So, yes I would hold off on buying regular curry for this...yes I actually would. Am, I telling anyone to go out and buy it? Nope. Just saying and mentioning in passing... what I am loving lately. And our family is in love with the Besia brand of curry. : ) 

Also, salsa is semi hard to find here. You can get a huge bottle at Costco, of Pace, but as soon as you open the bottle, the shelf life goes away on that right away. Kaldi has some salsa, but it's pricey. This was at Besia too. Each can is 115 yen? Super cheap, perfect size for a taco night or dip with chips. And the interesting thing is. I would bet this came from America. Wrong, this comes from Mexico, pleasantly surprised. I was like...worth a shot! I have since tried 1 can. My thoughts? Noboru right away said though... it is listed as medium in hotness level. It is hotter than the American salsas we buy. And he liked it. The flavor? Best! So good, like you were at an authentic restaurant. Seriously! Our family's only complaint is that is is super chunky. Granted if you like chunky salsa, no problem. But it could be just a weird... our family thing... because even Pace Picante is too chunky for us too and I throw that Pace into a blender to liquefy it. So, no worries, next time we will just liquefy 1 of these cans. However, next time I go to one of my Besia stores, I plan to buy, about 5 of these cans to stock up! These are so good! Flavor? Spot on! Price? 115 yen for a can? Perfect! If you like chunky, perfect. If you like smooth, just pop in the blender. 

Medium in heat. But definitely spicier then what we were buying. This is a keeper and I hope they keep restocking these. 

I have been using Mac Mineralize Natural Skin Finish powder (what a long name, omg, hahaha sorry) as a setting powder. I love it, but don't like how it doesn't come with a puff or a place to put a puff. Like how the Mac Studio Fix does. Anyway, I love it though. And so, I remedied that by purchasing a Shiseido puff. What else have we been doing?
Last Friday evening, as soon as the boys were out of school, we quickly ate dinner at home that I made earlier. And we headed out to our nearest outlet mall to us. Which is the Ami Premium outlets. They have an Auntie Anne's pretzel place there. We love this place! After we hit the Gap outlet, we 4 went and picked up a fresh hot hand twisted pretzel each, ate them there. Then we headed home. 
Yep, that's the right size for Noah. : ) 

We picked up 1 sweatshirt for Noah. 

And 3 long sleeved shirts for Noah as well. Branden still has 4 long sleeve tops from last year, that he still fits. Size medium men's tops, so no doubt Bran can wear those all Fall and winter. Plus Bran wears a school uniform 5 days a week now, he'll still get new long sleeve tops but not yet. Noah, however needs tops, asap, because he outgrew all his from last year and plus he wears regular clothes to school. We bought this nice San Francisco one. 

The Japan one. 

And this one too. Just 3 long sleeve tops and 1 sweatshirt. Again, little by little, we are getting there! : ) What else. 

The boys and I, together baked these homemade from scratch peanut butter cookies. These were so good! We baked these October 10th, Saturday. These were amazing actually, I will be baking these again this Fall for sures! : ) 

Last Sunday, October 11th was supposed to be the town undokai. But as expected it was canceled because of the heavy rains. Each area, orders food for their area. Our housing community passed around the kairanban (information booklet) a month or so ago and asked you to pick which obento you'd like. The choice was between 2 Japanese obento or 1 sandwich obento. I knew the kids and I were to pick the sandwich ones, because I asked them and showed them the pictures. But, Noboru also wanted the sandwich as well. The sandwiches were being made by a pretty well known (for our area) bakery in the small city nearest us. So because the undokai was canceled, we just had to walk to the building near the tennis courts and pick up our meals at noon. Egg salad, tonkatsu (pork cutlet sandwich), tuna fish, and ham sandwich combo. Nobody wanted the egg salad and that's my favorite. So, I had 1 whole egg salad sandwich (2 halves) and Bran only wanted 1 half of a tonkatsu sandwich and 1 ham sandwich. Noah had 2 mini ham sandwiches. And we told Noboru you can eat the rest. He ended up with a ton, sandwich overload, haha,  3 tonkatsu sandwiches (half sandwiches), 4 tuna fish sandwiches, 2 egg salad sandwiches. He had plenty, Noboru didn't even finish them all, just too many. We all sat and enjoyed our free day of a canceled Town Sports Day. 
My latest Costco run, picture. I went. October 15th. One rotisserie chicken, 1 (2 pack of mozzarella, yes homemade pizza is in our future and something else Italian,  but I haven't decided what yet : ) And some maple pecan danish. 

These are so good. Anyway, that's a tiny pinch of what we have been up to. : )