Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

This weeks Throwback Thursday, is from September 24th, 2008. Not sure if any of you guys are noticing but, I am trying my best to stay in the right month and season. Meaning when it was July, I looked for TBT pics from July and now I am looking for pics from way back when, years ago in September too, since it's currently September right now. : ) Anyway, Noah was age 3, in this picture. We were on our way to Costco Makuhari (my nearest Costco at the time, though now, I have a much closer Costco) to pick out our Halloween pumpkin. : )

The boys always had such fun picking out our family's Halloween pumpkin that we would carve and turn into a Jack o Lantern. : ) 

Anyway, tiny little update here: Yes Noah's undokai/field day was postponed to Sunday. But it all worked out, in the end really well. Noboru was able to attend until noon, so he caught about half of Noah's undokai. And we switched my dad to the evening flight and so my dad was still able to leave Japan, Sunday right after undokai September 20th. So all in all everything worked out really well. : )  A normal blog post is coming real soon. : )  Sorry you guys, it's just with family visiting and with 2 undokais, 1 week apart, things were busy here. Fun yes! But busy. : )