Thursday, September 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

These pics were taken on August 12th, 2008. Noah just turned 3 years old, the month before in July. And the second he turned age 3, we signed Noah immediately up with swimming lessons and classes at a private swimming school. A very good swimming school, the same one his big brother first started, his swimming life at too. : ) Noah had a 30 day trial and did not, have to wear the school swimsuit just yet, but we bought it for Noah the next class after this picture was taken. Swimming is a life skill and kids *really need* to know how to swim properly. Which is why mine started swimming from age 3. Hi my sweet gorgeous 3 year old boy! Such a sweetheart of a kiddo. The most kindest eyes. : ) 

And what did my boys, Bran and Noah, do while the other one, was downstairs swimming? The other boy would be upstairs with me, doing English and Japanese Kumon homework upstairs next to me. So, for example, I'd be with Noah and he'd be doing his 3 year old toddler English homework and Japanese homework. And I'd be watching Branden downstairs in the pool during his swimming lesson. Or, Noah would be downstairs in the pool and Branden would be upstairs with me, doing his bigger boy Kumon Japanese and English homework. I would have my bigger bag, my mama bag and I'd have snacks (senbei, nuts and juice box drinks) and a drink (tea or some bottled water) for myself. Yep, sitting at the swim school, for 2 hours twice a week, was my life for years upon years, upon years. And that's fine, because I enjoyed watching the boys get better and better at swimming and become stronger and stronger and their swimming skills got so crazy good, 1 year ago, or was it 2 years ago, Noah was asked by this same swim school, to represent them against their sister schools. So yep, I enjoyed watching the boys get lots of exercise and get to play with their fellow school mates at the swimming school. That's also where I developed closer friendships with my fellow yochien mom friends. Where my Japanese speaking level grew. Just a social place for the boys and I. : ) 

Oh Noah, watching you grow up, has been such a joy, it really has! : )

And Branny Mc B. You're just a joy, plain and simple. : ) And goodness, you have loved swimming school. I swear, I think you could live, at that swimming school, even now! It's your most favorite thing to do. Swim! : )  Anyway, that's this weeks Throwback Thursday. August 12, 2008. : )