Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

With the blog finally all caught up, I can finally resume my Throwback Thursdays. Cool! This weeks TBT takes us back to September 12th, 2009. Here, Noah was "mowing the lawn" with daddy. Noah loved helping Noboru so much! He felt like he was really helping! 

Noah would get all set up and mow side by side Noboru, but also kept a safe distance between them but yep, Noah looked forward to helping daddy mow the lawn every other week. : ) 

Bran meanwhile was having a blast swinging his little heart out. He used to tell me, "mommy, I think my feet can *almost* touch the sky, that's how high I'm swinging!" I would smile and say...I bet you can kiddo, keep trying, you're almost there! Thinking back. *Happy sigh.* I truly love the innocence of childhood!: )