Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday and an update...

Good morning! Since this is undokai season (field day/sports day season in Japan) I thought it would be fun to do a Throwback Thursday from 2 undokais of years ago. One from Bran's and one from Noah's.  This is Bran's throwback right here. You can find Branden easily in the yellow gym uniform towards the front of the line. There's only 2 kids with yellow uniforms on, in this particular pic. The original/old uniforms were pure white at our Catholic yochien that our boys went to. However, we moved to our town, when Bran was age 4, not age 3. So when we moved here, that was the first year the uniform had switched to yellow. So the older white uniform was not available for us to purchase when Bran transferred to this yochien. But it was fine, because we love the color yellow anyways. So, it didn't bother us, that only a few had the new yellow uniform. So, that's why a few kids have yellow and most do not. And again we had no choice which gym uniform to buy, only the new yellow one was offered, when we enrolled B. Also, see the first kid in this pic, on the left, with his hands on his hips, all in white? That's Genki. Bran's best friends since age 4. Hahaha. Oh and the year of this was 2007! 

Hi Bran! And all the new 3 year yochien kids at back, had the new uniform too. It's just the older grade kids, did not switch. Considering how expensive the uniforms are, if Bran started here at age 3 and we bought the white uniform, he would have kept wearing that one too. : ) So, I can understand why the older grades were hesitant to replace them. But again, we really didn't have a choice or option which one to buy. : ) 

You are just too precious here Bran!
Branden's undokai obento 2007. Don't even ask how early, I had to wake up to prepare. You'd faint. Hahaha. But, in my defense we had a whole lotta family showing up to support Branny Mc B. I made delicious ham and cheese sandwiches far left. Karaage, roasted sweet potato sliced up. Carrot and cucumber sticks. Flower carrots for pretty. @_@ Yes, I know. : ) Then there was Japanese style meatballs and Japanese style omelet sliced up. I also made yakitori, that I cut and skewered the night before, but skillet fried that morning. Rice balls, plain with just rice for my dad and the kids and I. And regular rice balls for my SIL, BIL and MIL. And of course, I had to throw an American flag toothpick in there too, since this obento was American mama made! Hahaha. : ) 
Japan and America! My American dad and my lovely Japanese mother in law, teaming up together to beat the other team! Hahaha. Grandparent power, at it's finest, right here! Object of the game, throw as many balls into that box as you can before the time is up! : ) 

Noah wanting to share his prize he just won, with everyone. Here, he just fed grandma some of his snack. And she gave Noah the thumbs up and said it was delicious! Then Noah fed grandpa, and shared with the rest of us. : )  Yep, he's never been stingy that's for sure! Noah's always shared to the point, he never had any left for himself. Ya'll know how typical this is of Noah. : )

Noboru's brother, my BIL Jun. He is amazing, such a sweet guy! And my sister in law is so awesome! Jun married the best girl! Because she's so kind, sweet and she's just, very pro family. And she's just the best, I love her!  : )  Gee, did Branden have so much support and family there to cheer him on or what! hahaha. : ) My niece was 1 years old at the time and Noah was 2 years old, they're just 1 year apart. Today, Noah's a 4th grader and my niece is a 3rd grader. : )  
Our original yochien did not give out medals. This was a real first for Branden. They are given out to all kids win or lose. Which I think, that's so important and nice, since they're so little. But, look at Bran's face, he's truly awed about his medal. He thought that medal was the coolest thing ever! Like in the universe. : ) 
After the undokai, we all had a dinner plan. That we'd meet at the Hard Rock Cafe, In Narita City in 1 hour. That gave us all enough time to go home and Branden could change his clothes. However, since it was his first medal ever, Branden wanted to wear it out to dinner. And considering, he was barely 4 years old. We said, okay. : ) And the waitresses were very sweet and they kindly oohed and awed at his medal. I'm sure they had seen it a million times. But considering it was Bran's first medal, it was very appreciated. : ) Lovely wait staff! : ) 

We had a great big long table for all of us. And I appreciated not having to cook dinner, considering how long I had been awake that morning making obento. Hahaha. 

Just exiting the Hard Rock Cafe, in Narita mall. We were all stuffed and happy. Undokai 2007 was done and dusted! And Noah, he was too little for school still. Hahaha. : )  You 2 kids are loved and adored by many! You all have so much family who love and cherish you, exactly as you are! : )
Noah's very first undokai in 2009!

You are such a gorgeous boy! Especially with a strawberry hat on your head! Hahaha. 

Obento for Noah and our family 2009! 

Noah's first medal and first undokai. Noah, you just have the biggest eyes and that face, such a good looking face! A few of you know, he was actually stopped by a modeling agent by the most well known agency when he was little, when we were in Osaka visiting Noboru's family. When my MIL saw the card, she was like wow, they're the real deal agency. Like the top of the top modeling agency, in all of Japan. However we turned them down, not interested, because we just want and wish for Noah, is to be a regular kid. A regular life with normalcy, growing up in the countryside, is the best thing we could ever give to you, a regular childhood. And for that, we have no regrets. But yes, we have always known you had that something special Noah. And it's not just being oyabaka, because believe me.... the top modeling agency in all of the country of Japan wouldn't have stopped us, dead on the street about you (the agent lady was actually chasing after us because she saw Noah's face in the crowd, while we were walking in Umeda), she wouldn't have run after us kid, if you didn't have IT. And kid, you have always had IT. And the funny/charming thing're so shy and kind that you don't even realize you do have IT. Hahaha. Switching the subject now.  And yes, they were ending undokai with a prayer. They went to a private Catholic yochien. And, my family has been Roman Catholic for hundreds of years, for eons, for ages, since the beginning of time, for my family. : ) I was raised Catholic. And went to catholic school myself in the states for many many years.  Noboru and I were also married at a Roman Catholic church in Osaka. : )

You did so well on your very first undokai kiddo. : ) We love you, my little shy one. : )

Update: It has been raining since last week off and on, like crazy. Last week rained so much and so hard. I read the online American news, there was even an article about how much rain Japan has been getting. For it to make news in America, you know the rains here have been pretty bad. The Narita area and many areas around here are on land slide alerts. And certain areas of Japan last week had *very* bad flooding. Like very serious flooding. Like loosing your house type flooding. People are without homes. Most of the flooding and the people without homes, happened in Ibaraki.  I know what you are thinking. Because since last week, I have received a handful of emails from friends here in Japan, asking me, if we are okay! Just melted my heart getting those emails. And yes we are okay! I know a lot of you know/recognize Ibaraki, because I say it all the time, that we live literally teeter tottering the Chiba/Ibaraki border. And yes we do. And yes our particular town has been drenched with rain all last week. After my dad arrived of course. However our specific town, is safe. The flooding happened in another area of Ibaraki. I also wondered if the Old Navy Aeon mall in Ibaraki were safe and yes they are also safe too. So yes, we are all safe and fine here. However, it rained so hard last Thursday and Friday morning. That Branden's undokai that was supposed to take place the following day, last Saturday, September 12th was postponed until the next day September 13th, Sunday. The rains finally stopped for our town around noon last Friday. However the email from the JHS said the grounds were so wet and they needed an extra day to dry out. So that's why Bran's field day was postponed until Sunday, September 13th. However, Branden's 8th grade undokai was wonderful and we all enjoyed it quite a bit. And it hasn't rained in our town since. But it has started raining buckets today and it will be raining according to the forecast all day and night tonight. Rain is also expected throughout tomorrow/Friday. And now we are starting to wonder if Noah's undokai this coming Saturday will be postponed or what. We hope it isn't. We hope Noah's undokai stays on Saturday, as is. But as for right now, we aren't sure. I guess, it just depends how wet the schools grounds are. So we'll see. Noboru requested off work Saturday September 12th and the 19th. When Bran's was postponed to the 13th. Noboru had to go to work. And even though it killed him missing some of Bran's undokai, he took a half EV day (emergency vacation day) and he arrived at Bran's undokai around 11:30am. Noboru just loves the boys so much, so he wanted to take that emergency day off for Bran. So we're sort of hoping Noah's undokai isn't postponed because that would mean Noboru would more than likely miss Noah's undokai completely, we doubt he'd get to take another EV day off. So, right now, we're just really hoping Noah's undokai stays on Saturday. July 19th. Also, my dad is planning to leave sometime this coming Sunday, however if Noah's undokai is postponed to Sunday, then that would mean my dad would have to postpone his flight another day. It would just affect all of us, in small tiny ways. But yes, we really hope Noah's undokai stays September 19th. And considering how badly it's raining outside right now. Eeek. I just don't know, you guys. : (  Anyway, just wanted to update you guys real quick here, underneath the TBT. : )  Branden's postponed undokai this year was a first for us ever! We have never had a postponed sports day for either of our boys. Oh please, please, please don't let Noah's undokai be postponed. Noboru missing it would crush both Noboru and Noah. Go away rain! Scoot skedaddle! : )