Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My dad's arriving to Japan today...

Good morning! : ) It's 9:35am right now, Japan time, Wednesday, September 9th (9/9, hahaha, yes I am a number nerd and there are many of us out there too). My dad's been in the air already, for over an hour already, could be closer to an hour and a half. He'll be arriving at Narita airport later this morning.

As most of you know, my dad pretty much always comes to support the boys during their Sports Day (undokai/field day) When, just Bran, was in yochien and Noah was just a baby or not in yochien yet, he'd just come to Branden's. And then when both the boys were in school. Noah in yochien and when Bran was in elementary school. My dad would take turns. meaning one year he'd come and watch Noah's undokai and the following year he'd come for Branden's. That way he was always fair to both. And lucky for us, when both the boys were both in elementary school together, my dad could attend for the both of them and that was easiest for us all. Scratching both of the undokai's off the list, in 1 fell swoop, so to speak Hahaha. : ) And now that the boys are once again in different schools, my dad is back to taking turns by year. Last year, he came to Noah's undokai. And Bran knew this year would be his turn. So, even when we last saw my dad in August, Bran told my dad, "see you at my undokai grandpa" Aww. : ) And usually the boys have a sports day separated by 2-3 weeks. So going to both, has just never been an option.  However, this year, the boys sports days are only separated by 1 week. And so, my dad had planned to go to Branden's of course, because it's Bran's turn. However in passing, when he talks to both the kids on Skype and me too. My dad heard Noah's was only 1 week after Bran's. But again, our family was not thinking anything about it. And my dad mentioned to me 2 weeks ago, he really thought about it and he'd like to go to both of the boys sport's days this year, since they are just a week apart. Noah was not expecting that at all, but he was and is still super excited. And the boys have just been happily waiting for my dad's arrival, ever since. All evening yesterday, the boys kept saying..."Grandpa's coming tomorrow" And Noah even asked..."grandpa will be with you, when you pick me up from school tomorrow, right?" I am kidding you not, that is exactly, what he asked me and Noah even asked me that, same question, twice this morning to make sure, that grandpa will be in the car when he gets out of school today at 3pm. : ) Now that's excitement! Double and triple checking! I have assured Noah, yes grandpa will indeed be in my black car this afternoon. Instead of 1 American face in the car (my usual one) you will now see 2 of us, in the car. @_@ He can barely wait! Bran can barely wait! They will be talking his ears off, the second they see him, I already know it. : ) Probably play UNO cards with him a few times, watch TV with him. Branden has already told his sensei (who is the English teacher, for what it's worth) that his "American" grandpa is coming! Oh geeze! : ) Let's just put it this way. The kids are so beyond excited.

We are a very close family, as I am an only child. And my kids are incredibly close to my family. Especially my dad. He's just always been such a constant figure in their life. We just saw him in August, for crying out loud. Hahaha. : ) And will be seeing him at Thanksgiving too. : ) And we're also sort of toying with the idea of going to Guam at Christmas (nothing concrete just yet) but yeah...the kids adore their grandpa and the feeling is pretty much mutual. : ) My dad will be here, just slightly under 2 weeks. But, I also enjoy the company during the day time. When I go on my grocery store runs, he can go with me. When, I cruise to Costco, we can both go and have some lunch there. We can go out to lunch together during the week. :) Family, is just *really* important. And you never know how long you'll have, with your family members either and I *know* that. And so, I never take it for granted. : ) Anyway, sorry if this post is long-ish. Just wanted to say, my dad will be here REALLY really soon. Like in an hour type soon, hahaha. : )  Umm, what else. A typhoon is hitting certain parts of Japan, as we speak, right now. How are we? As far as right now, it has not reached us. Or perhaps it may not hit us at all? It's raining in my town right now, but honestly, no differently than the last few days of rain, we've had. No high winds or anything here, in my area of rural Chiba. Let's put it this way, it will not affect my dad's flight at all. Because it's just rain sprinkles here in my town and no high gusts of wind. Now granted, it could hit harder later, maybe around 3pm or so. But as far as right now or even according tot he weather forecast, my dad's flight won't be affected at all. I am making baked ravioli for dinner tonight with garlic bread on the side. So that's what the 5 of us will be having tonight. : ) Anyway, I better end this. A Facts Of Life marathon was on, all day yesterday and I want to see if it's still on right now, I really enjoyed that yesterday. Because I loved that show growing up. : ) Natalie, Tootie, Blair (OMG Blair, lol) and Jo! And let's not forget the fabulous Mrs. Garret. : ) If my blog, goes a bit quiet, you will all, at least now know why. "Oh right, her dad's here, for about 2 weeks." : )  Alrighty, have a great day/night everyone, and if you are reading this in Japan, stay safe, since there's a typhoon out there somewhere. : )