Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A family backyard BBQ and the summer festival...

Saturday, August 29th, our family had wanted to do one more family backyard BBQ before school started, Tuesday Sept 1st. So that was the plan for Saturday. All week long Saturday had a 50% chance of rain, however yes it did end up raining off and on all Saturday, hahaha figures! : )  It ended up raining that day, but we didn't let that stop us, or our family BBQ! This same day, but that morning is the day we went and bought Noah's shoes and had pizza at Costco for lunch, this was later that same day, but it was around 3pm-ish when we had our backyard BBQ. : ) 
We grilled up 10 hot dogs, I had only 1. Bran and Noah, would you believe, ate the rest. And I am pretty glad about that! Because I had planned to have a grilled chicken teriyaki breast too. And Noboru had yakiniku, so much of it, that he was stuffed silly. : ) The grilled hot dogs were perfect for the boys! : ) The boys had store bought potato salad and chips to go with their hot dogs. I also made 2 and a half cups of rice in the rice cooker because I knew Noboru needed it. : )

Nothing beats a charcoal barbecue, propane just doesn't have that delicious flavor the way a charcoal bbq does! It's true. Chicken tastes so good being cooked this way and so do hot dogs. Everything tastes so good over charcoal. Corn..potatoes, you name it, if it's been cooked over charcoal, the flavor is like 10 fold! Yum! : ) So, anyways everyone ate. I ate half a chicken teriyaki breast and half of my hot dog (finished it when we came back from the festival). The kids had a few hot dogs but finished them all up too, after the summer festival! : )  Noboru, also knew he would have to be buying a lot of food at the festival. In the same vein of giri choco.Meaning along the same lines as giri choco (obligation chocolate) Noboru knew beforehand, that every Father's Club dad's booth that sold anything, he would be pretty much, as is custom....manner wise here, expected to buy something from your friend. I mean he's not forced to. But, it just makes everybody comfortable, if you do. Think along the lines if you live in America, if your coworker or neighbor was selling Girl Scout cookies or those $1 dollar chocolate bars. To be friendly, you may want to buy a chocolate bar or a box of cookies. It is just the nicer thing to do. It's great for a good relationship. I'm sure you all know what I mean. : ) 

Our housing community summer festival has always been, the last week of July. Like July 29th or something. However this year, it was changed to 1 month later. The grandma next door, told me, she didn't like the change of a month late, for the summer festival. As for me, I really don't mind either way, July or August, both work for me. It was a summer festival with light sprinkles here and there, but not a downpour by any means, however the bright side is, the weather was nice and cooler than if it had been in the melting July type of weather. Anyway, the summer festival in our housing community is always nice. Nice to see all our good friends, good neighbors and Bran and Noah's classmates. 

Noboru eating some sui gyoza. One of the Father's Club dad's and his family was selling this and right next to him, was another Father's Club dad, selling oden, so another delicious thing for Noboru to buy and eat. Hahaha. : ) Saya-chan's mom, Bran's classmate, her mom was selling hot dogs, so because I know we have a good relationship and because they bought lemonade from us, that one year, we had to "return the favor" and buy a hot dog. Again it's just good manners here to make that purchase. You just don't ever want to be the person who snubbed your friend's booth at a summer festival ne~. : )  As soon as Bran arrived at the festival, a bunch of his friends from JHS came running to B and he left with them. And hung out with his JHS friends the entire time. We gave Bran 500 yen though, for the festival and he knew where we were, in case he needed a few extra couple hundred yen, but he didn't. 

Noboru asked Noah to go and buy him a hot dog. So, Noah did and we walked over there too but we stood behind Noah and let him order. : ) Saya-chan's mom has known Noah since Bran and her daughter started 1st grade together, so she's known Noah since age 3. Noah was in line and her mom sold to customer after customer and then when she got to Noah she said..."Noah-chan!!!" And he ordered very politely. And she gave him 2 hot dogs, as you can see in this picture and said in Japanese..."you get 2 hot dogs because it is YOU Noah-chan!!!" The lady selling edamame next to Saya-chan's mom, started laughing. And the edamame lady said...what a gorgeous hafu he is. I never really know what my reaction should be when someone says something like that. So, I just bowed my head, like...thank you.  And Saya-chan's moms said, I know, right. So the 2 ladies chit chatted about Noah, which just made him embarrassed, since he's shy. Poor Noah, just blushed and didn't say anything about that, but he did tell Saya-chan's mom thank you for the 2 hot dogs, head bowed and left. 

Noboru purchased some edamame and a few other things, Noboru was so full by the time we got home. And we watched the dancers dance. Noah's really good friend K, meanwhile found Noah.  K, is the one who went trick or treating last year with Noah. And K, has 1 older brother also named K, in Bran's class. So we know that family so well. K, ran over to Noah, as soon as he saw him and gave Noah a big ol' hug! K's mom was selling some onigiri in another booth. : )  It was just a nice day Saturday, August 29th. We purchased Noah some sneakers for school. We had a family bbq. We walked and went to the summer festival in our housing community. We saw so many of our friends. So many of our friends were drunk and they're all so funny when they're drunk! Granted we're not drinkers, but it's so interesting to see our friends loosen up after they drink. One of our friends, this one papa was so drunk, he was stumbling, fell in a bush and kept asking where are the bathrooms, he grabbed an unused empty cooking pot, we all thought he was going to pee right in that pot, they had that pot because they were selling food earlier, but sold out. The mom lightly bonked him on a head with an empty 2 liter of tea! And then she nicely took him by the arm and walked him to the restroom in the building near the tennis courts. Everyone was laughing so hard! Maybe it was one of those, "you had to be there moments" but it was hysterical. The drunk papa was not K's dad, but he also has a son in Bran's class and a son in Noah's class. So everyone was just dying laughing at all those summer festival shenanigans. Life is so fun, when you have good friends! : ) Saturday August 29th was a very fun day! : )

Anyway, what's up right now? It's raining cats and dogs right now. It's Wednesday here. The boys are both at school, a full day for both of them today. Yesterday Noah got out at 11am and Bran got out yesterday at 2pm. Today Branden has a test, but a little one, but he still studied for it last night anyway. Tomorrow, I have a hair salon appointment. I am getting a hair cut, same hair cut, just a tad shorter. My hair is a lob right now, as in, long bob, past my shoulders and I want it slightly above my shoulders all one length, so I am getting a hair cut tomorrow and a color. Tonight, Scream is on MTV and it's the season finale, I think. Can't wait. Alrighty, talk with you all later. : )