Saturday, August 29, 2015

Waterpark Summer Family Fun...

Alrighty, we were trying once again to hit the waterpark! The last time, it was obon and the crowds of people were just too much, so we went to the beach instead last week. But we wanted to try for the waterpark one last time and so we made a plan to go exactly 1 week later. Wow what a difference a week makes! Last Thursday, when we went to Costco Chiba New Town during Obon it was so packed that you couldn't get your cart around. However, this time, exactly 7 days since last time we were there, it was just a typical weekday. It was dead, as in no people at all. And the rotisserie chickens were plentiful and not sold out, like they were a week earlier. This picture was taken Thursday August 20th and according to my date and time stamp, this picture was snapped at exactly 10:24am. 

Branden was wearing his school gym uniform because the entire school had cleaning at the JHS from 7:30-9am. And the rest of us were already dressed and ready and we had told Bran, we'd all be at the plaza to pick him up because, we would be hitting Costco immediately after picking him up to grab our picnic lunch stuff. So, after we quickly picked up B we drove to Costco and we were there right as they opened the store, we picked our 3 items, the mozzarella cheese was for a homemade pizza later in the week. Anyway, we 4 all had lunch at Costco. I think, you can see a small snippet of Noboru's hand on the bottom left of this pic. We all quickly ate and headed back to our quiet little town. 

Sorry this picture went sideways. The next morning, I woke up around 6:30am. And I popped the rotisserie chicken into the oven for about 30 minutes to heat it up and recrisp the skin. And then I took it out and sliced it up. And began making the sammys. 

Noah prefers American cheese slices on his sammich versus provolone. Bran meanwhile prefers provolone but he prefers no lettuce. And Noboru prefers dark meat, where as the rest of us prefer white breast meat. And I use provolone on mine and lettuce on mine and anyone is welcome to one of my sandwiches, in my family. : ) But, since I know everyone likes a difference variation, I try to make the way, everyone likes. And it's no trouble at all's just a sandwich. : )

I made Noah 4, of his favorites (he has that smaller tummy tank, we all know hahaha). I made Bran 6 of his favorites and again they can always take one of mine too. And Bran did take one of mine too, which just makes me happy. He's growing and needs it! : )

The posts its, just made it easier to find out whose sandwich is whose. So anyway we pitched our tent and we 4 were just relaxing and talking about which pool we should head to first, when I see a Japanese man walking right towards our tent. Like a direct line, a B line right at us. And I'm just it looks as if, he's walking directly towards our family and our tent. @_@ When about 1 second later it hits me, duh! That's my brother in law, Jun! Nobody in my family sees him, just me and I smile and wave right after I realize, that it's not some random creepy weirdo, but our actual family member. And when I wave Noboru's head turns around as does the boys, wondering who in the heck am I waving at. And then they start smiling and waving too. His wife walks over with their 2 kiddos. My niece Mia is 1 year younger than Noah. And my nephew Koki, just turned 1 in April. My sister in law S, is telling us, "I noticed you guys right away first." Meaning before my brother in law, J did. And we were all laughing. It was a surprise running into them, but we love them! So it was so nice, being there when they were there too! What a coincidence. 

Our tent spot was right here. You can see that is indeed our inner tube thing right there. But can you see across the water, there is a lime green tent sorta towards the left hand side of this picture? That's where my bil and sil and niece and nephew were. You guys know we always pick this same spot every year at the waterpark. And they apparently favor this area too! That man holding the inner tube, was not my brother in law though. 

Anyway, there was Noboru and the boys just relaxing and spending a nice time in this babbling brook type area. 

I love this picture because Noah's just being a kid, not realizing, I snapped this picture. He was looking in the water with his goggles on. Was he wiggling his toes or looking closely at the rocks/stones below or.... : )

Smiles and time for us to just relax and enjoy what's left of our summer.

This was our extended family's tent and spot. : ) 

What, I like about my sister in law and her personality's honestly a lot like mine. She's pretty laid back. But, at the same time she's very organized like I am. And would never forget to bring a chip clip for example. Or her sunscreen or anything really. In that respect her and I are pretty much exactly the same, we're both superly duperly organized and it is interesting that both the brothers married ladies like this. Can you see how, in this pic, she is using that scarf at the back for additional privacy? Very smart but look again, can you see how she packed clips to hold said scarf with? And further to add...she didn't just pick any random colored clip, like say neon pink or anything, but she packed the matching lime green clips to match her tent! You can see the clip on the left hand side of this picture! If you guys have been reading this blog for a long time, you'll probably be laughing because yes that's truly such a Gina thing to do. That's exactly how I'd do it. And apparently that's such an S thing to do too. They brought their cooler as you can see in this picture, and of course, she packed as detailed a lunch as I did. And yes they too, saw my detailed lunch too, complete with post its. Hahaha. And she even added that leisure sheet to the left of their tent and brought her Disneyland bag to carry things with. Which, I brought our Costco bags to carry our things with. So yes..besides the fact, I am western and American and she is Japanese, the 2 brothers picked very similar...both really organized ladies to marry. And that is actually sort of funny! Yet we're both 2 of the most laid back ladies, you'd ever meet too though. So, it's sorta funny, how 2 brothers gravitated towards both really similar personality-wise... types of ladies.

It was a hot day weather-wise but very gray overcast. Which made it nice that the direct sun wasn't beating us down too much. 

The wave pool...

Hi family...

Hugs for both...
I was coming around the corner and coming to the sides to drop off my camera in a wrapped up towel before hitting the wave pool myself.

One last pic. Before I go in the wave pool and enjoy myself too. I see Noah has spotted me. 

Noah enjoying an ice cream. Branden enjoyed an ice cream too. 

My sister in law S, in her black swimsuit, starting to pack things up. 

And you can barely see, in this picture but there is a man in a white tee shirt, sitting on a rock in the left hand side of this picture and that's my brother in law J. They both took turns getting dressed and watching their kiddos. They swung by our tent before leaving and we talked a bit more and then we waved them good bye. It was really nice seeing them. We stayed about 40 minutes longer than they did and then we too, decided it was best to get packed up and head home. 

Noah floating around in one of our inner tubes. : )  Our family went home and we all took turns showering and then we went out to dinner. We were debating between Coco Ichiban curry or our favorite ramen place. Hmm, decisions decisions. : ) 

We went for ramen. I had my usual, tantanmen. It's so delicious always. Friday, August 21st was another wonderful summer day, this time spent at the waterpark, with a nice picnic lunch. Running into uncle Jun and the fam, was such a nice surprise. And then to ramen afterwards. An awesome fun summer day! : )