Thursday, August 06, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Sorry to interrupt the Hawaii posts. I am 90% done with the next Hawaii post by the way... and then after that, I have the one where.. we went to the Pearl Harbor museum, took the boat to see the USS Arizona (sunken ship). And then the final day & night and then last day, day we left....I may just lump the last 2 days together. So I am guessing 3 final Hawaii posts left anyways. But...since it is Thursday here in Japan. That means... it's Throwback Thursday. This pic was taken December 21, 2005. So Noah, was barely 5 months old. And Bran was recently (about 2 months before) turned 4. We spent nearly every Christmas in Guam. And that's what we were doing in this picture. : ) 

This pic was taken October 14th, 2006. Goodness everyone was in shorts, it must have been an Indian Summer. : ) But being the worry wart that I am... I clearly threw a sweatshirt on baby case he caught a cold or felt chilly later. Aww, I am always fair and square though and so I am positive I must have packed B one too, but he probably left it in the car, which is fine, no worries. : ) Gosh, I loved Bran's shirt, we bought that at Old Navy. So many people in Japan would point and totally "got that" shirt! They loved it. Hahaha. : ) A definite ice breaker that shirt.

And this picture, digging for clams at the beach in Japan. June 3rd, 2007. How cool, 3 pics all 1 year apart from one another, these 3 pics. I clearly always liked to keep them active. Whether digging for clams. Or going on a Christmas vacation or just simply... looking for some flowers and winter veggies to plant and bringing the kids with....just a regular family, doing regular things. : ) Anyway that's this weeks TBT. : )