Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer, bits and pieces...

Alrighty, here are some miscellaneous bits and pieces, of things, that we were doing August 1st-August 3rd. After coming back from a week in Hawaii, at the end of July and everything. We just settled into enjoying our summer here at home... in the Japanese countryside. We restocked the fridge and pantry as you know, as soon as we got back from Oahu. We sorta really had to though...we were Old Mother Hubbard around here... before that, hahaha. : ) And just basically we BBQ-ed. Had family dinner at home. Enjoyed cable TV. Family movie night, once a week. Watered the plants outside. And Noah practiced at the school pool, 5 days a week practicing for the district wide swimming competition. *So* many schools showed up. That was on August 4th though and will be the next post. : ) Not this one. : ) But basically Noah swam 5 days a week, since getting back from Hawaii. Then...we had the elementary schools, haunted house and fireworks thing. Basically...  though, we were just chilling out here, in the inaka (countryside.) : ) On this day, in this picture, we went to the little shopette, small mall, in the small city nearest our town and had some ramen for dinner. Our most favorite ramen shop. We don't go there too often, maybe, once every 2-3 months. I always get the tantanmen there and it's so good. : ) Everyone else enjoys the shoyu ramen there. Anyway, after supper we walked the small little mall and we know what..."we haven't had Baskin and Robbins in like forever." "Do, you guys want some?" We were all like...yeah...excellent idea! Noah enjoying some delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

Enjoying the simple things in life cream as a family! : ) 

Look at that smile! You know...sure we get to enjoy some big our yearly vacation or whatever. But, I think the most important thing, that the boys will look back on and cherish most, when they're grown adults is...the quality time we spent together. Whenever they talk, we always listen. No problem is too small or too big. We were always either... cooking dinner together (that's usually when we get into some good talks while cooking) Or simply having dinner together and talking across the table. Watching TV together, after everyone's showered and in the relax zone at home. Or whther, Noboru and I are cheering them on... in their... athletic things from the sidelines (like a swimming meet or a running marathon). Observation Day. Or yeah sure...on vacation together too. But...the 1 thing... that is always constant. Is we're *always* there for them. And always wanting to spend time with them. No matter what. Even for something as small and little as going to have some Baskin Robbins. And shooting the breeze about how delicious our ramen dinner, just was. : ) May sound corny...but I know kids need this. They *really* need that quality time. All kids are worth it. : )

And what did I have? Sure, I'll tell ya. : ) I had...rocky road and strawberry cheesecake. of the flavors Noboru picked was banana something or other.... and it was so good, I wished I would have picked, that instead of the cheesecake. The cheesecake was good, but his banana one was way better. : ) 

Another day. August 2nd, this is important so I have to date it here. August 2nd, was the first day we ever cooked with the chili's we grew ourselves. The first batch we roasted on the BBQ. I made 1 pot of pork green chili. And a separate pot of beans. And then in individual bowls we had combined beans and green chili.. OMG, it was so good. The flavor of the roasted chili was so...on point! And they were as hot... as all heck! The chili we grew...definitely has kick! We all enjoyed a bowl of homemade chili beans August 2nd. And how are the chili's doing now? They are so big and growing so many chili. Noboru is going to crop them though...from what he read online... they need it. : ) 

August 3rd, we went to the big shopping mall. The Aeon in Tsukuba, Japan. Our closest, Old Navy and H&M and stuff. Our #1 reason for going to the mall that day was, because, I wanted to go and buy a pair of Crocs for my dad's birthday. The half leather ones. Really nice ones. Branden is a men's size 9, in the US and so is my dad. So, Branden would be the trying out...basically being the foot tester for grandpa. : ) They had a size 8. Nope, didn't work at all and a size 10. Bran tried a different color, same style in the size 9 and it fit perfectly. So we decided to just buy my dad's shoes from And they'd get to the house before we took off to Guam. Anyway, Daiso has hair clips and whatnot for 108 yen. But...many places have cheaper prices then you'd find at the 100 yen store, now days. Daiso, isn't always the cheapest, as we all know. So, I picked up these 2 hair clips on the left, for 50 yen for both. They're perfect for when I clip my front of my hair back when I am cooking, since I have an... all one length bob hair to my shoulders right now. Or when I go upstairs and wash my makeup off in the mirror. So, the hair clips, 2 for 50 yen are one heck of a buy. And they had clear (perfect for blonds) black perfect for ladies with black hair and they had gray, perfect for women with gray hair too. And of course they had 2 in brown. That's basically 2 for 50 cents. : ) Not a bad buy. And the other is a headband. It's cool now days... to put your hair in the headband like this and then do a little pony tail at the back too at the same time. I noticed quite a few stylish girls/ladies doing this in Hawaii. And so for 50 yen, not bad. : ) So, I basically got 3 hair things for 100 yen, which is still cheaper than the 108 yen, 1 would have cost at Daiso. 

Remember Bran's map shorts. He needed a white top to go with...

It says 990 yen, but it was on sale for 900 yen, Bran's tee. 

A small men's tee for Bran. Bare with me...Bear with me. LOL. Get it. Play on words. : ) 

Remember how, I picked up a nice pair of affordable sunglasses at Target. Well, I wanted a nice sunglasses case, but couldn't find anything in Hawaii. Which is fine. However, while in the check out line with Bran's tee and Noah's hibiscus sneakers, we saw they had these sunglass cases on sale for 700 yen. 

Navy blue. 

Kinda liked the little pop of color inside. And thought...not bad, I'll take it. And for what it's worth...I did browse the 300 yen shop...(this mall has a nice 300 yen shop actually).. in this mall hoping to find an eyeglass case there...but they didn't have any. So, meh...700 yen isn't too bad. : )

Noah has these sneakers already and loves them... but he's about to outgrow them and these were the next size up and on a super duper sale. So...we went for it. They were priced *too* good to pass up. 
And of course my dad's Crocs got here, just fine. I had Bran try them on again to be sure. And then I sprayed the leather parts with anti-staining in rain spray. I sprayed them down twice. And then just packed them away in one of the, empty suitcases we would be taking to Guam.  So anyways...those are a few misc, things our family was up to, between August 1st through August 3rd.
Also, August 3rd, I had to make sure, I had lunch stuff available and stuff ready for the next day.... because August 4th was the huge swimming competition/swim meet. It was whole district wide. Not prefecture wide, but district wide. We had to be there by 7am. Can you imagine what time I had to wake up August 4th to make and pack our lunch and still be there by 7am?!!!. @_@  It lasted... all the way until 4:30pm. It was about 100 degrees outside and humid and *so* hot you could barely breath outside. The weather August 4th was down right suffocating. It was just record breaking hot. was for Noah. It was for our elementary school. So we just toughed it And cheered on everyone from our school! : ) That is the next post. But...since all different schools with names and school gym uniforms with logos and school banners, etc... could be all over the pictures. I will have a lot of whiting out of school names etc. So, that post might be delayed. : )  But that will be the next post. Depending on how much whiting out of stuff, I have to may take a day or two. : ) Sorry, you guys. : )

Tomorrow is a family waterpark day for our family. I went to Costco today, to buy the rotisserie chicken already and dinner rolls. We will be having the same lunch that I packed up last Friday, when we hit the beach. We will be taking tomorrow, mini rotisserie chicken sandwiches, with lettuce and provolone and Miracle Whip. 2 big bags of Lays potato chips, bought at the drugstore in the small city... nearest here, they're always 250-270 yen a bag, so cheap, they always have them and they're from America. : ) . Some Custard cakes, we bought today at the little drugstore from the same drugstore. I purchased two 500ml drinks for each of us and have them chilling in the freezer now. : ) So clearly tomorrow we will be spending as a family and having a lot of fun and a ton of laughs, plus with our yummy picnic lunch and stuff. No blogging tomorrow for me. : ) Anyway, have fun everyone. If you're in Japan, enjoy the rest of what's left of Summer. And if you're elsewhere, schools probably already back. : ) So have a lovely weekend, wherever you are and be safe and be well. : ) Later alligators. : )