Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our last full day spent in Hawaii, going to the movies to see Minions, heading to the North Shore for some shrimp, Dairy Queen, etc and our flight back to Japan, the next day...

Alrighty, you guys this is the official last Hawaii vacation 2015 post. It has *never* taken me this long to publish our summer vacation post... in the history of this ever, and you guys know that. It's just as soon as we got back from Hawaii, we had quite a few things going on. Fun things granted, but busy things too. Anyway, back to the post at hand. I shared this same pic, on the post where I talked about us going to see the movie, Inside Out, the same post I informed ya'll it was called Inside Head in Japan, when was that...2 weeks ago?  Anyways, if you look at the tickets on the right. You will see, that first thing Friday morning, July 24th our family caught the first showing of the day of the movie Minions. We saw it right near our condo, in Kapolei.  The movie started at 10:30am. However we woke up around 7:30am. And we all got dressed and ready for the day and had our morning breakfast yogurts. And we packed up our movie candy and chocolate bought from Target the night before, and we hit the movie. We bought our tickets, then bought a bucket of popcorn and a large soda and some nachos and went and grabbed some seats. What did we think of the movie Minions? It was hilarious! So funny. So many people were laughing in the movie theater and so were we. We definitely enjoyed Minions! So that was the 3rd and final movie we saw while in Hawaii. Terminator Genysis, Inside Out and Minions. We have seen 2 others while in Guam, this past week, Pixels and Vacation! Pixels was awesome, the music and 80's references were so funny. And Vacation...was so good, I have to get that on DVD, for sures! Literally people were laughing hysterically for the entire movie of Vacation. And usually remakes or...although this is NOT a remake. It was like the 2nd chapter, so to speak, this new Vacation movie. However this was equal to the original Vacation if not...dare I say... funnier. If you have seen Vacation and the sense of humor matched yours, you'll enjoy this one a lot. However, if you didn't dig the original Vacation at all...don't see this one, because it's funny and yes it has some crude jokes and whatnot in there, but we loved it! Absolutely loved it! : )
After the movie, we spent our final day enjoying the North Shore. We wanted to go and have some of our favorite spicy garlic shrimp. This is a random shrimp truck on the North Shore. There are food trucks all over the North Shore. And people from all over the world on vacation go and enjoy them!

Another random pic, I took of some families enjoying some shrimp truck... yum yum goodness.

And us pulling into the North Shore McD's. Noah does not like shrimp, as you know. Which is fine...because we're all different and like different things. Also important to note, he keeps trying each and every year. When we had our shrimp, a few days earlier at the mall before hitting Sephora, he ate one of Noboru's shrimps and while he did try it...he's not quite there yet. And you know what...that's okay. : ) At least he tries it. An A for effort, as they say. Hopefully the taste will be good to him someday and if not...hey no worries, kiddo, we have your back. And to McD's for infinity, I will take you, if need be. : ) Awww. 

All the infamous shave ice places at the North Shore! 

Aww, our favorite are there! We were like...oh yeah! We parked the car immediately and went right up and placed our order. : ) The trucks might look scary, but I assure you, they're truly ono (delicious) 

A garlic butter sauce over the rice. And the shrimp and the way the cabbage underneath the shrimp turns all spicy and garlic buttery. I ate every shrimp and every piece of cabbage off my plate. And every grain of the garlic rice. Gosh dang is good. So good. 

We bought drinks at a grocery store along the way. 88 cents if you used your club card and so...I used the club card. : ) So we had our drinks cheaply. Branden was like...this is *so* freaking good. And Noboru chimed in and said...I think this shrimp is better then Andy's shrimp (the one we had a few days earlier). I had to say...I do agree. This shrimp is so good. Like...we could eat this every single day of our lives... type good. : ) But good thing.. it's just a once a year treat. : ) 

Noah meanwhile munched his cheeseburger, tiniest size of fries ever, even smaller than a size small in Japan. Hahaha. And Noah also received this bag of apples. And so he munched on some apple. And chatted with us.... shrimp eaters. Hahaha. : )  After that, we took a nice and slow drive and started to make that lap around the island and our next stop? Dairy Queen of course! : ) 
Both of the boys enjoying their DQ Blizzards. Noah's was a child's size and he had a Jurassic World cup. : ) Bran had a size small, which is the same size Noboru had...which was more than enough ice cream for them. We talked while eating our ice cream. was a nice day, that day! : ) 

I meanwhile had a Peanut Buster Parfait. Hot fudge, nuts layered with soft serve ice cream. Lordy lordy, this was *so* good. Some lady went to pick up a birthday cake from DQ, while we were eating our icecream...and the cake was not right. What was wrong with the cake? I don't know. But she picked up the cake...must have got as far... as her car, in the parking lot and came right back with cake in hand. The ladies working there, were looking at the cake. She was just out of ear shot. But we chatted among ourselves. (In a hushed voice we said) I bet somethings wrong with her cake. Wonder if the wording on her cake was wrong? Anyway we chatted about the birthday cake. And then we chatted about the shrimp. Pearl Harbor...the movies we saw. And basically, we chatted about how the very next day... we were to leave Hawaii. How did I feel? I was ready to go back home to Japan. We spent 5 *amazing* nights in Hawaii, 6 amazing days there. Plus 1 full day/night travelling to Hawaii and back if you combine the both flights together. So we were gone from home for around a week. And it was a nice vacation. Granted our vacation was 2 days shorter since we were trying to originally get to California. But honestly... a weeks vacation is a perfect amount of days. We felt superly well rested. Extremely happy. We saw so much...did so much. Had such a fantastic day at the beach in Kailua, with a picnic lunch and our beach chairs. We felt *really* happy with this years summer vacation. Truly satisfied. One day our boys will be grown adults and these vacations... will be just a thing of the past. Or a thing of my Throwback Thursdays, and I know that. And so while the kids are still kids...I want to enjoy *every* single summer we can! I know many of you definitely "get that" : )  Friday night...we went and enjoyed our last nights dinner. We decided to go to the Outback Steakhouse (but didn't turn out as planned). One of our favorite American restaurants, is the Outback Steakhouse. However the line in Kapolei was like hours long. And I turned to Noboru and said..."you know what honey... let's forget it...let's not waste a minute of our last night, waiting in line." Let's just get something we all want. Noboru was like...I feel the exact same way.  And so we asked the kids and ourselves. Noboru said...he'd like to enjoy some Wendy's and that he loves their chili and their Cesar salads and burgers. And Branden chimed in and said...I'd like to eat Wendy's too. Noah was on board with the Wendy's plan and so I said..." cool, let's do this!" And we left the Outback parking lot and headed to the simplest of dinners for our very last night in Hawaii. We went into Wendy's and a very lovely kiddo about the age of 17, named Brandon. : ) Waited on us. He was just the could tell... this is just his after school job. We placed our order and then we sat down. I had the Monterrey chicken sandwich with a cheese and butter potato on the side, with a blueberry lemonade. Noah had a chicken sandwich and a small chili. Noboru true to what he said, had 1 Cesar salad, 1 cheeseburger and 1 medium chili. Bran had a cheeseburger combo with fries and a drink. We was a simple...totally not fancy meal.. in the least...but considering how we are (we definitely don't put on airs in our family)...our last meal... fit us to a T. We went back to our condo. We packed up all our suitcases. Placed every one's clothes for the next days flight out, on the kitchen chairs. And we all took showers and went to sleep. Our flight the next day was at 1pm Hawaii time. Saturday.July 25th. We would be landing back in Japan, Sunday July 26th, 

We left the condo, Saturday morning. Went to Mc D's for breakfast, considering we ate yogurts for breakfast the whole week, McD's was a nice breakfast the morning we left. Gosh we loved that condo. We took the rental car back. And we took the shuttle back to the airport. We were at the airport by 10:30am. We checked in, checked in our bags. and the line through the TSA, was super long. But we got through it and we just sat near the gate. We boarded the airplane. And this pic was taken from my big diagonal pod seat... which is why my seat is facing the window. : ) We were just lifting off the ground and you can still see a bit of ground but can tell..we are definitely, in lift off mode, during this pic. 

Bye stunning and gorgeous Oahu. Bye Hawaii. We love you and will miss you! We had a magnificent time. I looked out that window until...we climbed so high, we were above the clouds and I could no longer see the land below. *happy sigh* What a wonderful summer vacation. And so, I closed my window shade. And started to search for the movie on demand, that I was about to watch and enjoy. : ) 

Marinated grilled chicken breast with cheese, rice and veggies. a dinner roll with a special Hawaiian butter. Some shrimp plate and salad combo. And that lovely green salad. 

Toasted pecans with a sweet crunch around them. Sour cranberries. a nice delicious feta cheese. And some cooked sweet apple with some very sour vinaigrette on top. I enjoyed my feta cheese, cranberry and pecan lettuce salad, tremendously. : ) We landed in Narita, it was now Sunday, July 26th and good thing we live so close. We arrived home within 20 minutes. Dropped our luggage off and everyone went to the restroom and we then left the house and headed out for supper.  
We went to have curry at Coco Ichiban Curry. I had the pork curry with veggies, the kids had a chicken cutlet curry each and Noboru had the tonkatsu curry, we also shared 2 small fries, the four of us. We ate and then we went back home. We all took turns showering. and we went immediately to sleep. Anyway, that's our family's Hawaiian vacation 2015. : )