Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our annual summertime "Haunted Elementary School" and fireworks fun...

Friday, July 31st was our local elementary schools Haunted Elementary school, walk through at night. Our elementary school becomes a humongous haunted house for the 1 night, in summer! The kids look forward to this, all year long!  Hi kiddo...hi Noah. : )

All these kids were waiting for a scare of their life! By the way...one room on the 3rd floor, had the movie...The Juon/The Grudge playing. And of course, we also had the Grudge girl (in costume, it's really a papa) was also creeping around. Oh we had so many people in costumes... ready to give the kids all... mini heart attacks. : ) But the kids were ready and willing! The kids were so excited being there!

You have to go from scare room... to different scare room. On all 3 floors. And there are people in each room or around every turn or corner, we even had folks.... hiding on the stair wells. While the kids were busy stamping their stamp rally paper. Branden with this creepy mask popped out! Once....when Branden popped out...1 little girl started crying immediately. I felt so badly. But...you know...you go to a haunted house...you sorta expect to be scared. : ) And Bran was safely behind the desk so it's not like... he was near her at all. She just...burst into tears. But 99% of the rest got scared at first... but then got happy....and this kid pictured here. Actually smiled...recognized it was B and wanted to shake his hand! LOL. Which Bran did shake his hand. : ) And he said...hi! : ) 

Every kid brings a flashlight and a drink for themselves. And every kid is asked to bring 1 small pack of fireworks. You know...like a 200 yen/$2 US type pack (Trial, a chain store, even has packs for 89 yen). All the fireworks are all lumped together and every kid gets an equal amount. : )  There was also 1 room that was so scary... you could not enter... unless you were a 4th grader or older! @_@ Noah went through and said...it wasn't scary at all. : ) Hahaha. But then...my kids love scary movies and stuff like that. : )
Also, as you can see, by the chisai towel around Noah's neck. In Japan, in hot summer, people carry around chisai towels. Meaning small towels. To wipe the sweat from your face or forehead or neck. I made sure, I packed Noah his thermos with tons of ice and mugicha. 1 chisai towel with his name sewn on it, in case it gets lost (which is very normal in Japan). And his flash light. : ) I also packed Branden, a chisai towel and a thermos with tea and ice as well. And I brought my own small towel and a little can of anti-mosquito spray. I sprayed it onto the kids at the school parking lot, when we first arrived. And I resprayed the kids... right when we went outside to start lighting the fireworks. Mosquitoes in Japan are pretty aggressive. Oh yes...see Noah's inside shoes. I also made sure, not to forget his inside shoes, because in summer kids bring them home and Noah's were home...but I knew he needed them, so I packed them in his backpack as well. : )  Geeze Louise...was that one heck of a little list... of stuff to remember for 1 outing, or what. Hahaha. : ) 

Even though Branden, is in JHS now. And no longer a student at the local elementary school. He and 2 other boys from the local JHS and 1 girl. These 4 kids, including Bran, help out for this night and that's only because their dad's are in the Father's Club #1 and #2, they have younger siblings. Also...because I would never want anyone to get their nose out of joint and say. "Hey, that's not fair, her older son got some fireworks and he's not a student here!" Granted nobody has ever said that. But just because...I am a "think ahead" type gal. I buy 1 small set of fireworks for Noah to donate, same exact size as all the other kids bring too. And I buy a medium size package of fireworks for about 400 yen, for Branden and if Noah has run out of his fireworks, he can take some from that pack too (kids at the elementary can go back and get extra fireworks, but, Noah only gets 1 good handful from the school and no extras even though he could). That way if anyone ever says anything at all. I can say, as politely as possible..."I purchased these fireworks, for my own JHS child, thank you very much for your concern and for asking, but rest assured, these are indeed his." I always bring the bag they came in from the store and receipt with me too. Again, doubt anyone would ever dream of saying anything or even care, but then again...best to always be prepared. And again, the folks in my town are so nice and lovely, but I do bring the receipt, always just in case. : ) Anyways...I enjoy watching the boys light fireworks with their friends and with each other. : )

Enjoying the fireworks, in rural Japan. 

This is a night where so many families and kids have so much fun, in our tiny little town in the Japanese countryside! A haunted elementary school, plus some fireworks to end the evening with! : )

Noboru, spent the night in the gymnasium with the other Father's Club dad's and all male teachers and the head (male) teacher and (male) principal. He said, they all ordered food and everyone drank. Noboru said, the gymnasium was SO hot that night. They all slept on gym mats, but they all had an absolute blast. : ) I'm glad Noboru has close friendships like this and I'm glad he stayed the night! Because he needs to have fun too! The kids and I, ate supper before the haunted school began. We had baked chicken paremsan and pasta. We 3 left half of our meals, in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap and we just nuked the leftovers when we got home. We came home....we 3 took turns showering because we all smelled like fireworks, we all were sprayed down with mosquito spray, so we all needed a good soapy hot shower. Hahaha. After that...we all ate our leftover chicken parmesan and pasta. And watched TV. : )

Since, we have been back from Guam...our family has gone to the beach in Japan (last Friday), we had just the absolute best day at the beach, we brought a nice picnic lunch and everything and even went out to Jolly Pasta later, that same night. And today, I took the boys to the movie theater to see Jurassic World! Such a great movie! : ) I am trying my best to catch up the blog. But, we also want to enjoy summer too, I'm sure you all understand. : ) But, I am trying, my best. : )  Oh goodness, I think my favorite TV show comes on tonight, Scream, is the name of the show. Yay! And we're having karaage, rice, corn on the cob, a simple salad and fresh fruit for supper tonight, the fried chicken should be done shortly, so I better hurry and post this. Have a wonderful night everyone. : )