Friday, August 07, 2015

Our 3rd day spent in Hawaii, a shopping day, hitting Sephora, MAC, Target to buy Advil, cold meds, a run to Safeway to buy some comfort foods, etc, and then on to the movies to see Inside Out...

Okie dokie, so the next day. Wednesday July 22nd was our one and only day to shop. Again we wanted a vacation where we could relax, unwind and sight see. Spend some time along the beach. We didn't want to make it a shopping trip. Or shopping, as our primary goal, type a thing, does that make sense? However...though... because I am an American living overseas. I.... just like every other foreigner, I know living abroad...does stock up or bring necessities back to Japan. Things like, Advil or antacids. Or cosmetics. In America our foundation colors for example are called things like, ivory, or fair, or sunny beige. You know what I mean, I hope... shades like that. When I first moved to Japan even the fairest shade available was a shade too dark for me. And the coloring system. Foundations in Japan are called ocher. And yes when I got home 10-11 years ago, I googled what in the heck is an ocher, I am assuming it is a color of some sort granted, but that's just not how we describe foundation colors in the states, so yeah I was stumped. I don't recall that color in my box of 64 Crayola crayons, at all. Holy guacamole! It turns out to be according to online...earthy colors of brown, yellow and red? Eh? @_@ Again so... yes even things simple or basic as foundation shades were very different. Or foods from home, Comfort foods. So yep, a day for getting a few things was necessary. In Japan they sell powder antacids and they don't work nearly as good as a Rolaids or Tums tablets. Just many many things. We drove right to Waikiki and picked up some lunch "to go" food to take to Ala Moana shopping center.

A very big Walgreens.

We picked up some lunch stuff.

Our family ate in the food court at the mall. Noah had a hot dog. He isn't crazy about shrimp. This is spicy garlic shrimp. So good. At the Ala Moana shopping center after lunch, we went to Sephora. MAC. And then we left right away. I'd say, we were at the mall for under an hour, including lunch. I knew what products I wanted and quickly got the things and checked out. 

We went to Target, Walmart. Bought Advil and cold meds. Allergy meds and children's ibuprofen for Noah. Again just things like that are important, especially if your child gets sick. So really useful stuff. : ) 

Safeway near our condo. I am so glad I use my club card. Granted you don't technically need one. But if you like saving money at all, you'll like using one. We saved $8 US at Safeway, thanks to using the club card. I also used my Sephora card and collect useful points where I can get free stuff. I also collect points at MAC as well. So, yes while you technically do not need a club or store saves money! And I like saving money, so I use them! : )

We made an evening run for extra yogurts that night. We also picked up some Safeway store brand cookies, and they were on sale if you had your club card, so saved us some cash. Cool! And the cookies were to bring back to Japan.

The Target in Kailua. Yep we went to all 3 Targets this trip. : ) We bought every caramel machiatto creamer for coffee... out of 2 of the Targets, we didn't check for creamer at the other one. We didn't buy a lot there.. just wasn't a whole lot there this time.

The tickets for Wednesdays movie are on the left hand side in this pic. We went and saw Inside Out. Interesting fact...In japan it's called Inside Head. LOL! : )  This is definitely more a girls movie, than a boys movie or unisex movie. I think we 4 all agreed this movie... was our least favorite of the 3 movies we went to see this trip. Towards the end of the movie...I actually wondered..."is this movie almost over yet???" And that's never a good sign... if you are really loving a movie... you lose track of time. Do you know what I mean. And given, I was counting down the minutes, towards the end of the was okay. Not a fantastic movie or anything. And I wouldn't buy the DVD. Would I rewatch this? No. I thought it was going to be a lot better than it was.
Alrighty, here's the one and only part of these Hawaii posts that will show what we brought back to Japan with us. I know many of you are curious what we bring back. I know on YouTube... HAUL videos are hugely popular. And many of you living in America might have even pondered yourself...if I were leaving the US...what would *I* personally bring to Japan with me. And so...yeah interesting for some, I think. : )  Back to this specific this cosmetic bag area...I packed really well with plastic ziplocks to cushion possible breakage. I packed some foundations to take back to Japan. Some drugstore ones and 1 Urban Decay one, from Sephora. 

Everything in 1 shot, pic. Sorta just gives you a quick general idea, this pic. : )

This plane, Branden picked it while visiting the Pearl Harbor memorial. He has since put it together. 

For our entryway/entrance way, genkan. I thought it was adorable and especially since I wear flip flops all summer long. And we are a very casual family. It is now on the table in our entrance way/area.

The price was right. I do not like spending gobs and gobs of money, heck, if I can find something cute and for a cheap price, I'm all for it.

We also picked this up for $9.99 at TJ Maxx too. It's a place to put your keys on. It is now also on the table in our entry way. : )  Perfect for our beachy, water, casual, flip flop wearing family. 

These were like a dollar and some change. And so we picked 12 of these up. Again, I am now thinking about Fall meals. And I use this with 2 skinless boneless chicken breasts diced up and skillet fried and then I make these and add some frozen broccoli at the end. It's a quick 1 skillet meal.

I went to Walmart and wanted to get some Lipton soup packets. You know those instant soup envelops. These soup packets were by Knorr but in 2 languages... Spanish and English and half cheaper. And you know how it seems there's never enough of the noodles in those packets of soups, there were these noodles cut up the bag... right next to the envelops of soup, go figure, so I picked up two bags of plain noodles to add to the soup packets if need be...meaning if we need extra noodles. Frankly, if my packets of soup... were half in Russian but were 50% cheaper, I wouldn't bat an eyelash and I'd buy them! : ) 

It also is in English too. Says chicken bouillon. So hey...if it works... it works. : ) Since I got my soups so cheaply, I got to pick up 12 packets of those soups. A savings is a savings. I definitely, see some nice hearty chicken noodle soup, going into the kids thermos for school lunches... this coming Fall and winter. Again it's melting hot now...but when you get that chance to go back "home" you need to stock on while you can. : )  So lugging hot soup mix, in the middle of a heat wave, in summer? Yep. : ) 

Girl scout cookie knock offs. Super yum and because they are store brand versus Keebler brand and I used a club card, I got them even cheaper. Yes, I know, I am a tad... on the frugal side. Guilty as charged. : )  I picked up 2 for the price of 1 box of Keebler ones. So, I picked up twice the amount. Go me! : ) 

I wanted to come back with 6 of these but...hey they were out...what can ya do? So, 5 is just gonna have to be good enough. : ) Better than nothing. Again thinking about...a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold Fall morning. It's the expat life..sometimes you have to buy things out of season. But you know...just do the best ya can. : )

Our family lives for family movie night. Popcorn at home with the family. I like to make it homemade old fashioned style on the stove. This was pricey, $5-6 bucks. So, I just bought 2. I am sure... I'll be kicking myself later, I didn't buy more. But...that price just got me. : ) 

Miracle Whip for $3 bucks at Walmart and parmesan for $3 bucks at Walmart. I think I buy Miracle whip for $5 in Guam and pamesan cheese for $8 bucks. Which granted...I should just be glad it's available there. But...yeah while I had my chance, I had to get 1 of each. Again not 10 of each, but 1 of each will help. I always have to consider the weight of my luggage, it can't be over 50 pounds each suitcase. So weight of luggage, is also a huge consideration as well.

I loved all the Mexican food restaurants we had in Denver growing up. Mexican food is just very rare here, especially in rural Japan. If you're craving Taco Bell, you're outta luck. Unless of course you go to the one in Tokyo. Which is like 3 hours from here, so no thanks.  So...long story short, I have since bought 1 Mexican cookbook, years ago. I don't think I make superly authentic Mexican food, but I do okay. And I now make it at home, once a month. And beans are sorta funny... because you can find garbanzo beans easily, kidney beans not too much trouble finding those.'d have better luck of winning the lotto... then finding actual pinto beans here. They're just the rarest of beans to find here. Isn't that weird? Anyway I bought this 10 pound bag for $9 US. So a very good deal. 

Air freshener for the bathroom and body spray was for Bran. Advil and Tylenol cold for us using adult meds, Noboru, Bran and I. and Generic Walmart brand kids ibuprofen and generic Benadryl knock off, allergy meds for kids too. I came to visit Japan once... when we were engaged and I did get a headache and I realized they had like 2 brands of headache meds in Japan only, maybe now it's a bit more but not by much. The Tylenol dosage was way less than it is in the states. Meaning you may have to take 3 pills to equal 2 pills from an American Tylenol. I remembered that and so when we moved here I brought my own meds. Not tons granted, but just like headache stuff or cold stuff. Also in America... if you need emergency care or your child needs emergency care after hours... you can pretty much go to any hospital and get seen, in the US. However in Japan, for like 1 city there might be 100 hospitals but only 3 taking night time emergency patients and maybe only 1 hospital willing to take a child on off hours. As in... they will legit turn you away at a hospital and say...politely we are not taking emergency patients tonight. So that is something you might think about. Also when we first moved here, I will never forget this. I saw a Japanese TV program. Some foreign family. I think they might have been from Brazil. But their child had a severe fever. Like danger zone fever. And they went to 3 or 4 different hospitals and were turned away...the hospital staff told them...we can't take kids tonight. Their child getting sicker and a higher temperature. While going from hospital to hospital for help. Their child's brain burst. It's how we explain that in English to Americans. But...basically...the child died from having a fever for too long. So for me...I never forgot that TV program. It left a lasting impression on me. And so, I always like to keep 3 bottles of kids ibuprofen at home. It was just peace of mind for me. if my child EVER had a high fever. Knowing, I could bring that fever down ASAP with some kids ibuprofen. Also...funny thing...Branden's pediatrician where we used to live.. actually could not believe her eyes when she saw... Bran's liquid infants Advil. She told Noboru...she had never seen infants ibuprofen before and she's a doctor. And most certainly not available over the counter here. So, yeah me having those types of peace of mind for me. And I am glad Bran can use adults Advil's cheaper. : ) But yeah I always keep the kids ibuprofen around for Noah. And again if they should ever get an allergic reaction knowing I have that generic version of Benadryl. Again it's just peace of mind. 

These 2 came from Walmart, but the Advil and Tylenol cold meds, came from Target.

Noboru got these swim trunks from Target. 

Stuff we used in the condo while in Hawaii, but we brought home. Because well, I'm a slight cheapskate. The Styrofoam bowls (they're eco now... apparently according to the package go figure) and plastic spoons. Reese's Pieces and some Juicy Fruit bubble gum. Coconut water body wash, I bought the generic store brand Target one, yes that sounds like me. : ) And Suave professionals, but they're good and nice to my hair. But the price, I love that price. we used these our whole trip and so we had over half of the bottles left.. so we brought them back. Vitamin waters were still left in the fridge and Noboru said...let's leave them for the next guests of the condo. And I was going to...but then I thought..nah...that's $2 I am going to bring them back. Good thing we did...because Noah swam the next day... we had no drink in the house and so we filled his thermos for swimming practice with the Vitamin water on the left. So it helped. Came in handy, in a pinch.:) 

Big Hero 6 undies. And if we bought Noah a size 10, which yes he's 10, they would have fallen straight down to his ankles. So, we bought the size for his waist and weight. 

Minions are so in right Noah got this Minions towel. He's using it every night now after his nightly shower. It makes him happy, so I am happy.  : ) 

If you watch American beauty videos you'll know everyone and their mama loves Real Techniques brushes. Their super high quality and super cheap. Available at Walmart. KalthleenLights actually rec'd this core collection. It was $14.99 

I have been wanting this set forever. I finally went for it. 
The Elf pro brushes are the black brushes... the cheaper ones, which are still nice are white. The white ones are $1 in the US and the pro (black handled) brushes are $3 US. I picked up these 4 and so, I am all set for brushes for like a billion trillion years now. : ) 

5 years ago, the big thing was oversized black sunglasses. I had them and wore them too. Now everyone is into this type. A more square look, tortoise shell, colored frames type. They're everywhere. They just are. Not wanting to be out of style, wanting to be current, I have retired my over sized black ones and put them into my hall closet. But, I knew I wanted a nice brown current style... that's in right now. And I found mine at Target. I tried on about 12 different pairs. They all looked similar but one pair was off, one pair looked eh, one pair looked pair looked NO WAY! And so on. And finally I tried this random pair and they just matched. Matched my head shape, face shape, you name it. Like an 100% dead on match. I looked at Noboru and said what do you think... the 3 of them said..."yes those... pick those!" I agreed. 

Granted they're way cheaper then my Gucci sunglasses, I bought before I had kids. But gee...for Target that was sorta expensive coming from Target, I thought. Oh well...if I keep them for 1 year or 2 years I'll get my moneys worth. Plus they look amazing on me. And after trying on a ton of pairs, I wasn't going to tempt fate and pass these up. $24 is sorta high for Target, but not outrageous though...if that makes sense. 

I have used only... high end eye liners until now. And have always been unhappy with them. I have used Lancome. And Nars, remember I just bought that black Nars eyeliner in March, Eyeliners tend to melt off in my water line. I know this isn't just a... Gina problem either. It's a common problem, because I have read comments on, and other online places. My problem is either... my eyeliner glides on easily but in an hour it's completely worn off and invisible or melted down to my under eye area making me look like a panda. @_@ Again very common problem. Also the problem is...I am paying $20 bucks for unsatisfactory eyeliner. That's outrageous! Again, you all know I often will watch makeup videos before visiting the US, I don't do that year round...I do that before a trip so I know what's in, what's hot, what's not. KathleenLights, a video Youtuber highly recommended these 2 drugstore ones. She said they will *not* rub off or melt off and will last all day. I really wasn't believing that 100% because...come on...with my years of experience most eyeliners will not last on me. They just won't. I purchased these 2 from Target, they were cheap and from the drugstore. The silver one on the right is brand brand new and hard to find while in Hawaii... only 2 of the 3 Targets carried that one, Longs didn't carry it yet. The Maybelline one came out last year and was easy to find. I have not yet tried the Nyx one but I have been using the Maybelline one and OMG...this thing lasts on me for about 5 hours, in Japanese summer! Does it last all day and night on me? No, I think nothing will. However....lasting 5 hours on me is a huge accomplishment. And given it's drugstore. I am so happy. 

I love this so much! Maybelline master drama. and I wish they would call the color But the black is called...midnight master, I knew that before I bought it, because I saw the video and wrote the name down but yeah it could be confusing for some. It says it is 24 hour wear. I went to Noah's swimming meet. It was 98 degrees F in the shade, felt like 105 degrees F. To put it nicely it was a hot wet steamy sauna outside all day long. I am glad I did not die of heat stroke. When I got home, my eyeliner was 50% still on. That's sorta pretty amazing, considering it was basically me sitting in a steam room for 8 hours. When we got home, we went straight to dinner and I applied some extra eyeliner a tad on my water line and a pat of face powder to my nose but I was shocked my makeup was still perfect on my face.. given the harsh weather outside. If it was Fall or winter..yes it could last 24 hours. but as for now...I will just say it lasts on me 100% for 5 hours. I'm still testing it out. But yes, best eyeliner I have ever used, hands down. 

I have not used this one yet...but that's only because the other one is continually knocking my socks off. Since Kathleen rec'd both of these, I assume this one is good too. But when I use it...I'll keep ya updated. : )  Do not confuse this silver Nyx eyeliner with their regular wear.. eyeliner that's just plain black. This long lasting one is half silver (the packaging of the pencil not the pencil color itself). Meaning the pencil looks half silver, but of course the eyeliner itself is plain black. Matte black.

Smudge proof, water proof, long wearing. So, nice to have 2 nice ones for us available at the drugstore. Beats the crap out of my NARS eyeliner, I tell ya that... for sure. : ) It proves to show...expensive isn't always better! Or best.

The Maybelline Age rewind was big/popular all 2014 and I love it. And keep in mind, in uni, I never wore any makeup that wasn't from a department store or a Sephora. That Age rewind is good. However all 2015 every one's talking about the Maybelline Fit Me being a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer. I have seen about 5 different Youtubers say that. Famous well known ones. So, I figured why not try, I happen to be in the US, I am standing in a Target, it's a couple bucks, it's my chance, you know. So, I now have under eye concealer now for Fall. I have tried both one day... one of each on each under eye area...and they both seem very similar to one another in the way and amount they cover, they both cover everything and under eye needs covering, basically. I am still testing the Fit Me out, but so far so good. I use these for my under eye area.

I need my concealers in fair/clair.

If I didn't watch YouTube videos, I would not have bought these 3 products. Or even know of their existence. But...everyone on YouTube loves the bronzer by NYC in the color Sunny. I frankly don't even use bronzer. But, at $2.79 US, I thought, I should check this out. Also everyone and their mama is talking about the infamous blush by Milani called Luminoso. Again, everyone seems to love that color. Calling it a natural peachy color. I have not owned a drugstore blush in over 15 years, could be longer. Go figure. And highlight. Everyone is in love with highlight now? I have never used one. And I frankly and very honestly do not know if I will like one. So, instead of buying an expensive Becca brand one. In Opal, Moonstone or the in color, Champagne Pop. I thought I should take my time and try a much loved drugstore one by Hard Candy called Tiki. That way... if I like it... great fantastic...and if I don' least I didn't spend a huge chunk on a pricey brand. About these 3 things I'll keep you updated.

NYC Sunny.

Milani blush in Luminoso.


I don't think I have ever owned a drugstore powder or foundation, like ever. But watching KathleenLights videos, and her saying how good they are now days. I sorta wanted to try for myself. I like this powder to set my foundation.

My first try in the realm of drugstore foundations ever. Wayne Goss, Tati, EmilyNoel, KathleenLights all seem to really love these (they rec'd the 3 foundations not the regular True Match 2nd to left). And so, since there seemed to be a general consensus, I picked these. My least favorite is the 2nd to left...the regular True Match, I prefer the Lumi far left or the 2 foundations to the right. Their recs were spot on! The 3 they love, were the 3, I loved too. The 3, I like are the Loreal True Match Lumi, the Neutrogena one and the Revlon Color Stay for normal to dry skin (everyone seems to hate the one for oily skin@_@)
Shades I am wearing. Same shade Kathleen uses. 

Coconut milk lipbalm and everyone loves the beauty blender. But, I am not sure I want to spend $20 US for one, quite yet. So, I am dipping a toe in and trying the Target brand one first. 

I also picked up a foundation from Sephora by Urban Decay called Naked Skin, this is also hugely popular for good reason. And the new blush everyone is loving, by Too Faced. I bought the natural colored one, called Baby Love. 

My perfect shade 3.0 and color blush I picked up. 

Everyone on YouTube mentioned the blush reminded them of Polly Pockets. and I agree. I am just really happy with these 2 splurges. : )

I also needed a new Studio Fix powder foundation. I talked to the most lovely amazing makeup artist. I told her...I have been wearing NC20 for 20 solid years. And this past 3 months I think my color/shade changed. She verified and checked and sure enough, I was right. My shade did change. Given I wear sunscreen religiously. Why did it change, who knows, who cares. But, the important thing is I noticed. and I bought the correct shade. I also told her I have never wore liquid foundations before. And I bought a few this trip and I would like a basic powder to set my foundations with. I bought 1 drugstore powder and wanted a high end one too. I was debating between 2 of MACS powders and she suggested this one, because it does not give you "cake face" or look made up, she said it gives you a natural glow to your face...and it isn't greasy but your skin stays looking like skin. So, I also purchased that. I also asked her if she had the scented limited edition facial sprays and she said they sold out. : ( So, I purchased a travel mini regular one. 

Was an NC20 and am now an NC25. And my powder is called. Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Powder. Sorry, I know I am American... so I try not to talk about other countries...and just stick to talking about America...or American stuff... because it's what I know, you know. But I did want to say this... I do not know what you all think of when you think of Canada. But...the first thing... I think of is Mac Cosmetics. It's like truly, hands down, one of the best cosmetics line in the world. What makes their line best... is their color selections in foundations are like 30 times of any other brand out there. In the old days makeup companies seemed to make foundation in ivory or pink toned. The only problem was many many people did not have pink undertones to their skin (I don't). What did we all do? Well, I was too little. But ladies my parents age... just either wore the wrong shade or wore no foundation. Until MAC. Mac made shades for skin with yellow undertones, olive undertones. Like every undertone and shade of skin you could ever imagine. The quality is super high but the prices are affordable... for high end makeup. I have worn Studio Fix by Mac for 20 plus years. 

I got 2 pair of shoes from Ross. These were $30 something dollars. A real steal. 

I really like them, I like that they have no laces, but are 100% sealed. Living in Japan and as many times a day... as I take my shoes off, since it is custom here, these will come in handy. I liked the price and I liked that they were Coach. I would have never waltzed into the Coach store to buy them, let's put it that way. I would not pay $100 plus.. for a pair of sneakers. So for me finding these for 30 something dollars. Cool! The price was right for me. 

Steve Madden $24.99. Love that price, love that brand.

I have been wearing these particular, birkenstock type a sandals since we have been home from Hawaii. I will be keeping these for the next few years. I'll get my money's worth out of these. I am so glad Noboru bought me these 2 pair of shoes. Thanks sweetie pie. : ) 

Funny, I had seen this cosmetics bag online and showed Noboru. I hope it's in Hawaii, I said. I know I could have found it in California, but I was a little worried if it would be there in Hawaii. 

Having gone to all 3 Targets, I can safely tell you, this was the last 1 available at all 3 Targets. Noboru bought me this one at the one at Kapolei, our nearest Target to our condo. I like that it's basic black but I also like that it's got some tropical flair too. 

It had these 2 clear compartments. 

And this pocket.

The 2 clear compartments Velcro-ed in. I liked that a lot. Removable if need be.

And this side has a spot/place for brushes and a main place for cosmetics. So many compartments. I just really hoped to find this and was so happy I found this. We bought this the first day we arrived actually, while buying drinks and peanut butter icecream at Target the first day we arrived... because we just walked the makeup aisle and I saw it...Noboru knowing I had showed him this online beforehand knew it wasn't an impulse thing. So, knowing how sometimes you go back again and it's gone...we didn't want to take that chance. : ) So happy I have this. : )

Tabloid gossip. I have not read these yet, but I can't wait! : ) It's just we have been super busy with the haunted night at the school, Noah's swim practice and Noah's swim meet/competition he finished. And now the kids and I are about to head to Guam super soon (expect the blog to go quiet for a few days, I am sorry). So, just... have not really had much time. But yep...I didn't bring back all too much from Hawaii. But the things I did. I made sure they were needed things like Advil or cold meds, soups and coffee creamer for Fall. Cosmetics, since I have one heck of a time finding a foundation match here. Etc.