Sunday, August 23, 2015

Noah representing his elementary school, in the district wide swimming competition...

Tuesday, August 4th. This picture was taken around 7am. The kids had to start warming up in the pool by 7:30am.  These are some of the kids representing our elementary school. The girls were all  so cute and were also super fast from our school this year! We had 1 fourth grade girl, but the rest were all 5th and 6th grade girls from our school. Our school girl swimmers, this year, were all amazing! And see the cutie yawning in this pic? I totally understood. I was yawning on the inside. : ) We all were very sleepy that morning. Despite going to bed early and stuff. : )  Only two 4th grade boys representing our school, Noah and his very good friend, pictured near Noah, in this pic. : ) One of the rules was, every competing kid when not in swimwear, must be wearing their school gym uniform, with name of school and child's name, etc on their gym clothes. Just easier for all the coaches and people to know, who's who, and who should be near the pool.../poolside or not. : )

Each school was given their own warm-up lane. And they each warmed up, back and forth again and again. The lady in turquoise, with clipboard is from our school. Our school's... kids practiced in lane 5. Noah warming up in this pic.

Not the best picture. But, you can see, Noah's dive, midair, on the left hand side of this pic. Noah really has a beautiful and silent dive. Beautiful leg extension and stuff. 

And on this side of the pool, we had another coach on this side, the guy in the Chiba-kun shirt is also from our school. So we had our lady coach on the right side of the pool, lane 5 and the guy in the black Chiba-kun shirt on the left hand side of the pool. And if you look on the right, a kid from another school is also yawning. Hahaha. What was the atmosphere? It was extremely hot, even by 7am. It was extremely humid. All of us parents were extremely tired. But, we were all happy to be there. It's noisy. It's noisy, because many schools are all practicing at once and many coaches have whistles and are toot tooting, their whistles. So whistles are going off and on. And some schools have nice coaches and say nice and positive things like..."you did okay, but try this a bit better next time" And then you can hear some different schools and they shout and scream and pace back and forth alongside the swimming pool. Pacing like an angry lion almost. Shouting and getting all upset. We actually had 1 coach during the actual competition (not from our school, our schools coaches are all nice and mild) but that 1 coach got so riled up...that a kid from his school, took off swimming earlier then the rest and so he didn't want him to get exhausted and basically....swimming for nothing, he dove right into the pool with clothes on and everything. The entire district of people... all went dead silent after he dove into the pool. Just imagine 15-20 different schools or so and everyone all talking and shouting and blowing whistles at once. And you sort of get the idea, of the atmosphere that day. On the other hand... us parents felt excitement in the air. And at the same time, I ran into so many of my mama friends from yochien. When Noah went to yochien, his entire yochien class all went to the same swim club as Noah. And they all pretty much go to a different elementary school from Noah now. So it was really wonderful seeing all of Noah's former classmates from kindy/yochien. And it was also so nice for me to see some of my amazing mom friends, from Noah's yochien days. All those ladies are amazing and I like them so very much. So, yeah, it was so nice to run into about 30 plus of my friends that day. Just really nice. : ) So yes, lots of talking...lots of chatter. Lots of catching up with old wonderful friends, I may not have seen in a long time. Just so so much going on, at the same time. Hahaha. Let's put it that way. : )  I heard one lady, happily another yochien mama, she had not realized I was near them but she excitedly screamed, "hey Noah's here!" And was just honestly SO nice... to be near so many good people, who have known Noah since he first turned 3 years old. So a lot of positive good people, we got to see again. Just many happy people to see Noah and happy people to see me again too. So that was truly awesome. I was also, just as excited seeing them and their kiddos too. : )

Noah practicing. Each school had a good chance to warm up. 

Their coach was speaking to them, so Noah was listening.

More practicing.

Times almost up, with the practicing. Go, Noah go! We love you kiddo!

Coaches final words and whatnot. It was just about time. Time to start and get this thing, kicked into gear.

Each school, has a select place for the kids to sit, who are competing and all us parents also have a selected spot, where we can sit. There is our school name, above on a tiny plastic with our schools name on it. So, we know where to sit. These backs of kids, are our kids. : ) We were right near our kiddos. Also...seriously look at all those many many kids... around the pool. Just so many kids, so many different schools competing. 

See, the men in white shirts and black pants, far upper left, in this picture? Those are the school principals. Little known fact, our principal at our elementary school has a heart condition and us parents worried about him. Because often during the day, the announcer would announce the temperature under the shade/under this roof of the pool and it was 103 F degrees under this canopy! @_@ Imagine the parents under no canopy! They were even hotter! Granted our school was lucky because having had experience of coming here... when Bran competed, Noboru brought our canopy and we let the entire rest of our elementary school parents sit under the nice shade, but was still melting hot. The other schools for the most part, had no canopy's and no shade. I think one other school brought a shade, but no other schools did. It was in all honesty... like sitting on the sun for the day, or spending a day in a steam room. If this event, would be indoors, it would be awesome. Hahaha. : )

Noah's first event. He was the 2nd person to be competing from our school, that morning. Good luck, my nervous little shy one. : ) 

Noah, a 4th grader, was picked to swim against all 6th graders. See, the size difference? Look at the 2 white caps on the right of Noah. But, you know is, what it is. It was, what it was. No sense in worrying about something, you have absolutely no control over.

When you're swimming against someone who's a good 1-2 feet taller, all you can hope is...just do your best. And no matter what, we're proud of you. 

Noah's beautiful long dive and that 6th grader to the right had one very..interesting bent knee dive. Hmm. But the bright side is, if that kid would have dove normally, given the height difference, he would have had the advantage, because he would have started way ahead, since Noah's younger and therefore smaller. So the interesting bent knee dive, actually worked in our favor. 

I'm happy that even though Noah is a 4th grader and swam against all 6th graders he was 2nd place in this picture. Noah's just that fast! Even with his smaller 4th grade body/frame he gave them a run for their money! He swam his little heart out! Did, he win? No, he didn't! But the good thing is, there was just a second or two separating him and the rest! So, for that, we couldn't be prouder. 
This picture was taken about 2 hours after Noah's first event, up above. This was Noah's last event. The relay. The relay was right before... we all would be breaking for lunch. : )  Having gone to a few of these district wide swimming competitions before, I see how they have the 2 fastest swimmers go swim first and second. And then hope for the best. Noah getting ready, because the first person from our school was in the pool! That first kid in the relay, before Noah from our school.... was swimming faster that greased lightning that first swimmer from our school! Noah had to be ready. He had to watch and gauge the first swimmer. 

Still watching. It's up to the swimmer, to determine when he should stand on the #3 spot and prepare to dive. Noah in full concentration mode. Meanwhile the crowd is screaming and cheering. And all the kids poolside are cheering for their own schools. It's so loud, it's madness! : ) And because it is a relay... it isn't over quickly and you have lots of noise...chatter, cheering. And people timing each swimming with not 1 digital timer... but 2 each. 

Noah, smiling, because he knew..."we got this!" "It's in the bag" Our 1st swimmer was so freaking fast, he had a good 10 second lead, over all the other schools, competing in the pool. You can see it on Noah's face! He can see, "we got this!" But again he has... to time his dive carefully. If he dives too early, he disqualifies the entire rally for our school. But, he's done this before and by that smile on his face, he's in the zone. Noah has this!

And boom! Timed perfectly! As, he, the first swimmer hit the pool with his hand meaning, he's finished, Noah dove right in, it was so effortless, these first 2. Noah took off like a guys! Our school was screaming....Noah...Noah! Noboru is screaming, "go Noah!!!"...the other parents are screaming..."Gambarre Noah!!!!" I'm screaming in English, "you've got this baby, you've got this Noah!!!!"...and funny thing..I know my fellow yochien mom's who don't even go to the same elementary as us, were cheering for their Noah/our Noah too! : ) he's finishing up his part in this relay...Noah too, left our next swimmer with a 10 second advantage/lead over the other schools, in the pool! Then it went to the final 2 swimmers of our school and that's when it all fell apart. The 10 second lead disappeared. And then the other schools, had a 10 second lead over our school. And then the other schools.... had such a lead, you knew it was over...and done... before our last swimmer hit the pool. But you know what...the feeling is such...that you know, in your heart and mind... your kid swam his best and he swam *fantastically*, at that. Sure, our school lost and lost by huge amounts. But...all you could do a team and cheer for the last 2 swimmers. The best you can! was, what it was and frankly, they're just kids. They're not Olympic swimmers. Their mothers were right near, with us under the canopy with us and they knew how their kids were swimming, it was clear/ best we could do...and the right thing to do... is support the mom's and the kids. And cheer our hearts out! It made those mom's really happy! And that was the right thing to do. It was 11:50am. And we were about to break for lunch. And technically we could go home because Noah's done swimming for the day. However...we are a team! As, they say...and yes, as corny as it sounds... there is no I, in team. Hahaha. So, we stayed to cheer on the team. No matter what, win or lose! One family however... from our school left. And you know can't really blame them, at all. Because it was a bazillion degrees outside. It was very uncomfortable being outside. So, I think they were smart to leave. know...we couldn't just abandon ship and leave our team. : )

We brought the big cooler and that's only because we needed it for the frozen water in the 2 liter bottles, to keep the rest of the stuff cool. Also, important to note, this cooler stuff is packed like...a hot mess! It just comes to show you... how extremely exhausted, I was with waking up at 5am, that morning, and in fact I am pretty proud of myself... for even managing to pack every body's stuff and not forgetting to charge my camera battery the night before and whatnot. Because for a summer break...that was much too early to wake up. My brain wasn't fully awake yet. : ) I packed Noah, Branden and Noboru 2 chicken cutlet sandwiches each. I also packed everyone three, 500ml drinks. Having done this before, I knew two wasn't enough. I also packed Noah 3 Soyjoy's (like an energy health bar), I also packed everyone in our family, some fresh cut pineapple. And as for me, what did I eat? I packed myself a salad into that Perry the platypus plastic container, I had a nice green salad with grated colby/jack cheese, croutons and thousand island dressing. So, I had a salad and some pineapple. Everyone else ate 2 sammy's and some fruit. I also packed some Doritos for the kids and Noboru to eat with their sandwiches. After lunch, we all seemed to feel better. And Noah, knew he was done for the day, so he just sat poolside and cheered on the swimmers who were competing in the afternoon. Branden was playing Minecraft with his former yochien schoolmate, who lives in the small city nearest us and who is also, an 8th grader too. So, they both hung out and played Minecraft is the hot weather, but at least they had fun. : )  My fellow elementary mama friends were sucking on salted candy to help combat heat stroke. They gave me one after lunch and goodness, it tasted bad, but, I didn't want to spit it out, because that would be rude, so, I sucked on what seemed like a salt cube. @_@ Hahaha. : ) Around 2pm, because of the heat, I had a headache and I wondered if I was having heat stroke. Good thing, I always carry that mini travel sized Advil with me, in my purse because I popped 2 Advil, usually I just take 1, but, I had an absolute killer headache. I was melting outside, you guys. But just do the best you can. And keep cheering on our swim team. They're are all just... as hot as me, and I know that. We're all roasting! Hahaha. But at least we're all roasting together! Around 3:30pm though, I sat in my folding chair and I thought to myself quietly..."please self, remember how hot you are and let's not do this again next year!!!" I kept quietly thinking that, in my head. Branden came by to inform us..."it's so hot", that he just couldn't stand it. I agreed, but, I told was this hot, when you swam too years ago, the only difference could cool off in the water, we could not. Now you know how it feels to be a spectator. : ) Noboru actually told me, "let's not come to this next year." I agreed! Anyway, that was the day. When it ended, we all were very happy! The rest of our team, were so happy we stayed to cheer them on! Noah came running to us and said..."this was the best day ever...can I come here next summer too?" Not really quite sure what to say... "Ohhh ummm, well...let's think about it, next year kiddo." : )  So anyway...that's the long and short of Noah's swimming meet/swimming competition at the elementary school, district wide. Noah had an amazing time, he swam well. We got the chance to talk and reconnect with many of our friends from Noah's kindy days. The only bad part...was the weather. The weather was.. truly the only downside or negative of our day. : )  Well done Noah and his classmates. Well done... all kids who swam and competed that day. And well done parents, who survived the heat and cheered for your own school in the district and kids. : )  And well, done our principal...we were quite worried about you that day! : ) In a nut shell, Noah did well. It was a lovely day, despite the fact the weather was brutal. But truly...a nice day for us all! : )